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  1. Acoustic solutions amplifier sp101 revised by a professional | eBay I definitely wouldn't pay that for one!!
  2. I have a vague memory of seeing the Audio Solutions stuff in that Bright House shop, where everything was purchased on HP. It was cheap and nasty, people still sell it on Ebay, sometimes trying their luck a bit with the prices they ask! I imagine this kind of stuff is easy to copy or reproduce so probably lots of very similar innards with slight variations on cases etc
  3. Almost certainly. I'm guessing those that use them, me included, do so mainly because they have very little choice.
  4. I actually had these stands made up for me tailor made for Audio Note AN-K at a local timber recycling yard, fashioned from solid chunks of hardwood. It just so happens my latest speakers are exactly the same width as the AN-K were deep so all I had to do was spin them round 90 degrees and voila. The solid sides are now the front and back They replaced some temporary Ikea stools and I was pleasantly surprised how much of a difference some solid stands made ...
  5. He did make a bit of a come back not that long ago, with the help of John Peel. I actually caught him live at Glastonbury not long before he died and it was a fantastic show, glad I got to see him when I had the chance. (just googled him and I must be talking about at least 20 years ago when I say "not long ago"!)
  6. Not as long as this thread has existed
  7. This is why I have all but stopped buying them of late. I don't have the space. Have moved over to downloading via bandcamp if I can find what I want on there, still buy the odd bargain one though from charity shop or Amazon. Think downloading will be the future for me as I don't actually own a cd player anyway, even the one in my old Linn Classik has now packed up. Once I've ripped them I have to find somewhere to store them anyway, seems a bit silly really!
  8. From the pictures it looks like it even includes a kitchen sink: what's not to love
  9. I tried the Neat Ministra on home demo. They were really good in many areas : lots of detail and great bass, also worked close to boundary wall which was what attracted me. They would probably suit many people but for me they lacked a little warmth and fullness in the mids.
  10. I have Carboot Soul by Nighmares on Wax , must have bought it 20 years ago at a guess! I really like the Late Night Tales compilation albums, I have about a dozen of them , some great and often obscure stuff to be found on them LateNightTales | Music & Stories worth staying up for
  11. I love this band: have all their albums , along with a couple by Erlend Oye - always sound great on my system, seem to bring out the best in my speakers.
  12. I have to rely on Powerlines to use my network streamer, the router is in another part of the house, and I don't always have access to it... Godsend for me.
  13. That's not a bad haul, as far as cds are concerned I've all but given up in the charity shops, it's all Mantovani, Travis and the Spice Girls and things that if you wanted you would probably already own ...
  14. I like the bands Low and The Flaming Lips but some of their later efforts have left me scratching my head and wondering what broke. I'm not dissing the music, it sounds good in the car but just sounds wrong on my hifi - maybe I'll give them another go now I have some decent headphones to see how it sounds on them.
  15. TP-Link TL-PA4010PKIT Passthrough Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, No Configuration Required, UK Plug, Pack of 2: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories I use something similar to this with my Linn streamer . Works OK most of the time, but better if you can plug in direct to router of course...
  16. This is the type of useful comment that I look for when reading about others experiences with gear. If you are limited to where you can place your speakers when you get them home (which must apply to quite a few of us) you really need to choose with care.
  17. I also had one of those Super Woofer boom boxes , got it when I first left home, before I bought a Nad amp etc Loved mine, kept it for radio duties for years after I bought a "proper Hifi"
  18. My first record player was a repurposed television, that was hollowed out and with a turntable installed, this was fashioned by a kindly neighbour that was an electrician , how I wish I had a photo of it ....
  19. Initial impressions after 30 mins or so is they are very impressive. Smooth, layered and plenty of details (details I don't remember ever hearing before!) So far so good, great headphones. Shouldn't need to change these in a very long while (if ever!)
  20. Maybe we are forgetting that it might not be just regular common or garden variety air inside these boxes.... but 100% oxygen free cryogenically frozen, all singing all dancing audiophile (or should that be military/ medical) grade air .... That stuff doesn't come cheap you know...
  21. I now have some Celestee on order, should be with me in a couple of days
  22. Good to know , thanks for the replies ...
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