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  1. Apart from the habitual tweakers who populate this forum does anyone in the real world really use SO in their Linn system ? The general feeling I get is that its basically an expensive glorified Graphic Equalizer, and hi-fi moved away from them in the 1980's as a concept. Secondly, its not exactly user friendly and people give up in frustration after a couple of hours of use never to try again. Just asking.
  2. Or, a sensible solution to tidy up the wiring chaos that exists behind most peoples kit. Everything from plastic pipes/tubes/wooden frames has been tried over the years, but there must be a sensible engineering solution. I would be looking for the £33.33 solution to this one.
  3. The missing link in the Linn ecosystem for me has been a dedicated hi-fi rack (open style, not enclosed cabinet style). Something that was : (1) The correct dimensions for Linn boxes, (2) Modular design so you could have choice of 2/3/4 shelves, depending on your system, (3) Choice of black or silver. At a price point real people can afford ( i.e. not £3,333 ). I am not a Linn historian so I do not know if Linn ever made a hi-fi rack, but I am sure I will be corrected very quickly if I am incorrect.
  4. Steve Wilson, singer and go-to record producer/re-masterer of albums/etc. has stated that classical and jazz sound better on CD and pop/rock/blues is best on vinyl soundwise in his opinion.
  5. Or, find a hi-fi revue of the specific product on the internet, it normally gives the selling price at the time.
  6. On a similar theme for any "Deadheads" out there you can spend the rest of your life listening to the Grateful Dead. They performed 2,300+ concerts over their career and virtually all of them were recorded and archived by one means or another. https://archive.org/details/GratefulDead The Grateful Dead Archive is an archive of materials related to music from The Grateful Dead. The archive was officially donated in April 2008, by band members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart. The Archive contains material related to the individual members, its live performances, productions, and business
  7. I have to agree with BILLZ on this. I visit the LINN FORUM less and less these days as it appears that unless your system cost more than £50,000 and you are a Linn Jihadist this is not the place to be. A few interesting threads still but not much sadly.
  8. Or, a more subtle look : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINN-Power-Amplifiers-Perfect-For-Bi-Amping-4-X-25-Watts/174635597747?hash=item28a917bfb3:g:5SUAAOSwoUBgHBSZ
  9. PAUL..............Just for you : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINN-2-X-25-Watt-LINN-Stereo-Power-Amplifier-With-VU-Meters/174635656115?hash=item28a918a3b3:g:wk0AAOSw~FFgJtL4
  10. As Mike says, it will be a rights issue probably over particular songs. Pink Floyd members have been having contractual arguments/legal issues over these aspects of their back catalogue and band name for 30+ years, so if they are old Pink Floyd songs this may be the issue in this specific case.
  11. Or, for the LP12 owner who has reached the obsessive stage of ownership : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Krate-Transport-packaging-for-Linn-Sondek-LP12-turntable/164155269278?hash=item26386aa09e:g:478AAOSwfadejySB
  12. Place the speakers so that each speaker is the same distance away from your normal listening position. The distance between the speakers should be no more than the distance from the listening position to either loudspeaker. KEILIDH speakers have been designed to perform best when placed close to a wall. From the LINN KEILIDH MANUAL...............and as LINN KNOWS BEST, that is what I do.
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