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  1. I'd love to take you up on that, but I'll do it once I start auditioning!
  2. @Iceman 16 @Nopiano: I could have known that everyone telling me to upgrade the speakers first wouldn't last forever. What you suggest was actually my initial intention. Knowing full well that the Aria's can do better, I was thinking about going amp first. However I do see the added benefit of doing the speakers first, as room-interaction is probably at least as important. I cannot upgrade both at the same time budgetwise (some budget has to be spent on familyrelated things, only so much budget I can splurge on myself at a time) @Camverton: I agree that the room is quite good, I guess the main drawback is the size. Music preference is mostly rock (Jimi, Clapton, The Doors, Zappa...), noise (Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine), more and more Jazz (old and new, both instrumental and voice), some salsa (guilty pleasure) but also other music to dance to (MJ, Prince, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder,...). I have some bad recordings and do use Spotify often. Most listening is done from silver discs or records though. @hearhere: I admire your drawing skills, but can not summon the effort of drawing something like that in Word. I'll try to post a picture of the room. I guess I'm somewhat confused now about what to do. If the Marantz is definitely the weak spot (which I guess it is), might it be an alternative to look after a better amp on the second hand market (however limited in Belgium) to be able to use that to audition the new speakers? What would be good options? Arcam A39, Marantz PM14, other? Or would you skip this and just start as many speakers as I can with amps supplied by the dealer, introducing an extra variable at every dealer?
  3. @ChemMan: I'm based in Antwerp and know of three shops in the city. I've bought from 2 of them. No excursions to Brussels or Ghent so far. I'd love to hear your opinion on what shops to visit and your experiences. I'll start by having a look through your previous topics and get back if I have questions!
  4. @t1no: There is a low rack across the entire width of the room on that side, also between the sofa and the wall with the window, there is very little room. I drew the rack on purpose at the location, it's a wall-unit with all my CD's and records, so not flexible in placement...
  5. Hi t1no, I'm sorry I should've mentioned. We don't own a TV.
  6. Now with doors and windows. Also the position of rack. Hope this helps. I would offcourse also like to enjoy music in the sofa (not critical listening obviously)
  7. Seems that everyone is on the same side on this one, it only dawned on me last week that looking into amps first might be the wrong way around. Bakeoffs concerned, I'm belgian, not sure how many others are on here. The Marantz is offcourse fairly limited, certainly with some larger speakers in the larger room. Would it be a good idea to buy a better amp second hand in the meantime, while auditioning?
  8. Yes still the Marantz. I fully agree, if I am to start the lookout for new speakers I'll take my time to listen to enough options before committing.
  9. What would be your suggestion for changing? I'll be honest, I don't see many opportunities for convincing my girlfriend of changing much right now. But I'd like to see what you would suggest.
  10. Hi all We moved some time ago, switching a smaller apartment to a bigger home (starting a family and all that). In the apartment I had a system of Marantz PM6005 and Focal Aria 906, which I was very happy with. The speakers fired across the short end of the room, so I was sitting relatively close to them, which suited listening at lower volumes. The current room is much bigger (8m by 4m and 4m high), not counting the kitchen which is space behind the speakers. I've tried sketching the situation below: Red circles is the current speaker position Red rectangles is the sofa (yes, facing the other way ) Green square would be a spot for more critical listening. My plan has always been to upgrade my amp first, since I am sure the speakers can take an upgrade. My budget would be 3k - 5k for the amp (initially 3k but really interested in some models on the higher end of that range: Moon 340i, Sugden ANV50, Yamaha 3000, Arcam A49). I would then upgrade the speakers later on (budget probably also 5k, so a lot to choose from. Think: ProAc, Spendor, JBL, ATC, Audiovector, Harbeth, Blumenhofer). I am now questioning myself is this is not the wrong way around. Would it not be wiser to change the speakers first, because the room is much bigger? My main reason for upgrading is wanting to fill the room with sound, which the Focals are unable to do without high volumes. I guess my question is: what would you change first, and why? I'd like to do this the right way around, spend my money once and not look back. Kind regards Casper
  11. For future reference I found another amp option: Creek 100A has the A/B option as well. I am starting to see that indeed I will almost never be listening to the two pairs of speakers at the same time, so my preference for keeping one amp controlling both pairs of speakers remains (reducing box count). Anyone any experience regarding the sound of Creek, Luxman, Yamaha, Accuphase amps in relation to Marantz? Just to be clear I will certainly go and listen before buying, no need to mention the importance of '"Try before you buy"
  12. Thanks all for the suggestions! I was hoping not to need a separate box to do this, but will take this solution into account if I don't get on with the mentioned amplifiers. It is weird that this arrangement used to be normal in vintage hifi and is now so uncommon. I already have the speaker wire in the walls and ceiling, so my preference is to use one amplifier for both sets of speakers. Adding active speakers and a separate preamplifier is not my preferred option as I am trying to get the boxcount down. Thanks for the suggestions, if anyone has more, keep 'em coming! I stumbled upon the Marantz PM11 series yesterday, now discontinued but might be found somewhere ex-demo...
  13. Hello all I am having a hard time finding integrated amplifiers that have two sets of speaker terminals. I would like to be able to drive two sets of speakers, one in the living room, another in the kitchen. Apart from Accuphase and Luxman (which are out of my pricerange), I can't seem to find many options. I now use a Marantz PM 6005 and wanted to start auditioning for an upgrade. My budget would be 3000€. Other requirements: - MM phono stage built in - Good power supply as I will run both pairs of speakers together once in a while I am actually pretty happy with the sound from the Marantz, but have not heard to many other soundsignatures. I will definitely audition before buying, this is purely to get a list of candidates. Speakers are Focal Aria 906's but might switch to floorstanders over time. Thanks for the suggestions! Casper
  14. A bit too late now, but for anyone in the future with the same question: - -