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  1. Sorry yep the p7 just runs centre and rear for film
  2. Hi Yep I am using just front speakers with the A49 for music. The naim is a NDX5xs is a streamer and the XP5xs is a separate power supply that enhances the quality. So the Sub and rears will be for film The cd for music as above Mike
  3. Hi All. I have recently upgraded my system but have three weak links left. Firstly what i am running. Rega 8 deck Naim ndx5xs with XP5xs via Arcam a49 for music with FMJP777 Arcam avr950 for film Front speakers Kef reference 205.2's Weaknesses are - 1. Rear speakers Kef Q's 2. Kef subwoofer (Antique) 3. Arcam 7se cd player (Antique) All work ok but wanting to upgrade without spending a fortune. Please can anyone advise for each of the 3 which might be the best way to go. Have been considering the Naim CD5XS with a flat cap, but not sure how much better will be, or if it's the best value. No thoughts yet on the rear bookshelf (But do like KEF), or the Sub. I am guessing I will need to spend 2.5k on the CD setup (Hope I am wrong) (I have a LOT of cd's so worth doing) 1k on sub (Or is it worth spending more?) and no idea on the rears. If I can spend less and still get really good result will be happy. But want something that will compliment the small fortune already spent. PLEASE HELP Mikey Novice
  4. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Thanks much appreciated, just can't wait for everything to arrive now so I can get started.
  5. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    This sounds perfect. Only one question now i have gone and bought the P7 (arcam power amp) as well, how does this fit in or has it become completely superfluous? Mikeyn the novice
  6. Hi Ok I have now added an Arcam FMJ P7 per amp. So when everything arrives will be A49 (Front speakers) I guess P7 Rear speakers and centre? AVR950 so what do I connect from where to where to get the best of music and AVR? Flash I suspect I need your help here Mikeyn the novice
  7. I do but was hoping to sell they are Alpha 8 integrated and alpha 8 power amp
  8. Hi Ok listening to all the advice I have bought an arcam AVR950 to go with the recently purchased A49 I listen to 50/50 music film Running KEF 205.2's front Kef 202 Centre Kef Q1's rear Alpha 7 CD Alpha 7 radio (Redundant now i guess) Yam tape deck (Might take out) Oppo for movies Freeview for TV Please can you tell me the best way to wire up to get the best for Music and AV? Mikeyn the novice
  9. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    sorry should have said all surround speakers and sub from the yam front from the integrated
  10. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Thanks to everyone, I now need more help. Technical re wiring. So my system once I have removed the alpha 8 integrated and power amps will be - Rega 10 Deck Yamaha AV processor/Amplifier E DSP 800 Yamaha Tape Deck XK 580 Alpha 7 Radio reciever Alpha 7 CD Oppo 3d blue wray player Freeview box Kef reference 205 centre speaker Q1's rear speakers Kef sub Currently the wiring was done in such a way that the Yam was the master volume control and I would have to turn the arcam integrated up to get volume through the front speakers for music, So speakers all run from Yam except surround.And all separates wired into the Yam inputs. I am sure that this will not be the best set up with the new A49. Please can someone advise the best way for me to wire up, to get the best for music and the AV Thanks Mike
  11. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Thanks ever so much. Have a great break!
  12. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Hi Great thanks for the help. So in regards to the source, do you agree that a linn is the way to go? I would like to play music that i download? Also My av set up is an antique, I am running a ket sub, and two Kef Q1 book shelves as my rears. But the Yam processor has no bluetooth or Internet connectivity and I suspect the sound it delivers is well out of fate too. Whats the best way to go forward re source and AV processing? Mikeyn
  13. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Hi Arcam alpha 7 cd, & Radio, Rega 10 Phono Yam for the AV Mikeyn
  14. Mikeyn

    Advice Needed

    Hi everyone, I recently became the owner of a set of KEF 205.2's. I have been running Arcam alpha 8 integrated (Running front treble) Alpha 8 power amp (running Base), old Yamaha for 6 channel av.(Running surround and sub woofer) I have bought a new ex demo Arcam A49 which will soon arrive. What is the best thing to do? Is it to run the front speakers of the A49 and get rid of the Alpha's? Or should i utilise either of the old amps in any way? I ask because I will have to wait before I can invest in a C49 & P49 Mikeyn I am a novice
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