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  1. Sell your LP12 first, and when your kid turns into a teen then you buy a new one back. It is one of the honest solution afaik, even though it might not be the best. .
  2. Seriously there was a roadshow demo last year and I was there to see these Thorens. TD1600 is the original one while TD1601 has added a automatic tonearm on a mid-hifi-grade TT is something real amazing atm (to the lazy people) . Both of them sounds good to me, and of course, they both have slightly different on sound characteristics. I want to see what would Linn react more. Honestly I believe the latest Linn Lingo has done their best job for their stability job in reasonable price.
  3. Just from Thorens FB page : https://www.facebook.com/THORENSOfficial/posts/2994197397303760?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBgSuw3KNk0M8A2w1vl64ZYKJcKH6OCEBBWDYaUX54pVFHGxpfwjMvM2cuPjaBfZ4gkWjTaBbWJBM2tRKImVHU3X5fIIi8pA4oQVZET0bm2fJxQbQ5cMAnb7iIL8fekeoISu5WfTx4ttinouXukBKGwZkESOnL544jTeyXr_ATgHp9UiW8BtAhx6q26hO8vcyetEZsQc7naTLV68GuLN3G4buVPH-78z1Wl5AeKsna2SwFA7F6d0YI7brJANZ9ismP2JfLzyqK9H7BjJZ6pdWX4MER4FzIc35BMAZfUCcl3lZmI2bWX2N6Hs2iF-E5lqChDWP9F_chXLiKcv_ZoFBvgAQ&__tn__=-R Original text From FB: 21.500,-€ (21,500€) is approx. 18,932.95 Pound sterling according to Google Afaik there is only one maker priced their product in this way, Am I the only one smelled something start to burn in the air ?
  4. My antique Waterman 12 fountain pen that was from my ...great grandpa? This fountain pen is the eyedropper type, which mean it just needs being unscrew the nib part, drop a few drops of ink inside, put the nib back and then its ready. This pen is still on my desk.
  5. Oh yes ! There is a place like this on my Trampolin ! Thank you ThomasOK and Thanks for your advice again! I will try this later today and see how all stuff goes
  6. I known how it feels. My place's dealer was once closed, the distribution merged, and now it has reopened in 3 dealers. But there is none of them understand Linn LP12 more than the old one. There were many users had given up all Linn stuff when the old dealer closed and now I am not how many of them would return, based on the local secondhand trend. Like Zee9 said , the choice of equipment is about the your taste and so there is no standard answer for that. I am using Rega Aria phono and Elitcit-R plus Tannoy Autograph Mini and this combination doesn't sound bad. I am considering to upgrade my amp to Rega Osiris later .
  7. Last year we have upgrade in Lingo 4 , This year we have upgrade in Karosel bearing, Any chance like upgrade in the current Radikal?
  8. So today I borrowed the Silver T-Kable and was trying to install it. I can't believe my plinth 's tonearm cable exit hole is small and the Silver T-Kabel's width is larger than it. I can't put back my Trampolin 2 freely like the way I used to do with my original Majik T-Kable. It is quite surprising
  9. It depends on what you want. If you want to modernize it you will need to spend some on new power supply, bearing, springs , the sub-chassis and sort of . But if you prefer original , all you needs would be a SME tonearm with a cartridge, a new Linn Oil for the bearing, some new capacitors and resistors for the power supply. Maybe a belt too if you want? As long as the motor runs smooth continuously, there is nothing more inside a LP12.
  10. I have used Nordost Frey 2 in my whole system and even before I have tried Frey2's phono cable on my LP12. Apparently it sounds very different from any T Kable (Silver, basic black, Mogami ) but after a month or two I decided to go back to the T Kable. Brands like Nordost, Siltech, Chord, even Ortofon have a very strong characteristics on their design. I don't mean they are not good but it is just a tea-or-coffee, depends on what sound you want. Personally I still prefer T-Kable on a Linn and that is probably the most beautiful combination.
  11. Today I had a chance to listen to the Silver Linn T Kable. Comparing to my experience with the Majik spec ( identical to Linn black interconnect cable) , the Silver one sounds wider, very natural, and colourful but not that vivid feelings. And at that time when I study the appearance of the Silver T-Kable, with ground wire in-between the L&R wires , it reminds me the phono cable from a Swedish company Supra. Supra Phono 2RCA-CS has the exact same structure like the Silver do. And so I have asked a HiFi shop to give me a try. And yes, that is same, or much close to what I have heard from Silver, except the turntable is a Thorens. So is it possible that the Silver T Kable is actually from Supra OEM?
  12. TBH I wish I could have a Lingo 4, but there is official dealer in my place for years. There is a so-called retailer but that guy is always not being around , and the shop just told me he is going to have vacation for 1 month. I wish I could order Lingo from UK directly to my place .
  13. I was going to order a Lingo 4 (while still waiting for the Hercules II , which is a new old stock) . But after googling I notice some post said about grounding problem and the motor sound. Looks like I would go with the old Hercules II first, and wait for a ...Lingo 5?
  14. Classicals are great works . Try to look for famous stereo era conductors & performers like Leopold Stokowski, Adrian Boult, Otto Klemperer, Maria Callas, Sviatoslav Richter .... most of their recordings are just great and you could feel their passion on musics. Thank heaven stereo has arrived on time and their arts are well-preserved.