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  1. A small update here My local seller told me the Selekt might come late since the world still in COVID outbreak. I don't know when I could receive the amp but I hope someday sooner. Just curious , What makes you pick up a Linn amp? To complete a whole Linn system? Unique sound (how?) ? Stylish?
  2. In my area people want LP12 and related accessories more than other Linn products. The seller just took my Trampolin 2 , Keel, Lingo 4 and Karousel kit out from their storage with 30 minutes after payment. Almost all LP12 related accessories have been there waiting . Lucky me I have never had to wait that long for any pieces of my LP12. But I don't know why Linn's speakers and amps are not popular here. Some said Linn is "too gentle" and not enough power for the bass. Some also said I am crazy without actually heard its performance when placing order. In fact I wish to try Linn's phono amp and after having studied the Linn's design and found it is quite different from the main stream, so I decided to give it a try and see how I could conclude Linn for myself.
  3. Yes my main reason is to simplify my system.I don't want any more boxes to do each part, although I understand separated one would be much better. And maybe I would purchase a Line output module and link it with a power amp like Klimax Twin? But that is a distant future with many uncertainties so I can't tell. I have ordered my SDSM + Katalyst + Power out module and I was told it needs 2 months for delivery. And I was told computer chips are in shortage plus the cargo delay are the main reasons. Is this true, and does it happen in UK or elsewhere ?
  4. Whether this supply & demand would soon melt down is still questionable . News like what you have mentioned have been in air like a century and I have no feeling about them already. These vinyls will still come at the end of the day and it's just whether you still want to buy or not at that time. On the other side I wish to point out is about the quality of the new vinyl. I have seen people return the discs because there flaws on the discs , like scratches and marks after people just opened the plastic shrink-wrap and took the disc out . Some even has changed twice until the shop has decided to return money . These days most recordings are made and mixed in digital way and the merchants just put in on analogue medium (vinyl) which is not new . In 1980s we have this DDA styled discs already . "Vinyl sounds good" is true, but seriously this one doesn't mean other medium's sound cannot sound good or even better as well.
  5. Have heard similar news before and it seems it is less likely that new vinyl record factory would open soon in the future. So I believe news like this would just keep repeating. Those days, before CD age, vinyl is one of the essential medium to carry music, but today vinyl seems like just an alternative choice, and most likely a gimmick for marketing. I don't know how long it could last but at least so far people seems still interested in this area.
  6. In these 10 years I can definitely feel the hifi industry is shifting towards to cordless and simplicity, and the media from physical vinyl and CDs towards to files. All-in-one amps seems getting better than those days and I found no complain. Or maybe I have dropped my requirements in these days. Well, I don't know.
  7. Linn amps in my place is not as popular as the LP12. I know there are still some fans around but rarely heard their comments on the DSM. So the chances of getting to a DSM is rather hard here. After reading all replies from you all I believe I should get to SDSM with Katalyst and Power Out Module in 1 step, rather than getting a SDSM + standard DAC. Originally this idea seems ok but soon I notice it would be a bit costly if I upgrade later. The price of Katalyst is just there and the discarded standard DAC is still a cost. I nearly missed this total cost in my previous calculation. And also in that case, unless I am really "starving" I shouldn't have MDSM . I have noted there a lot of similar all-in-one amps around at the similar price and the performance varies. I am now very curious with how Linn amp sounds compare to another more popular brands like Naim. Any Naim (or other brands) -> Linn user here?
  8. It is where the point has get to me. If they performs similar then I would go MDSM first it would save a lot and possibly I could have more savings at first, then later I would get SDSM + Katalyst + Powerout. This problem of this movement could cost me more in total expense. On the other side if I start with SDSM first then I has reserved my ability in future upgrades which keeps me to stay on-track. Pay more at first but save more in total. I have contacted another (better) seller in my region and they said MDSM and SDSM need to be ordered from UK and possibly takes 3 months for shipping . So the seller allows me take time to think before placing another deposit.
  9. Your experiences are really important to me. I have watched some youtuber's review about SDSM and see the inside content. I must say it is like a computer, configurable and upgradable from its design and concept in every pieces . Perhaps that's what Linn want to make , a music streamer like their iconic LP12 with endlessly upgradable features? I hope their decision is real and could keep on. While if I start with SDSM with standard DAC with a power output module ? Would this SDSM config sound different from MDSM?
  10. Thanks for the info. I hope to speak to the seller again but failed . To be frank I still don't have much trust in him . The first impression is not that good in overall .
  11. That's what I have been thinking of. And I am wondering whether Organik DAC could go support with Selekt DSM in the future. The design of latest Klimax is similar to Selekt , so , may be the DSM line could be upgradable like LP12 ? Actually I had visited the dealer before I start the topic here. He told me the Katalyst is mainly for DSD decoding and so...that is something strange because I have never found any info from Linn webpage about DSD decoding and Katalyst. I can't tell whether he was speaking truth or perhaps I just haven't found out the related info. I wish to hear some real users with real experience from here.
  12. Tried. Seriously? I wish I could be in UK and see the real pros there instead.
  13. Christmas is coming and I have decided to treat myself well for this year. I would like to upgrade my amplifier. One of my target is to change from Rega Elicit-R to either one of the Linn amp to complete a Linn set. I still have some CDs but now has been downsized to not more than 50 since I have started listening to streaming or buying music files only. In that case I wish my amp could have streaming service supported , at least 1 digital input for my CD player, 1 MM phono input for my LP12, and a pair speakers output terminals to my Tannoy Autograph Mini. Both Majik DSM and Selekt DSM fits my requirement and so I am now not sure which one I should pick. Should I go with Selekt DSM with Katalyst ? Should I pay more on this config for much better performance? Or should I try with the Majik DSM to have a concept first ? Any advices ? Thank you.
  14. Arh, I have almost forgot that , after my wife has complained my keep looking for "overpriced " hifi since the last year .
  15. Linn, Naim, Rega ... the Big 3 that make hifi and also turntables in UK (Naim is new, btw). Hard to tell exactly which one is "the best" .
  16. Maybe I have mistakenly checked the prices from other places. THeir pricelist looks similar and their numbers are all above 4K . Meanwhile looking further back to 2016, the tonearm was 3,700. http://www.hificinema.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Linn-Retail-Price-List-UK-June-2016.pdf So it has been 4,000 for 6 years already, and nothing is gonna to happen ?
  17. Maybe it would change later? Still I think it's time for newer tonearm, unless they have more ideas for a newer model.
  18. Thanks for the answers. I was wondering if there was something upgraded to the plinth or otherwise I'll order one. What I can't believe the price has raised so much in this 50 years. Are they start using exotic wood or something? On the other side, there is a price drop on the list which is the EKOS SE. I could recall it was >4K something few years ago and now it is just 4,000.
  19. Just heard about the latest Klimax LP12 and then checked the price from the Cymbiosis, https://www.cymbiosis.com/price-lists/ Now the old plinth design (fluted) has returned and if anyone need the fluted plinth you will have to add GBP200, which also applies to latest Majik spec. But what I could see from the "Other LP12 Upgrades" pricing column is a bit puzzling: LP12 Fluted Plinth (Fluted plinth for LP12 turntable, standard finish) - 838 Sondek LP12 Fluted (Deck only, fluted plinth, standard finish) - 1,970 It is a double between two , why ??
  20. My local reseller has the headshell wires but now is out of stock. They said it would take some time to arrive with next shipment date. I don't want to wait so I have bought VDH headshell wires and installed on my EKOS . VDH sounds excellent and even much better than the original copper wires, clear, sharp, open up the spacing feeling of each channel that the original copper wires had never offered. The only 1 drawback of VDH is the wires are hard. The shop told me these solid silver wires are very fragile and need to bend then into right shape first.
  21. I broke 2 headshell leads this morning while doing regular cleaning . These set of leads were from Adikt and I have no spare at home. I borrowed a set of Audio Technica's leads but they doesn't fit well. The leads are short and heashell is to small to fit them all . I know there are still many headshell leads makers around , from bargain to real expensive silver. Any recommendation on headshell leads for my EKOS MKI tonearm? Thank you,
  22. Back in the 1980s we had "Digital Recording" vinyls and the interest has gone because of CD. Now we have " Digital Recording" again with streaming and files from internet on the market. Seriously, would history repeat itself?
  23. With a cat that loves to have fun with your turntable when playing, it would be definitely more effective.
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