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  1. My local reseller has the headshell wires but now is out of stock. They said it would take some time to arrive with next shipment date. I don't want to wait so I have bought VDH headshell wires and installed on my EKOS . VDH sounds excellent and even much better than the original copper wires, clear, sharp, open up the spacing feeling of each channel that the original copper wires had never offered. The only 1 drawback of VDH is the wires are hard. The shop told me these solid silver wires are very fragile and need to bend then into right shape first.
  2. I broke 2 headshell leads this morning while doing regular cleaning . These set of leads were from Adikt and I have no spare at home. I borrowed a set of Audio Technica's leads but they doesn't fit well. The leads are short and heashell is to small to fit them all . I know there are still many headshell leads makers around , from bargain to real expensive silver. Any recommendation on headshell leads for my EKOS MKI tonearm? Thank you,
  3. Back in the 1980s we had "Digital Recording" vinyls and the interest has gone because of CD. Now we have " Digital Recording" again with streaming and files from internet on the market. Seriously, would history repeat itself?
  4. With a cat that loves to have fun with your turntable when playing, it would be definitely more effective.
  5. As far as I could recall , Valhalla in UK should comes with polarized cord and plug, also you can tell from the Valhalla board that has marked with Live / Neutral. A power cord/plug sample is like here: https://lp12bits.com/collections/consumables-misc/products/valhalla-mains-lead-new-ref-001245 I only know the very first gen LP12 has an unpolarized plug in brown that connected to a plastic block with resistors and capacitor. I don't know how they sell in US with Valhalla originally. While as you have mentioned Gary has marked on the plug , that probably means that wire has connected to the Live slot of the Valhalla board. Open the bottom cover of the LP12 and take a look, you will see it . There should be related to basic electricity wiring, not something mysterious that some people want to be.
  6. Why not replace the plug and the cord if in doubt? There is no direct relationship with the SQ, right?
  7. Shure isn't excellent but it s a good gage to start with. Mine had been there for over 30 years until it's rusted. I also have few digital gages, Ortofon DS-3 and Rega. Ortofon probably is the most sensitive gage I have ever met. I believe it's modified from jewelry scale so that it's so sensitive that the 0 would jump slight even l when I try to pick up the tonearm. One the other side Rega is the most convenient. It sits well right inside the platter during the measurements. I won't recommend the Chinese one, like others said, the reading changes everytime when I re-weighting the stylus. Perhaps even a very cheap Ortofon mechanical gage ,or an old Garrard gage( if that still works) would do a better job.
  8. hummm, I can see now you decided to give up your Aria and direct upgrade to radikal+Urika . Generally I would say its a good move. While the fact is I would rather try some serious listening before I make my decision .
  9. IMO among the Akurate spec and parts, the Lingo 4 is the most upgraded part that plays the important role, and then the second would be the Trampoline 2, which is not expensive anyway. Lingo 4 now has a speed detector like Radikal does, which has never appear in the past PSUs. It gives a more accurate speed control than before.i am very impressed with that and I have no plans to replace it unless Radikal has made a very new changes. Ekos SE and Kandid are great , while I would rather looks for a Ekos MKII , or Ekos SE MK 1 as alternative option if you're going to stick with Linn cartridges with a lower cost. The Ekos SE MK1 is same as MK2 but with a smaller headshell, and that shouldn't be a problem since the tonearm has been designed to match with Linn cartridges. Personally if I have to use Kandid I would consider to upgrade my Rega Aria to Aura . Aria is fine, but it would be a bottle-neck feeling when having EKOS SE + Kandid together.
  10. Rega Aria MK I user here with Ekos + Adikt +Keel + Lingo 4 here. And before that I was with Majik spec with Project tonearm. I would say going with Aria + Adikt won't get wrong. The MM gives me a very rich details in a natural way more than many other brands. What I only wish to know is how much difference between MK1 and MK3. While if you are going for a Kandid and enjoy the SQ from Rega phono, perhaps you would like a Aura MC phono rather than Aria.
  11. Before I get married I was told I had been overspent, but now sometimes my wife wants me to spend slightly few more from my OWN pocket.....
  12. Since a tonearm could be sold in that way, a manual old coffee grinder thus could be sold in this way : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kaffeemühle-Mokkamühle-Zassenhaus-Nr-532-B-old-coffee-grinder/143884643437?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This world is more crazier than I can imagine now.
  13. Seriously, this simple thing is doing real great. I had one too, but I pass it to my friend's son when he decided to go into vinyl. A good MC transformer can last forever. The phono amp I am using now is Rega Aria (MK I) . I wish to get a better one but I don't know what quality MM phono I should pick . Most MM phono seems have bee made in a cheap way... I like my Adikt with Ekos (original) this combination performs really well to me and my has pleased my wife. She has allowed me to get a MC for a try as she is also curious with the Krystal and Kandid performance. But in fact I do like my Adikt. It is probably one of the best modern MM cartridge I have ever heard. MC cartridge is ... I afraid I do have quite a few bad experience with it so for most of the time I stayed out with it. Before LP12 I was using a Basis turntable with MySonic , Benz, VDH . These sounds decent but they would last long. MySonic loose its tip , VDH lost its R-ch sound , Benz's cantilever self-broken while playing a record , all these happen after 5-6 years of playing. I can't tell whether its from my TT, my hand, the weather or its just my bad luck. Then I switched to a 2M bronze , Shure , Goldring 1042, even Decca I then never have any problem with these MM or MI cartridge
  14. Nah, she hates that band a lot while she was working in Japan, and I don't know why . Pleasing a woman seems like my main focus first She is an android fan since day 1. Seriously, why the makers make a big box with such lot of spacing inside?
  15. My wife has discovered this place and particularly this post, and have seen the inside content of the Radikals. Now obviously I won't be able to get the Radikals in foreseeable future
  16. The PSU isolation in Radikal seems better than Akurate one. But seeing this config and arrangement....I definitely need to take some time to digest, unless a newer model would arrive.
  17. I heard the same story here. Maybe later we might have "Radikal II"with something like "independent dual power supply" inside 1 box, like some int amplifier that has dual mono power supply?
  18. Actually for that Urika 2... ... If I have a non-linn DAC being connected to this digital phono, then does a Linn Lp12 still sounds in a Linn LP12 way ?
  19. That's why some people decide to drop their Urika and you can see used Urika from time to time anywhere.
  20. We are at the wrong time - today is not the vinyl age like 1950-1980s, but here now is 2020s when digital music dominant. Music are recorded and processed through a computerised 101010001010 way and so that is the real different from those who used tubes (/valves) or transistor era. However we are at the right time because when the help of computers all stereo components are well designed comparing to the old one.....in other words, maybe we are having good tools to play bad music ?
  21. I never judge the SQ from youtube until I heard the real one in front of me. My question would be, is Akito gonna be Silvery too?
  22. The one I used for setting up my LP12 are from Japanese Kanon and all comes in cNm scale. And the one I bought extra (because they arrived very late) and from Wiha and Wera, both of them come in Nm way. And for the accuracy thing seems like Kanon is much better. http://www.bestool-kanon.co.jp/english/products/detail14.html I agree setting up a Lp2 needs lots of tools but that doesn't mean you have to buy a lot expensive tools....well, I must admit I have a set of Bosh dril & electric screwdriver with lots of bits and sockets already <--if that doesn't count as "expensive"
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