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  1. Interesting. I have thought about doning the same - going from M140s to Keltik (with a Exaktbox-I). please keep us updated.
  2. It would make some sort of sense to not upgrade Akurate with Organik, Majik - intro level stuff (not organik), Selekt (Organik in a year or two) and Klimax (Organik). Akurate doesn't fit in anymore.... But at the same time - If Linn decides not to keep upgrade options for exaktbox (and exaktbox-i) they would say no to a lot of potential customers, including myself. I upgraded last summer to katalyst in my exaktbox-i, and would/could probably upgrade to Organik in a couple of years...
  3. Hmmm... a FPGA-dac, for 30k. A question one could ask - Is there such a big difference between a Linn Klimax DSM and Ps Audio Directstream Dac for 5k.... both are FPGA based, the PS Audio dac has won multipel awards, and it is upgradeable (a Number of upgrades has already occured...). The difference in Prince would cover the rest of the system, including a very nice LP12.... I could never afford a Klimax DSM so perhaps I’m just jelaous....
  4. I have not heard the 530s but I have a pair of 140s and have gone the long route with upgrading them... From passive with a Rotel pre/pwr to Passive with a MDSI, to passive triamping, to AKTIV and then Exakt with a EADSM and Majik Exaktbox-i. Last year I upgraded with Katalyst.... Let me say that the 140s have responded well to every upgrade in the chain. Going to Katalyst was a major step in quality... A pair of 530s is a simpler solution (no external amps etc) and perhaps more WAF friendly? A word of caution though - I have not yet heard if it is possible to upgrade the 5
  5. Interesting choices.... I would say that it comes down to if you're going to go the analogue route with 320s and a good source (Renew DS) or if you want to have the possibility to go with Exakt somewhere in the future? I have gone the long road with my 140s - from passive, passive triamping, aktiv and then exakt with a Exaktbox-i. And finally with Katalyst.... Biggest step was going exakt and Katalyst (or maybe in the other order)... There are a few here who have changed their M140s for akudoriks...
  6. A NUC would work fine, but you could also reuse an older PC or even install Roon Core on a NAS (although it would require a very powerful NAS...) I bought a new PC with WIN 10, and use it as a Roon Server (it was cheaper to buy it like this than a NUC or to build it myself). I have it in a storage room, with wired connection to the network). I installed Teamviewer on it and can control it from another device. Cost - under £ 400 when i bought it (core i5, SSD-drive for OS and Roon Server, normal HDD for storage). EDIT - ok, £ 500 when I added the 2TB storage.
  7. I have a similar experience with M140s. From passive (Majik DS-I), to triamping with M6100 to aktive and the Exakt with Majik Exaktbox-I. the speakers have responsed to every upgrade I`ve done to the system. I have looked at replacing the speakers, but so far I`ve always choosen to upgrade the Source in my system. (Lingo, Katalyst, Karousel etc). biggest improvment - hard to tell, probably going Exakt, and the Katalyst. Or perhaps Karousel....
  8. In 2020 I did Katalyst for my Majik Exaktbox I, Exaktbox sub and I took advantage of the promotion, and also got a Karousel for the LP12. Fantastic upgrades - for Source and playback. in 2021...hmmm...depends on a few things. But I am considering Radikal and/or Krystal or possibly an arm upgrade. I have looked at replacing my speakers, but in 2021 I Will be building a new house, and moving in in summer 2022. And I Will get a Room for my self (30 ish m2)
  9. Yes. You can buy a Majik DSM - but not the newest gen. It has no exakt-ports. another option = buy a Akurate Exakt DSM. No analogue outputs, but if you are going exakt you won`t need them..... (It you use headphones - buy a good headphoneamp, for example Project S2 Digital...).
  10. In short - yes! I have had M140s for a coupe of years, driven passive from a DS-I, triamped (m6100), and aktiv. then I went Exakt..... massive upgrade. Without a doubt worth the cost. and then Katalyst this summer....
  11. Thank you for the photos. I am currently waiting for the return of my Exaktbox-I (but I have a loaner to play with with during the holidays).
  12. I recently got my Exaktsub, and placed it close to my exaktbox-i. (On the next shelf). From the box to the sub about 1,5 m. Havent played around with positioning yet.
  13. A couple of days has passed and I am still rediscovering my record collection.... So much better than before. I did 3 upgrades at once so its hard to say which one I would do first if I had to chose, but since I dont have to chose Im just going to enjoy the system. (And play with SO).
  14. Finally home. After a long drive (and I`m reminded once more why I don`t live in a major city....) I came home and I have just installed my LP12 and the Akurate Exaktbox-i. I thinner the sub will have to wait for another day. so...how does it sound? Is it better? Well...it short - yes. Very much so. More slam, more details , more Music - in short its a fantastic upgrade. Im very, very happy. To bad I have to work tomorrow.
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