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  1. Hi nice system what you have bought there I also had until recently. Tips from me can be found in the link below. Otherwise I am always ready to help you, and help in the SO2 area, where I have the structures for the procedure ready to copy.
  2. There is no need to worry, these instructions are for users who want to improve their sound. They have been tested with dealers and users who have confirmed the sound improvement. Of course I also know that my car drives faster when I have washed it. But the cleaning of the contacts on the plugs is very important. But you can't go wrong if you follow the instructions and it doesn't hurt. If the speakers sound worse when they are both the same height, you can't put them at the same height or worry about what is wrong with your system.
  3. I also think that this can be done with one side spikes in and the other side spikes out. It may also be possible to do this differently up there on the loudspeaker with a laser spirit level.
  4. Use the Oehlbach or the mfe, see here: All you need is a travel adapter, see here:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 So you can at least check if your phases are correct.
  5. This means 0.6 nm (Newton meter) tightening force for a torque spanner to tighten the screws of the 3k arrays. See also here:
  6. Exactly this is not the case, I make it sound so gigantic that I would not have to change anything. But it already has before. After over a year of listening to and reading the 0.6 for the 3k array sounds best, I tried it and I have to say that it is insane. Now at my age I'm not as crazy as you, the sentence says it all "2) I think a lot of "experiments" find their basis in audiophile nervousia and I also think, that the lot of these experiments suffer from confirmation bias.", but I would like to pass on such findings so that others can benefit from them. And all this for free! "I put my faith in algorithms sorted by a mind far greater than mine." - Unfortunately, they're not at your place and they're setting the materials correctly. Therefore you have to try. A bit more dynamic my lord. By the way: My vanity duty is fulfilled
  7. I have By me too first with LP12. Maybe science does not give everything a price or knowledge can be lost or there are things science cannot explain yet.
  8. How do you do that? "Also please note that the list of materials is hierachel, which I mean that the top material is the most represented in the SO model and the bottom one is the least represented." - It's in the instructions! "I'm quite happy with my set up, and don't feel the need for experiments." - Okay without experiments the forum would be only half as big and actually a forum is there for that, because Linn doesn't always give out all the information and some of them are simply wrong. - And experiments is the wrong word, because here are some posts that have many years of experience with the matter "I'm quite happy with my set up, and don't feel the need for experiments. " - Well then everything is great and you sit in the sun.
  9. No this is not possible because there is a completely different equalisation and the MM overrides the input. All you have to do is turn the preamplifier board upside down.
  10. Hi David, I am now so carried away in a spatial depth I never imagined, but which can be touched. The ease with which the sounds are created is sensational. It is so exhilarating that you automatically join in. Bad recordings can be heard again - suddenly something comes across. And it is so emotional and touching that I almost want to say that I have never been allowed to experience music before. Of course, all this is only possible if the system is set up correctly and well adjusted with SO2, I can only say that 0.6 is the best.