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  1. Today I would say that an integrated system is better than an external one with several power amplifiers. The advantages of an external one are clearly the better power supply and the distance to the speakers, means no radiation on the speakers. But the disadvantage is not insignificant, because of tolerances of components, cables, connectors, etc... the reproduction of the different areas such as high, mid and bass will be slightly different. This means that the sound waves do not go together exactly. The disadvantage of the integrated system is clear, firstly the proximity to the speakers (radiation). and the power supply. But they all get the same current (approximately) which I see as an advantage. Approximately means there are also runtimes. So it would be good to load the conductor rail from above and below. A big disadvantage of today's Linnboxes are of course all the connectors in the integrated speakers, I will never understand it. With the proximity of the power amps you can make do with a wooden stand for the electronic block.
  2. Linn has a sense of humor about his prices. As a former trader I know that it will be difficult when you don't have any beginner's equipment anymore. Many old customers who started out with small, cheap equipment now have larger Linn equipment. If these customers would not have started with the small systems they would not be with the big Linn systems today. So Linn does not fulfill its task to bring music to the people anymore, because not everybody has so much money to buy something expensive. In the end the policy of Linn is that they make less and less turnover. If we take Germany as an example, as there was still a good distribution, there were also good dealers who sold music and the sales were many times higher than today. Today the sales department goes to the dealer to discuss the turnover, it's all about money. What a shame.
  3. A separation as written here of the data streams can also be made with a QNAP, with 2 network connections, and a management switch
  4. Here are some instructions. I'm gonna try the days. TuneIn can't stream flacs, I asked for the days. Especially because of the stations of "Audiophile".
  5. I deleted Roon again because there was too much not going on that I needed, thanks for the help.
  6. It is good if you have the possibility to have nothing between the speakers.
  7. Hi Paul, before you could only become a Linn dealer if you did a "Single speaker demonstration". A system sounds immediately worse if you have several speakers in the room. You will not hear the speakers but the result of some membranes resonating. Not to mention all the cables, switch boxes and the power supply. At a retailer it always sounds worse than at home. It's hard for a dealer to deliver the optimum, because he also has to realize this at the customer's home. In addition, he also has to change the speakers for an A/B comparison (Single speaker). On the other hand, you only sell well if it touches people to the maximum. So it is always a compromise. By the way, if you still have superfluous speakers in the room, you should take them out of the room, you will be surprised how much better your system sounds. In the past we even removed the speakers from the TV.
  8. Ich habe ein Linn Akurate Hub Hier mal die Meldung die immer kommt:
  9. Roon does not play the MQA's. Error see above. Do I have to set something special there.
  10. I thought in Roon you can add Amazon Music HD. But nothing to find. Does anyone have a tip?
  11. Hi I was testing Roon and wanted to hear the MQA but it doesn't work. Either "not available at the moment" or "too much interference". Did I forget any setting?
  12. That would also interest me very much, I've been at it for weeks and can't get it right.
  13. Have you checked the exits? So take only one channel to the power amplifier and plug it first into the left output of the Sneaky and then into the right output. WARNING: Turn off the power amp before you plug it in and wait a while. Do you have sound on both outputs? P.S. Do you use SO2? Then I could take a look (access required) at the settings in the sneaky. By the way, your system should sound much better if you use the Sneaky completely without the 280 Plus, you can bi-amping out the speakers!
  14. The Akubarik Exakt with Katalyst at a Klimax Hub is the best I have ever heard from Linn. Unfortunately I only have the Akurate Hub but it is cheap for 3300,- Euro.