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  1. These are now withdrawn, off to the charity shop tomorrow as I need them gone.
  2. Update : One of the AV10 units has the optional 60x60mm legs so I have split them to this configuration. 1 x AV10 with standard 45x45mm legs & glass doors & sides. 1 x AV10 with 60x60mm legs.
  3. Reported myself now just to be safe.
  4. My bad but they are dismantled & in storage, if it is absolutely necessary then I'll pull the advert.
  5. Wasn't lucky at all, I sent it by Paypal friend & relative, it showed me all the way up to checkout what the conversion cost was from £ to CHF then the fee to convert at £1.80. It is you who is wrong.
  6. Looking for a new home, excellent condition with remote control , faascia display is 100% problem free. Image below is not mine but PM email address for actual photos : £76 via Royal Mail Next Day by 1pm . Bank transfer only.
  7. No he didn't, he received it without any fees.
  8. Time to sell these on so for a quick sale £60 each, Natural Ash legs. 2 x AV10, each one has a single internal shelf, one of them has doors & side glass. Midi with 3 internal shelves, suits Bel Canto & Cyrus, etc: Collection only from Merseyside, going to Leicestershire on Tuesday morning, could meet up on the way. Bank transfer only.
  9. Friend & family is just a way to not pay the fees that the seller or buyer would have to pay to Paypal, no need to be either to buy & sell, a means to an end. Have to agree though that by just paying that little bit extra you have some sort of protection if it goes pear shaped.
  10. I recently sent a Paypal payment abroad & it incurred only a currency conversion fee which was £1.80.
  11. AV8

    Naim Muso V1 £499

  12. AV8

    Naim Muso V1 £499

    Peter Tyson, they increased the price by £50 overnight though.
  13. AV8

    Naim Muso V1 £499

    That is why I specifically asked about the Muso, the one I am interested in & only one.