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  1. You may want to remove your email as this is a open forum.
  2. Southeast

    OL enabler

    Anyone bought one or thinking of buying one or do you think it is just tt snake oil?
  3. He has been in hospital but I know he will get them to you. I have used the deck myself and it looks like new and has a really nice sound.
  4. anything wizmax sells will be in perfect order and he cleans his cassette heads. i have heard the one he is offering to sell and it is a lovely deck. if i had the money i would buy it myself as he looks after his stuff and he is always helping me with hifi. a really lovely gent to buy from. in fact my deck is lent to me by him and it is lovely. but of cause the one you could buy is really good. i love cassettes and it is a really nice sound deck good luck mate with your search. i think buying here is safer than ebay.
  6. i believe you have to post pictures and put a name or have your name visible on your profile when listing items for sale mate.
  7. that's a very good price, i saw one half meter pair on ebay for £75
  8. contact Steve, he is the guy i provided the website for because his prices are VERY affordable indeed and he is VERY good at his job. you would end up with a very fine sounding amp that would be huge bargain.
  9. just heard a funny joke said by the snp leader in the commons while giving a speech he said a shiver went up to the labour party looking for a spine to crawl up but no spine did the shiver find.
  10. lovely looking amp. have a bump on me.
  11. the sound of silence and no hifi set up is needed to enjoy it.
  12. https://www.vintagetech.co.uk/ this guy is very good indeed and highly qualified upto phd level. He also has fair prices,.
  13. you could have someone with the sills to do the job for you. i would if i had the money for this amp because when sorted it will be a stonker
  14. that is an image that i can never clean from my mind no matter how much bleach i use. lol
  15. the flash is a super hero, it would not have taken him a second at most.
  16. i just click on the top right of advert thread report post then write sold it is just under the reply to this thread blut tab. it looks like a <
  17. Almost forgot Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola too
  18. Janet Jackson - Control (VG/VG+) £3 Michael Jackson - Off the wall And bad. I would to buy those. My understanding is they are vinyl? PM me your paypal
  19. Southeast

    Excess kit

    very true and very kind of you to help your friend, you remind me of wizmax, he is always helping people like that.
  20. Southeast

    Excess kit

    sometimes you see something at such a good price you get tempted even though you may be happy with what you have and you just put it away for the second system that never happens and before you know it you spare cupboards have more hifi then audio t
  21. the only way to leave the E.U is on a no deal unless you have a free ten years. of cause you can leave but you will of cause be worse off otherwise what would be the point of staying. it is a huge trading block to be leaving.
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