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  1. I consider to acquire something that will allow me to connect 5 boxes in 1 outlet. Thought about something like Ansuz Mainz8 X or Grahams Hydra. But I read Hydra is designed for Naim equipment. I'm curious what would make my Linn separates sound better... Could this power distributors make any kind of improvements at all? What kind of power distributors you use and do you hear any difference? What does Linn recommend?
  2. I have consulted Linn Docs now... it seems active 350s do have Chakra packed inside. So Solos are indeed a rare animal
  3. If I follow you correctly, Klimax Solo dosn't have Chakra topology inside? It looks like Klimax Twin is almost the same inside as A2200 with Chakra. What is the Solo then? Now I have noticed on the Linn site that Solo has Linn bipolar tehchnology inside... what does this mean? What type of aplification does Linn put in Klimax 350s ? Linn internet site doesn't reveal what is the type of 350s amplification... just indicate a massive power... is it Chakra, or bipolar, maybe class D, or perhaps a comination of thеse? NL.
  4. Hi Guys, Exploring possabilites of my Akurate DSM, today I have played an album which is in DSD 128 format. Kazoo app reads it as DSDDSF 5.6 MHz /1bit 11.3 Mbps. I have the same album also in flac 44kHz/16bit 1.4 Mbps. DSD sounds superb to flac - simply more natural and clearer, like flac compared to mp3... As my Majik DSM didnt have possability to read DSD files, this whole story is relatively new to me. I'm interested in your exiriances with music captured in DSD, is it comparable to some higher quality PCM? In other words, is it worth to further invest and explore DSDs? Best Regards, NL
  5. Strange that you couldn't find it... when I type "Hi on line" in TuneIn search, whole bunch of Hi on line is there and all working fine
  6. Many thanks to @peter@57m and @DavidHB for enlightening me that flac quality reproduction exists on RP and there are actually 4 substreams within RP !
  7. I've been listening to Radio Paradise almost regularly for some time now... since my ADSM has arrived though... I'm amazed both with music selection and with sound quality! I used to listen RP earlier from time to time, but with Majik DSM the SQ was rather average, nothing in paricular to move me on. Now with ADSM I have descovered RP sounds so very fresh within mid and HF range... and at the same time resolutive in bass... I'couldnt find a better word than "fresh". It sounds to me better than Tidal stream of the same track, same bit rate (1411 kbps/flac). It reminds me on the sound of my LP12 when I put a good preserved, first press LP. I made A-B comparisons - during listening to RP I found and played the same track on Tidal and compare sequences (not more than 15-20sec of lenght). Even 320kbps RP sounded more fresh and more nice than the flac from Tidal, or CD transport (I compared that also). So what is it all about regarding RP? How come it sounds so beutiful? Do you share my impresions re. SQ too? Maybe my Tidal and network player don't sound good enough... but I think that is not tha case. RP sounds great! Cheers, NL.
  8. Linn related topics become more understandable to me....slowly, but steadily ... many thanks guys!!!
  9. Indeed interesting explanation, many thanks. If I understand you correctly, Akurate DSM has been in fact designed to work with the unbalaned (RCA) inputs and outputs. But it has "a component", or an imbedded adapter so to say, which is responsible for transforming unbalanced to balanced signal, right? So its inner circuits havent been designed truly balanced (like some American style equipment, e.g. McIntosh), in fact they are just "compatible to balanced". If this is correct, in case of Linn it apsolutely makes sence to buy unbalanced amp... and balanced connectins are justified only in case of larger distances between compinents, ie. necesity for long cables...
  10. Congratulations! I can hardly wait for mine to arrive... alongside with Lingo 4, Kore and Kandid... Best Regards, NL
  11. Many thanks David. If I follow you correctly, I could start with a single A2200 + existing M140. That combo should (at least in theory) sound better that my current setup (which is running on Majik class amplification). This in my case looks relatively future proof - if I decide to migrate to passive Akubariks. Then I could add one more A2200, or A4200 (or even a pair of A4200). This should work fine, yet the cost effectivness is higly questionable... Now I come to what I wanted to ask - how does active cards story fit in my plans? Theoreticaly, if I add a pair of A4200 and keep my M140, I could add 4 active cards in A4200s and run my M140 actively? ...and my whole setup should be considered as an active setup? ...or I still dont understand the "active" concept? What would be the difference between active concept explained above and the "activation" via Akurate exaktbox? Exaktbox is a digital crossover whilst active cards fited in amps are analog crossovers, right? Does aplication of these two thalternatives make speaker inernal crossovers redundant? Sorry for bothering again with this, but I dont feel clear on this "activ story" and I would realy like to understand it. Best, NL.
  12. One more inquery re Akurate level amps - should I go for the ones with an XLR balanced inputs, or RCA unbalanced variants are equally good? IMHO balanced connections should be used whenever available/posible... yet I don't have any personal expiriance in that respect. So any thoughs on the dilema balanced vs unbalanced Akurate level amps?
  13. Thanks Arm. Did you try driving a pair of yours M140 with a single A4200? Could you please share your expiriance in that respect?