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  1. I havent touched it in a long time and have never opened it up. The Linn engineer is almost certain that it is a capacitor in the ADC, he has suggested that can confirm this by playing another analogue source through it. Fortunately if it is out of warranty and this diagnosis is correct then my dealership says that can fix it in house for cheap, rather than having to send it back to Linn. I will try a power cycle first though and hope for the best. Thanks for the help.
  2. It's intermittent but doesn't seem to be related to tonearm position. After first discovering It left it 10 minutes and then it started working again but now it is pulsing again and doesn't seem to be getting better. This leads me to believe that Dasher may be on the right track with it being the phono stage. Hopefully my warrenty is still in date.
  3. Hello So my LP12 suddenly started pulsing. It's hard to explain but it's basically only playing for about 1 second every other second. It started half way through a record and now does it on all records. It's a Majik model playing through a ADSM. Has anyone experienced this before? All other sources working perfectly. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm sure the sales figures and market research will support Linn's decision but I'd be very sad to see the end of Akurate. I can't see myself buying any more new Linn products, other than LP12 upgrades, if they remove Akurate from the line-up. Happy to snap up 2nd hand Akurate bargains for the next X amount years though.
  5. As someone who spent £1800 upgrading an ADS/3 I was slightly annoyed when they discontinued the product but decided to bite the bullet on an ADSM to re-open the upgrade door again. I hope I made a savvy decision and will be able to upgrade to Organik at some point in the future.
  6. I think the cheapest easiest fix is trying a new amazon box. It makes me cringe every time my lovely 212s make that noise.
  7. Hello Has anyone else had the issue when skipping forward or when the next episode comes on etc... it causes your speakers to clip? I try and mute my ADSM every time I think its going to happen but I'm sure that not everyone in my house is so considerate. Thanks in advance if anyone has a fix
  8. I agree but unfortunately swmbo won't let me board up the stairwell too. There is a large hole in one of the walls too. I have been making small improvements to my system for the past 3 years by throwing money at it and even moving the door to the porch but I am now resigned to moving house. I'm really looking forward to what SO can do in a more conventional room.
  9. A corner of my room has the kitchen in it. The previous owner removed the door and knocked through a wall. I should probably re-visit SO again but due to such severe lack of bass, I have always found that SO just exacerbates my problems. It is so bad that even with a sub, I still have my 212s positioned 110mm from the front wall in order to hear any semblance of bass.
  10. I am certain that the biggest hindrance to sound quality in my room is the stairwell by the rear wall. Standing on the stairs is the prime location to hear bass, anywhere else in the room it is severely lacking. Weather or not this can be fixed by SO is way beyond my understanding, but it would be nice to try before I admit defeat and sell the house. Breakfast bars would be a nice addition too.
  11. I hadn't heard about the fire until now. I was one of the unlucky ones that upgraded an ADS to katalyst just before linn announced that there would be no more DS upgrades. Consequently I had to sell my ADS for an ADSM/2 when I bought an LP12, with the hope of katalysing that when funds allowed. Although this announcement is no fault of linn's, I would find it very hard to remain a linn customer if they left me with another dead end product. Fingers crossed this is a temporary setback.... more importantly though, I hope that nobody was hurt in the fire.
  12. My dad has katans and they really rock! I'm always amazed at how much slam those tiny speakers have, lovely level detail too. My sister even bought a pair recently for a lot less than £200, complete bargain. I have 212s i paid just over £1000 for and I much prefer their systems but that is entirely down to my listening room, which hits its musical peak with a mobile phone in a pint glass.
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