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  1. I know nothing about circuit boards, certainly less than linn but wouldn't it be worth swapping out the internal wires for some custom lengths of Linn silver? The black wires seem poorly insulated. Or is it that any rf interference at that point will already be transmitted along the channel cables?
  2. This thread gets more and more interesting. I also aspire to an akurate level LP12 and know this will have to be the ceiling. Lingo 4 is in my top 3 candidates for next upgrade, katalyst and slipsik 7.1 being the others. My thoughts exactly, lingo 4 is the next upgrade logically but I'm going with Slipsik next as it will give me the option of moving my speakers back to their "ideal" position whilst also letting me move my LP12 so it's more than 200mm away from my right speaker.
  3. I think there is a chap in Preston who refurbs bricks. Might be worth getting in touch. Hamnett's vintage hifi ltd
  4. Another vote for Bubble DS here. The only downside is that once minimised it no longer give the option to go back to the previous screen. Otherwise it does everything I ask of it. I'm an android / windows man though. My work keep giving me brand new apple devices and for the life of me I cant figure out why they are so popular.
  5. At least you can do listening tests in your own home, unlike eye tests, they require you to drive your family to Barnard castle
  6. I'll have a close visual inspection of it tonight then. It's on both sides of the record but not on the tidal stream.
  7. I recieved a copy of Son of Evil Reindeer yesterday, 2nd hand but looks mint. When I played it for the first time I realised that the guitarist sounded like they were using a whammy bar on every note. The pitch of everything else seemed ok but the guitar sounded awful. I played a similar LP and it sounded fine. What can make a record's pitch change like this? I noticed a tiny bit of damage to the center hole, would this be enough to ruin the pitch stability? Its particularly annoying as I paid £50 for it, posted from austria. Thanks
  8. I have had it sounding great before but like I said, it's no longer in the ideal position. Feel free to question my abilities, I do. I can't give any reliable advice though sorry as I'm no expert.
  9. I have some original silly putty on order. I'll try and get my hands on some green paper next time I see my dealer.
  10. I couldn't really comment on it, despite owning it for a couple of years, as it is the only sub I have ever owned. I do wish I got the xxls400 though as it is in quite a big room. It sounds better when closer to the right speaker but since getting the LP12 I have had to place it in the corner. When listening to music with a hefty bass drum it stands out a bit too much now and isn't quite as well integrated. I also find that I have to lower the volume of it if I'm in a techno mood, to prevent it becoming too obvious. Like I said though, I don't know of this is a problem i would have with other subs. My other half likes to put on the new Billie Eillish album from time to time and this album has a bass line that just isn't there without the sub, there are a few others like this too. All I can say is that for the £350 it cost new, its definitely value for money. My next sub will be something a bit fancier and the BK will be relegated to front left, then rear once I get 2 decent subs for up front.
  11. I recieved my majik LP12 and instantly fell in love with it. I have now put it on a spiked LACK table and adjusted the tonearm to my liking. I am enjoying every aspect of owning a TT, I haven't stopped looking for vinyl since it arrived. My only concern is that I can already feel the urge to upgrade to lingo 4! Upgradeitis is real. For now though I think I need to fight the urges and spend my money on LPs instead. Currently listening to the Beatles Esher sessions on 180g vinyl, bliss.
  12. Ot is a BK Electronics xls200ff if I remember correctly. It's was a cheap solution to the lack of bass when I had 109s but it still fills a hole with my 212s. It's funny, you cant tell it's on until you turn it off. I only have one at the moment but getting a 2nd has been on my upgrade list for a while. You have keen eyes! Lovely stuff but unfortunately no longer in the bottle. The lockdown has been particularly hard on my whiskey collection, only 2 or 3 bottles have survived to this point. When the Lagavulin 16 has gone is when I'll start panicking though.
  13. As soon as I can afford a Slipsik 7 the LP12 is getting moved away from the speakers but unfortunately the T.V and plants are out of my jurisdiction.
  14. The method I practiced was to invite the dealer to leave the LP12 outside the front door and take several steps backwards
  15. Hello I'm just wondering if anyone with a majik tonearm has noticed that the 2 slotted holes for mounting the cartridge aren't identical. It might be just mine but there is a little notch in the right slot that seems to prevent the cartridge from seating exactly at the back. It should be visible in the photo of you zoom in. Thanks
  16. I spent 15 years diving in a hard hat to depths of over 100 meters but I don't have the chutzpahs for scuba. To answer your question David, the speakers in out Kirby Morgan 37s could definitely have benefited from Space Optimization v2 and I doubt the 200m runs of cable helped much either. ... still off topic sorry
  17. Interesting name Peter, I hope you dont dive to 57m on scuba.... the very thought sends shivers down my spine!
  18. I was walking up the beautiful lake district fells on a daily basis but then I broke 2 toes, putting an end to the only outdoor luxury I was allowed. Luckily I had just received my new lp12. Being house bound really isn't that bad when you have an LP12 to keep you company. I'm classed as a key worker though, so I'm back to work on Tuesday.
  19. If anyone is contemplating taking CJ up on his offer, I can testify to the great service he provides. I received a fair price for my ADS and it's completely hassle free, he even arranged the delivery. Thanks for helping me to fund my new LP12 purchase CJ.
  20. Personally I would expect to die of pulmonary barotrauma, bends, shock and severe hypothermia long before hypoxia. Sometimes thinking we understand the scientific reason behind something doesn't mean we know all there is to know about it.
  21. I have struggles with brightness since moving into my house. I think Nopiano is right here, start at the beginning.
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