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  1. The migration of people would be great to see but I'd also like to see the migration of linn forum posts. That forum was a goldmine of information. Every time I Google a query, the exact relevant thread comes up on the linn forum just out of reach....
  2. You are right Tendaberry. I've been spending time getting the positioning right today. 1cm in any direction makes a huge difference though so these 212s seem much harder to position than my 109s. With the 109s, if I thought the bass was muddy then I'd move away from the front wall and if lacking, towards it. The 212s are not that simple though and there seems no rhyme or reason to where I should move them to correct a certain trait... if that makes sense. I feel I am getting somewhere now though. At one point I was listening to some thin lizzy and if I leant forward I could hear the bass perfectly but if I sat back it almost disappeared completely. I think a large part of this is down to my room unfortunately.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll answer some of the questions first. I found that there was absolutely no bass until they were at least 30cm from the front wall. I have just discovered that moving them left and right can have just as big an Impact on bass as forward and back. I am using a 4200 with k400 to bi amp, with the 3k array and bass woofer driven by different amps. I have replaced a set of 109s which had loads more bass. But It took me 6 months to set them up and fall in love with them. The 212s instantly sound amazing and I know I'll crack them at some point with far superior results. I'll have to try your sub trick today Paul, sounds interesting. I haven't used SO with the 212s yet because of all the speaker moving but I'll certainly be following your guide again when I do.
  4. Hello I just got my hands on some 212s and spent today setting them up. My first impressions are that they are lacking in bass which is a touch disappointing but they have blown me away with their top end and their imaging. I have a passive Akurate system with katalyst. My 212s are 396mm from the front wall and I have a bk xls200ff sub to support. Any tips on how to tweak the bass would be great appreciated. Thanks
  5. I've just joined the wig. It's good to see a few of the knowledgeable characters on here from the linn forum. Hello again. Geoff uk I'd gladly team up with you to kidnap Paul, it would save him the train fare at least.
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