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  1. I think it is an endless topic, some folks believe in exotic ethernet cables, some do not. Some think bits are bits, some believe in some kind of magnetic wave or some kind of noises affecting audio stream depending on which ethernet cables that you are using, some believe in audiophile switches, some do not. In the end, if you think you hear the differences, just stick with it.
  2. I recall someone here recommended Cat 8, I bough on the idea, and bought the cables. Man! It caused me so many issues (dropouts for no reason, shrillness for no apparent reason, etc.) , so I eventually switched back to the basic, cheap cables from Amazon, and those cheap cables out perform a thousand times better than a Cat 8 ethernet cable.
  3. None, not a single album, even I spend more time listening to music. Why? Because I only listen to Qobuz via the Linn Klimax DSM/3, now I have almost the universe of high quality music, why should I buy CDs or LPs?
  4. Here in the US, the Linn resale value is not very optimistic. I have just sold my pristine un-used 3-year-old Linn Klimax Twin amp for just less than $3,000.
  5. I never use CD, I am mainly using LP2 and then Klimax/DSM3. For now, I use LP12 for serious listening occasionally, and I think nothing will beat the SQ from the vinyl format, especially you play it from a Klimax LP12.
  6. Thanks @Phobic, I will probably revisit SOv2 later, but for now I have given it up. PS: I know SO will make my Klimax DSM/3+Solos sound better if done right, I but at the moment, have never found my system sound so much better when SO is completely disabled, a new relevation!!!
  7. This is just basic stuff, I have been programming various stuffs for Linux kernel, and other networking streams for over 35 years.
  8. Yes, I know. I had never had the problem of Konfig unable to find my Linn Klimax on any Windows 10 machine that I have until I bought a top-of-the Dell XPS 17 laptop a few weeks ago. I could not use Konfig on this Dell laptop to find my Linn Klimax for whatever reason, same network, latest Windows 10, no firewall issue, no root cause that I can figure out as to why Konfig does not work on this $4,500 laptop. Personally, I think software is a Linn weak point. They should have hired better software engineers.
  9. The problem with Konfig, and Kazoo is very common, I have come across it at least a few million times, and it is nothing with firewall (contrary to what Linn Support has been saying). 1) I think you can fix the problem with Kazoo by selecting and rescanning a correct subnet for your home network as follows 2) As with Konfig, there is a big chance that Konfig will not find your streamer if you are using a Windows 10 PC/latop, MacOS has no problem. But if you are using a Windows 10 machine, there are 2 options that you can manage your streamer without Konfig. Either a) Accessing it directly by entering its IP to a browser address bar Or b) Just go to https://www.linn.co.uk/account/music-systems. I think you need to register streamer to Linn if you want to do it this way. Btw, there is no security setting on MacOS, it just works, unless in an extremely rare situation you need to deal with firewall.
  10. You are exactly right, I have no issue with boomy bass, and I find SO (even SOv2) too confusing. I have tried various combinations and parameters, but to my ears, it makes things sound not better.
  11. A slightly related topic is that should one use SO or not? I am not sure, I do not find SO make things sound better.
  12. Thanks @Baba Yaga So in simple term, moving the slider to the right will make SO to produce more bass?