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  1. The Sneaky will work with Asset and Bubble DS fine. I used to own one. The Mk1 version. It also supports Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz. I also played ripped FLAC files through it. I sold it recently as I needed a DAC with more inputs and the Mk1 Sneaky didn’t have any. I also had issues with network connectivity. This wasn’t the Sneaky’s fault but I could not get a reliable Ethernet connection set up. I solved it by replacing it with an Auralic Aeries G1 and an Audiolab M DAC+. So I now steam wirelessly and have no issues with hi res never mind CD quality which was not the case before. As to the Audiolab combination you were thinking of I believe it streams via software running on a tablet which I think is called DTS play fi. Hi Fi World reviewed it and had trouble with it but Audiolab disputed the issues they found.
  2. Thanks for the link. The post from Brian about Twonky trees is still there
  3. Same for me. I am still running my original Sneaky DS. Without the help of the forum I doubt I’d have stuck with it. The forum with the aid of some very patient members got me to a stable setup and also showed me how to install custom trees on Twonky. I am sure the Brian you mention above was one of my main helpers. Topics such as custom twonky trees were reference articles and if they have gone and are not to transcribed here, then that is an act of Internet vandalism. And a very strange one for a company that built a reputation on supporting older equipment (like Naim). As far as I am aware the same network topology is required to set up your NAS etc and while Linn may expect you dealer to sort this out that is not appropriate for everyone or those buying second hand so a great resource looks to have vanished. The reason I came here today and registered is I thought from Linn’s email the intention was to transfer the forums across and I am looking for alternative control points for iPad and I know there were threads on that. How disappointing to find that is not the case.