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  1. I had my Akiva refurbished by Roberto Torlai like @Bertox and @Tendaberry. It replaced a Krystal, which had just been inspected by my dealer (as I had my TT there for other reasons) and declared fine I prefer the refurbished Akiva over the Krystal.
  2. I'm a little late to this thread, but reading it I was thinking what Tom already mentioned: Urika2 does only make sense, if you're going Exakt. I never heard anything Lejonklou, so I cannot comment on it. But let me add that a lot of pre-owned Urika1's are in the market, usually selling around 1200€. With the built quality of Linn, I'd look for a used one - preferrably sourced from your dealer - and invest the saved money elsewhere.
  3. A good decision @Scott mc . Out of interest, I auditioned Lingo3 vs Lingo4 at my dealer, when the Lingo4 hit the streets. Quite an impressive upgrade! And we talked enough about the Karousel in other threads. You'll have much fun!
  4. I'm not complaining about being forced @Moomintroll but I'm disappointed by Linn's choice to not offer a renew kit - especially with only a few days to go until COP26 on their very home turf. The renew box, that was good for a DSM should be capable to accomodate the Radikal electronics. Adding the parts that are needed (mentioned in @teuchter85's post) should be easy for Linn. And a reasonable price point between the Akurate Radikal 2 and Lingo 4 can possibly be matched as well. This would waste less resources, create additional business opportunities for Linn's dealer network and encourage 'novice' LP 12 owners to take a jump into the rabbit hole. Thanks for your (unintended?) hint to talk to my dealer about trade in options of the whole box! There might be Linn users out there willing to buy an almost new pre-owned Radikal at a reasonable discount vs a new Radikal 2. At least a more ethiical upgrade path!
  5. Am I the only one here, who feels that destroying high quality parts, is not exactly in line with Linn's sustainability image, that made yours truly a Linn LP12 fan ca. 30 yrs ago. I always liked the idea, that pre-owned stuff is handed down to new happy users, most likely ones with a tighter budget. Actually, this information takes a lot of enthusiasm off my plans to order a Radikal 2. My Radikal is just one year old, and still under warranty. why should I trash it?
  6. I thought I was done for 2021 as well. Then I read @ThomasOK comment (in an other thread) on Linn having replaced the felt mat by a thinner version a couple of years ago. Mine is shrunken to a more oval form, anyway. Getting a new mat is something to remember when I'm in Kiel next time.
  7. Another reason to visit Speakers Corner. Not that I would need any particular reason ...
  8. This leaves me with the question, how my AV5140s - with Espek Tweeter to stay on topic , and driven by an Akurate Exaktbox -would sound, if I replaced the C6100 by 3 Lejonklou Tundras. Did anyone here ever tried this with AV5140s, or Espeks. I never auditioned any Lejonklou stuff, but as many here like Lejonklou, there must be something to it. At least they look much prettier, than Akurate boxes.
  9. I don't want to steal your thread @Nifkin but was about to ask allmost the same question, related to (similar?) acoustic treatment stuff of this company https://fibrotech.de/de/ which are sold in DIY hardware stores in Germany. Did anyone try them? I'm particularly interested in absorption, as our teen can get very noisy while gaming - rather than listening to a decent music system
  10. Is this available somewhere, already? At amazon.de the album can only be pre-ordered, delivery Feb 18th 2022
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