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  1. Great read. Thx for sharing. It also contains some infos on stylus lifetime, which we discussed in another thread recently.
  2. Fresh vinyl in my mailbox featuring one of my earlier late heroes. Not so much a man of wealth, I'm afraid, but certainly a man of Taste (pun intended).
  3. Interesting discussion. Incidentally, I just went back to recording LPs via Songcorder - after overcoming my Powernet issues by recording with a notebook attached to a different leg of my network. When I edited the metadata with vinyl studio, I listened to the music via my desktop PC, which is equipped with 20+ yr old cheap (as in < 50 € a pair) active speakers*. I was completely blown away, how nicely this totally "unbalanced" system rendered the vintage LPs. And I could still hear the benefits of my last LP12 upgrades. Source first certainly has its merits. (Now measuring the time un
  4. The boss requested something more classical to be played at dinner time ... This ripped CD can do the trick.
  5. One has to take Linn's marketing statements with some caution. For example, Linn also never acknowledged that (Akurate case) Radikal, and machined Radikal sound different. The official version has it, that the different cases are meant to (visually) match the rest of the equipment. According to this statement, I got things completely wrong? I heard a clear difference, and the machined Radikal so far is the only Klimax case in my system. It's always better to trust your own ears, before spending your own money*. *To spend other people's money forums like this offer great opportu
  6. Vintage vinyl with the pop-up inside the gatefold. Everything's so much more pronounced since my last upgrade (Karousel / KRadikal / Urika II) ❤
  7. Thx for sharing @akamatsu For some reason I never bought this album. Just ordered a copy of the 2018 reissue.
  8. Same here. Well, not exactly here, but at my trusted dealer in Kiel, Germany. 😁
  9. Despite my decades of experience with Linn, that one can trust their engineers' ears (as in: you get more, when you pay more), I'd be very reluctant to place an order without listening to the differences beforehand. I'm not in the comfortable situation to live close to Cymbiosis - actually never have been there. But usually, my dealer can arrange side by side sessions, at least when new gear enters the market. I usually try to visit him during such a time, and take my mental 'tasting notes'. E.g., when Urika II hit the market, he was had identical LP12s to demo Urika vs Urika II. Probably, the
  10. It's definitelynot the way, how my Linn dealer is doing business here in Northern Germany - but this may vary with locale? A proper home demo should be ok, given the circumstances, and the price of the equipment you're intending to buy. It also gives the dealer a better control, that the system has been set-up correctly, before you audition it. Sending electronics around is an option, of course. But speakers need a proper placement, and/or opimisation in SOv2. If I was the dealer, I would like to make sure that the system is performing at its best. Incidentally, I had a chat over the pho
  11. This shouldn't make a difference. I have an old C6100/D - the fore-runner of the Majik 6100. It has different grills, but is also running pretty cool, even in the summer. The only time it went hot, was when the boss put a news magazine on top of it, thereby obstructing the air flow. Luckily, we aren't married, so I could not request a divorce 😜
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