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  1. I am not at all amused to see the posts of @SnapperMike being silently deleted. Am I the only one? While it can be disputed if the respective post was appropriate or not, just deleting his following posts, and ignoring his question for clarification is not very nice. Is this forum suddenly turning into a hostile place?
  2. Hearing, and understanding are two different things. While my partner can spot the difference, she does not care at all about better HiFi. Her take is, that spending that sort of money on HiFi is nuts, as it would be cheaper - and more fun - to listen to the real thing, aka live music. In theory she's right. But practically we don't have so many live concerts in town - and the big acts won't come here anyway. Which reminds me of a Deep Purple concert in Hamburg. almost 20 yrs ago. It started an hour or so late cause part of the band were stuck on the A7 autobahn. (So much to no speed limits in Germany.) In turn we missed the best part of the concert, as we had to catch our train back. Anyway, some upgrades now and then are apparently ok. And it helps, that Kay - my dealer - is like an old friend to the family. He's always welcome, also at our dinner table.
  3. Usability - as in: ease of use - is my main point. I bought a lot of live concerts on DVD, during the past 15 yrs while I was working in Dortmund. I had a small system in my flat there with a well seasoned Classik and Gale speakers on stands and the TV nicely centered between the speakers. I have been trying to convert DVDs to flac in order to play them on my main system at home. There's no TV in the living / listeing room, so I'm only interested in the sound track. Jens mentioned a software he's using. I think I'll give that a try. If it doesn't work for me, I can always blame him
  4. CD: Exact Audio Copy (shouldn't it be spelled Exakt Audio Kopy?) LP: Songcorder - what else? DVD: tried DVD Audio Extractor and was underwhelmed +1 for Vinylstudio mp3tag: to tag the flac - ironically, and despite the somewhat misleading name. flacsquisher: to convert flac file libraries into mp3 file libraries (car entertainment systems aren't on par with reality - at least in the modest car's I'm used to)
  5. Putting amps in the speakers gives the engineers much more control over the amps' environment, than leaving this to the buyer. People put there amps where ever on what ever. Sometimes even on top of one another. I'm not sure, which option is worse. However, and despite the trend to reduce the box count, I'm personally a fan of the architectural principle of "separation of concerns". A bathtub in the living room may be a trendy feature of certain hotels. But I would not opt for this to be installed in my home.
  6. My dealer already gave me a good offer on my machined Radikal + Urika 2 Upgrade in the summer of 2020. Will he give me a good offer on upgrading this, again? At least I could point him to the dictionary, which says: iteration -> see iteration
  7. One can always sell a TD126 to a friend. I sold my TD126 to my bestman when I purchased a new TT back in the 90ies. We are still good friends!
  8. When I still went to school one of my Grandma's sisters owned a B&O system. Obviously, this sounded better than anything else I found in the space of my relatives. But as I was already infected by the HighEnd virus, and an avid visitor to the life music scene in my hometown, I dismissed B&O as an eligible brand for myself. I already knew systems that would reproduce music better for the same budget. My verdict did not change, while I had various popportunity to listen to B&O gear over the years. B&O's brand core appears to be visual design. If one strives primarily for a good looking system, they are a good fit. As I heard from my dealer, there are Linn owners around, who can't really tell the difference, when he's tuning the system. Obviously, Linn has to think about this segment, and how to keep them engaged. And us music lovers need to be grateful, that they support our hobby by buying Linn, and contribute to compensate the R&D costs. Linn's risk to lose the segment who put the musical experience first, is very small, as long as they keep innovating, and stick to their sustainability paradigm. If I was B&O product manager, I'd feel more endangered about other brands grazing on my land. The real challenge for Linn is to engage young people, and convince them to just listen - rather than "consuming" audio streams. Let's not forget, that a good part of us here are beyond their best before date. If they can onboard young enthusiasts, the rest is a downhill battle.
  9. Good point to consider, @Wenge1. Maybe, that's the reason why Linn keeps throwing virtually irresistable innovations at us in the past months? "Resistance is futile", as a traditional Gaelic proverb goes
  10. I had my Akiva refurbished by Roberto Torlai (Italy). Unfortunately, Brexit makes this source more complicated, for UK members. If you're interested, I can PM his email adress, and you can get in touch. Roberto is using the original assembly parts, and the result is excellent. @Tendaberry, and @Bertox also used this service, and recommended it to myself. I own / used a Krystal but retired it in favour of the refurbished Akiva. Here's the full story
  11. A new platter mat, as the old one meanwhile is too excentric to listen to. Maybe one, or a few Chord GroundARAY plug(s), if they can prove to provide the magical mystery tour that they promise. My thoughts still revolve around choosing one of these different domains, assuming a budget < 15k€ 1. Frontend: 1.1 Analog: Keel, Radikal 2 Upgrade, Ekos SE to replace Kore, Ekos2 1.2 Digital: NKDSH, or a young pre-owned KDSH to replace my KRDSM. (I'm recording more and more LPs via Songcorder, and play them from flac.) 2. Middleware: KExaktbox Organik to replace AExaktbox Katalyst 3. Backend: Lejonklou or Akurate Amps to replace C6100/D 4. Still stuck with my speakers. No idea for any reasonable improvement path here.
  12. Full disclosure: This is the essence of their marketing story that resonates with @akamatsu's waiting for a better sounding Linn, and triggered my remark: Ultimately the casks are sent on a sea journey across the world to mature.
  13. That's a tricky question, as this is not even always true with market leading standard software in reality. True story: When my team tried to do pagespeed optimization with the online store of a client, we noticed that one component of the ecommerce software (I won't mention the vendor) was slowing down the responses quite a lot. As we did not really needed its functionality, we switched it off in the administration console, albeit with little effect. Only when we cut the software from the code, there was a big improvement. In the case of Linn, we may switch something off, but the hardware is still different. Its 'parasitic* effects' may still be there. If there is an audible difference, it's most likely due to HF interference. My dealer told me lately, that he has a new kit of accessories by Chord in his portfolio. These are basically different plugs, which are meant to reduce HF intrusion via the respective input socket. According to my dealer, the effect varies with the device and the respective home (HF environment). With DSMs the "bad" input is quite often digital audio, but one needs to try different inputs, and the respective plugs, to identify the "bad guy", so he said. The effect is clearly audible, according to him. Auditioning these devices is on my to do list. It would be interesting, to try this out with the different KNDSM/H types, and see if it can improve the reported situation. Especially, if one needs the HDMI inputs! * no real world component does behave exactly as it is rated, e. g. a resistor also has some (very small) behavior like an inductor, and/or a capacitor. These effects are usually better under control with SMD technology, which is why Linn went down the SMD road in the first place.
  14. Is it possible that you've fallen victim to the LINIE aquavit marketing story@Wenge1 ? It's LINIE, not LINNIE!
  15. But be assured, that your seasickness will be more precise with the new Radikal It would be interesting to audition - new Radikal LP12 + Urika(2) powered by (separate) old Radikal vs - new Radikal LP12 + Urika(2) powered by (separate) new Radikal to find out, how much improvement is 'revolutionary', and how much is new good old electronics with lesser noise floor.
  16. As I understand the discussion in the shared thread, the concern is not about drying (as in: getting the moisture off the record) but preventing the crud from the cleaning bath to resettle on the "cleaned" LP. In the worst case, this might even contaminate a previously clean LP in the "cleaning" process. The Degritter people obviously have been aware of this potential downside when they devised their product. Degritter AFAIK features a circulation pump and a filter in order to continously extract the crud from the cleaning solution. The effectivity of this filter is stil questionable. The Velvet Vortex in contrast, just relies on filtering the cleaning fluid occasionally, i. e. typically after a session of several records. Danger of cross-contamination is much more evident here. Actually, this kind of concern (combined with the premium price) kept me from ordering a Degritter so far. I'm still unsure if a Keith Monks woud provide the better place to start from. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that I want convenience. A complex cleaning workflow with different devices may be optimal, but just the idea puts me off.
  17. We had a long thread on RCMs in the Linn owners club, also discussing controversal opinions on the different types of RCMs. Maybe you find some helpful experiences.
  18. I had my Akiva refurbished by Roberto Torlai like @Bertox and @Tendaberry. It replaced a Krystal, which had just been inspected by my dealer (as I had my TT there for other reasons) and declared fine I prefer the refurbished Akiva over the Krystal.
  19. I'm a little late to this thread, but reading it I was thinking what Tom already mentioned: Urika2 does only make sense, if you're going Exakt. I never heard anything Lejonklou, so I cannot comment on it. But let me add that a lot of pre-owned Urika1's are in the market, usually selling around 1200€. With the built quality of Linn, I'd look for a used one - preferrably sourced from your dealer - and invest the saved money elsewhere.
  20. A good decision @Scott mc . Out of interest, I auditioned Lingo3 vs Lingo4 at my dealer, when the Lingo4 hit the streets. Quite an impressive upgrade! And we talked enough about the Karousel in other threads. You'll have much fun!
  21. I'm not complaining about being forced @Moomintroll but I'm disappointed by Linn's choice to not offer a renew kit - especially with only a few days to go until COP26 on their very home turf. The renew box, that was good for a DSM should be capable to accomodate the Radikal electronics. Adding the parts that are needed (mentioned in @teuchter85's post) should be easy for Linn. And a reasonable price point between the Akurate Radikal 2 and Lingo 4 can possibly be matched as well. This would waste less resources, create additional business opportunities for Linn's dealer network and encourage 'novice' LP 12 owners to take a jump into the rabbit hole. Thanks for your (unintended?) hint to talk to my dealer about trade in options of the whole box! There might be Linn users out there willing to buy an almost new pre-owned Radikal at a reasonable discount vs a new Radikal 2. At least a more ethiical upgrade path!
  22. Am I the only one here, who feels that destroying high quality parts, is not exactly in line with Linn's sustainability image, that made yours truly a Linn LP12 fan ca. 30 yrs ago. I always liked the idea, that pre-owned stuff is handed down to new happy users, most likely ones with a tighter budget. Actually, this information takes a lot of enthusiasm off my plans to order a Radikal 2. My Radikal is just one year old, and still under warranty. why should I trash it?
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