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  1. A very spooky thing happened: I have rebuilt my Desktop PC's Windows 10 Pro OS from scratch (i.e. empty disk) last weekend, as I had been struggling to activate Windows, after replacing the mainboard. Alas, I had no more wake-up issues since Windows 10 is activated again. I have no explanation, how this could possinly interfere, especially when the desktop is switched off, but now the adaptors work like they should do. Time to listen to Syd Barret's album The Madcap Laughs?
  2. That's a good point. But it's pretty easy to gain your own insights into Linn upgrades, if you have a Linn dealer in your perimeter. Mine is a 70 minutes drive away (one distance), and I'm never shy to invest a few hours, and listen myself. Over the past few decades, though, I cannot report to have auditioned any Linn upgrade that did not improve the sound. It's only the "how much" that varies. Never heard a Mober though. And I confess, that Edmund managed to downgrade my emotions with respect to his products from being interested to being opposed, based on his own explainations and behaviour on the old Linn forum. I finally rated it as blunt advertising. And I doubt that it is exactly a good idea, to go to a vendor's website - or an owners club - to advertise competitive products. If it's not hostile, it's at least not very polite!
  3. No, but you're right. This might be a workaround. It means buying new hardware, though, and to channel the audio via wifi, which is another risky endeavor. Meanwhile, I researched a bit more on the web. It appears like a few other TP Link users have occasionally experienced a similar (mis-)behavior. The adaptors have a power-save mode, which is enabled by default. The adaptor is designed to "fall asleep" when not in use, and wake up when a signal needs to be routed. The wake-up part of the cycle apparently does not work as designed here. TP Link explain on their website, how the power-saving mode can be permanently disabled. This is not exactly what the Green party recommends, but I attemted it nontheless. It does not work here, as the documented menu differs from the one, that comes up on my device with their control software. As TP Link is notoriously known for non-existing support, it looks like I need to wait for just another miracle?
  4. I'm experiencing issues with my TP Link Powerline Adaptors since updating to Davaar 84. Every morning, when I power up my KRDSM it remains silent. The KRDSM is connected via TP Link Powerline Adaptors to the Fritz!Box (i.e. router/modem). The underlying reason is, that the adaptor next to the KRDSM does not "wake-up" when the KRDSM is switched on. A workaround is, to use the Fritz!Box's software and change the PowerLan mode to/from MIMO. This forces the controlling adaptor to communicate with the other adaptors, i.e. waking them up. When I do this, music starts playing per my default settings, which is internet radio. The issue is a "new feature", and started after updating to Davaar 84. I'm not sure if this is coincidence, or root cause. But I didn't change the software of the adaptors, or the Fritz!Box. The only other change in the vicinity is rebuilding my desktop PC. But it is not connected to either of the respecive adaptors in the signal path. And the PC *does* wake-up its respective adaptor. My old TV does so as well with a fouth adaptor. So, the only adaptor that isn't behaving well is the one which connects the Linn. Smell's like a bug to me. Is someone experiencing similar issues? (Yes, I know, most here banned Powerline adaptors from there systems, but they are definitely better than no LAN at all.) I'll report to Linn helpline, anyway.
  5. It's tempting to speculate, that an engineering-driven innovative company like Linn is developing a lot of things in the lab, to learn from it, and most of the time trash it. Thus, they have been playing with this or that, is probably business as usual to the development department. I wouldn't bet to much on such rumours. It appears more promising to look at the capability, competition, and consumers, which are fencing the market potential of any new product. In the end Linn need to build, and sell what they develop.
  6. Haha, I was thinking about starting a thread like this myself. According to my dealer, the anniversary should be 2023, so still some time to go. As this is a transcription deck anniversary, there should be something LP12ish in the works, unless Linn kick-off a completely new category of gear in their portfolio. A new Urika II appears plausible, given that the new Klimax probably introduced new ADCs, which might be ported to replace the original ADCs. But isn't this just a "normal" replacement? A new Keel comes to my mind, which might improve the synergy with the Karousel, but is this shiny enough for the 50 yrs anniversary fireworks? New amps appear quite plausible, if Linn can port the achievements of the Select Class D amps to Akurate or Klimax. On the other hand, this kind of upsizing is not what Linn used to do in the past. They started most innovations at the top. A Klimax NAS device / switch / server? I'd expext Linn to come up with something to wow us, not the usual car's mid-life design upgrade kind of thing. Frankly, I have no idea, what it could be. But I admit, that I feel reluctant to spend anything on upgrades, right now, to prevent betting on a dead horse. A quite unusual feeling this is, especially with some money in the pocket as I went out of my long-time job with a golden (well, let's call it brass) handshake, and just signed with a competitor where I'll start working in mid-october. Looking forward to embrace a higher income tax this year, than usual PS: This thread must be real fun to the guys at Linn, who are in the know. Slàinte! PPS: Ekos SEL with optical pick-up?
  7. After upgrading my Desktop-PC hardware yesterday, an action of less than one hour, I'm deep in the shit. I spent more than 12 hours to re-activate my Windows 10 Pro without success. I even bought two unused Product Keys from different dealers, and did a new installation in the default settings (keep apps and data). Whatever I tried, apparently led me further away from a solution. And I can look forward to the same situation with Microsoft Office, which is also de-activated. Thus, I'm considering to switch to Linux and the Google Office products. If enterprises like Air Liquide can work with Google, why wouldn't I? My major concern, though, is the fact, that the desktop is the home of my audio files. I'm running minimserver here, plus the whole stack from vinylstudio to flacsquisher. (Actually, my only motivation to do the hardware upgrade, was to speed up the workflow of recorded LPs.) It looks like I need to set up my software from scratch anyway now. Thus, I'm free to decide from where I start, as long as the result suits my demand. The promise of spending 1500ish € to rebuy in the official Microsoft store after chanching a 75ish € component (mainboard) does not look like the future way to go for me! Plus, I want a system to which I can log-in and stream my audio files without a working internet connection (which kept me from using a Microsoft account). Is there anybody out there, who runs Linux on their "audio machine"? What products do you use, and whati is your experience, especially wrt later hardware upgrades?
  8. It appears to me, that fiction is more exciting, than facts to most people. Just makes me think about cave paintings in a new light. Do they show facts, or fiction?
  9. I confess @Paulssurround, I'm not different. This forum is certainly a place, where waves of upgradeitis are triggered again, and again.
  10. That's where analytics kicks in these days, or should do, at least
  11. Hi Frans, sorry for asking a bit OT, but as you have a similar system (5140s, AExaktbox), I'm really anxious to hear more about the improvements, your upgrade did. Did you have a chance to audition before buying? I'm still asking myself, what investment would brings a higher return in SQ - upgrading to a NKDSMH (a better clock, et al.), or - upgrading to a KExaktbox Organik (a better DAC, and output drivers) Hopefully, I'll be given the opportunity to do an experiment at my dealer's in a few weeks. Cheers, TMCW
  12. The marketplace apparently was much more geo-fragmented in those days. I remember the ERA (cause I longed to own one, but couldn't afford it from my part-time jobs as a school boy), which was quite exotic in Germany those days. Thorens, a local brand, was much more popular over here, and something to step up from owning a Dual. My girl friend's parents had a Pioneer deck back then, which also sported a suspended design.
  13. Looking forward to your report on its sonic merits. @DavidHB recommended HiFi Racks to yours truly, when he was still around on this forum. This must be ~ 2 yrs ago, but I still didn't take the plunge. 2020 changed a lot, and the ripples are still visible. At least it appears like HiFi Racks resumed to deliver to Europe. So maybe next year?
  14. If you hate to see cables behind your equipment, or the equipment itself, than the Danish furniture brand clic might have a solution https://www.clic.dk/ My dealer is carrying these racks for years and many of his clients are happy with them. Reportedly, they sound not quite as good as TIMETABLE, but better than many others @Lincoln TykeIs your's a HiFi Racks Podium model?
  15. I did not yet find time to play with epoxy, as the weather has been pretty unstable this summer over here. And I won't try this in the house. But I recall, that there has been a heavier "premium" base offered by Linn for some time. I missed the window of opportunity, unfortunately. But I trust my dealer who reported a sound improvement similar to the reports after epoxy / steel shot tweaks. I'm using skeets with my 6140. I tries Isoacoustics, but apparently they work better on suspended floors. I was not convinced, and returned mine. But many other people here had very positive results. Thus, give them a try if you can return them. Happy listening!
  16. Sorry to hear that @emcc_3e. Can you please provide us with more details, which type of arm you are using. I had pointed to the arm lift as well, but the arm lift is a completely obsolete device without any impact on the tracking - unless it lifts the arm up, of course. Is it possible, that the lift got stuck between up and down. Did you try to push it down manually? Then, the elephant in the room, of course, is the question: what did cause the leakage? Any mechanical impact, that may have hurt the bearings as well? Did you verify that tracking / anti-skating forces are still correct? Does the arm move slick if you handle it across the relevant space? I heard of Linnies, who disengaged the arm-lift from their Ekos 'cause this would improve the sound. I did a visual check: there is a screw, which might hold the lift. Maybe this could be a first-aid to mitigate a stuck arm-lift, if this is the root cause at all.. Other people on the forum might be more knowledgeable, how to facilitate this in a safe way.
  17. Welcome to this club @d88 1. See my profile. I visited my Linn dealer virtually 'forever', ealy 80ies this probably is. I bought my used LP12 in the early 90ies and transformed my system into all-Linn since 2. Built quality of the products, sustainability of the products, especially the LP12, commitment to music, relationdhip to my dealer (Linns', and eventually my own) 3. Good sound, no-nonsense design (well, this seems to change now with the New Klimax) 4. I'm not missing anything 5a. 3-way speakers, to upgrade systems without the 'electronics barrier'. Upgrading from 3 to 4+ ways means not only to invest into a new speaker, but also into Exaktbox and amps. This is a hurdle too high for yours truly, and probably many others. 5b. A portable high-res player / streamer / speaker as the new entry level for the next generation Linnies?
  18. The sound was OKish with some struggles in the treble and bass departments. The lyrics of Alicia Edelweiss, were sometimes hard to follow. Wallis Bird was using lots of effects on stage - quite creatively and helping her songs, but she had to ask the soundtechs to turn the bass down at the start of her set, which helped. Patrice, who played the set in the middle, had the best sound of the day. I wondered, why the sound guys need the artists to tell them the obvious. But then they are probably out of training, and didn't use the lockdown to play with SO like us here The venue itself is quite nice, as the old industrial brickwall buildings at both sides of the stage are forming a V shape, with its opening towards the audience. Thus, there are hardly any perceivable reflections between the buildings.
  19. This afternoon my partner and I enjoyed the summer at Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival with live concerts (at Gollan Werft Lübeck, a former shipyard, that has been transformed into a venue) for the first time after spring 2020. I could not resist to buy 3 LPs (Alicia Edelweiss, and Wallis Bird) at the merchandising, and 3 more (Patrice) via my cellphone. Hope this supports the artists, who went through tough times even more than we, who could at least turn to our Linn's. It's good to be back at the real thing, even though we still had to stay seated and separated, and wear masks at the food stalls inside. The music was open air, sunburn included
  20. I had a Shure V15 type V in an SME 3009 Series III arm on my Thorens TD126 in the old days. It delivered a lot of bang for the buck
  21. Hi all, I like to share this issue, and its apparent solution: I have been experiencing a crackling (low) noise from my speakers for quite some time. After switching off sources, and unplugging the network, only the amp remained as the usual suspect. Well, this is a seasoned device, so who knows? I unplugged / plugged all signal cables, to no awail. I believe, I also unplugged / plugged the power cord. In general, I do this now and then, to clean the contacts. Being not able to find a quick fix, I sort of tried to live with the issue. When I spoke to my dealer occasionally on the phone he said: "oh ha" which in the local North German slang is the long form of a statement like: "Sorry for you my dear friend, but this doesn't sound good. I cannot rule out that something is wrong hear. And fixing it will not be cheap!" At least he could re-assure me, that the amp is still being under service by Linn. But then we hear all sorts of bad news with Linn itself apparently stuck in covid-aftershocks and order backlogs, and logistics between UK and EU appears to be stuck in Brexit-aftershocks. Not the ideal time to part with the amp for an uncertain period of time. My next idea to sort this out further, was to visit my dealer, and take the amp with me. Putting it into one of his systems would reveal, if something's wrong with the amp, or in my home's power installation. But I have presently too many other things going on to invest the time, as the dealer is 1h+ away from here. The other night the crackling was quite annoying again. Hit by a spark of enlightenment, I changed the power plugs at the backpanels of my DSM, and the amp. The idea was to check if the noise would wander to the source. The noise was gone. I changed it back. The noise was still gone. The noise did not re-appear, since (knock on wood). With the amps just idling there is a wonderful silence now. Resume: If your amp is not as silent as it should be, re-plugging the power connector on the backpanel is not the worst idea. Apparently, plugging a different cable helped to better clean the contacts, somehow.
  22. For the benefit of Linn archaeologists, who might find this abandoned thread in future times, it would be cool to share the parts number of the switch that you ordered @vicdiaz. I'm just asking in the interest of science
  23. Congrats to your upgrade. I don't think the difference is a matter of the age (if I take this literally), but rather a matter of the concept. Exakt can do things in the digital domain, that are impossible to achieve in the analog domain. It's one of the best improvements to any eligible speaker. Age is possibly a factor in the amps department, though. Happy listening!
  24. In a properly set up XLR connection, you should not have ground noise. Galvanic isolation is thus not needed. Transformers may have a negative effect, if they are driven into ssaturation. I trust in Linn, however, that they have chosen a configuration to prevent this.
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