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  1. In a very old book someone wrote the words: "The prophet has no honour in his own country." πŸ˜‰
  2. I am sure that I disagree with your dealer. With Klimax moving upwards pricewise, the gap between Select and Klimax is only opening up. Putting a product line into this gap makes a lot of sense to cover the area, and to have a relevant offering for each of the respective audiences.
  3. If it was, the question what exactly is upgraded would still remain. Is it only the DAC or also the ADC, and / or the master clock. Given how much more physical space the New Klimax case has to offer, as compared to the legacy box, just swapping boards does not appear possible. As we have been discussing in the parallel thread on the New Klimax hub, it's not even secure knowledge, which of the a. m. components has the biggest impact on the improved sound. It may well be, that the master clock is the real game changer, but the DAC upgrade is easier to communicate as a marketing message.
  4. I was thinking exactly the same. We know, that getting the timing right is extremely crucial for a DAC. When Linn introduced Katalyst, part of the improvements was a better clock. But what I don't fully understand is, if (and how) this clock interacts with the master clock. As I was lately playing with the idea to possibly upgrade my Akurate Exaktbox6 to a Klimate Exaktbox, it's now a completely new question: would a New Klimax Hub into the Akurate Exaktbox sound better than my KRDSM (only used as hub) into a Klimax Exaktbox? Budget-wise the difference is not that dramatic. I know w
  5. More vinyl being rendered by my wonderfully refurbished Akiva. If you understand the German language, listen to the text. If not, throw the lyrics into Google translate. Herbert G. is definitely a musician with a message!
  6. Owning an idle 5150 myself, I'd be happy if you share your insights here. I'm always eager to learn. Before anyone asks, why my 5150 is idle: I was quite happy with it and my AV5140s in my old house, 15 yrs ago. Then we moved to another city and into a smaller house. I also Exakted my system about this time, and had no funds for an Exaktbox Sub - if it existed at all in those days. I lent an ExaktboxSub from my dealer, recently. Tried to get the sub up and running, and integrated into SOv2, as my room has awful resonance. I partly succeeded, but was not happy with the result, soundwi
  7. Unless you record from a turntable, and crank up the volume so much that the soundwaves interfere with your TT / arm / pickup, of course. Keeping volume reasonably low is just prudent in this case πŸ™‰
  8. There will always be a better system somewhere out there, until we go to a live event and happen to be part of the real thing. Top hifi systems are getting closer, but the one that's more realistic than reality will never arrive. More pragmatic people (like she who owns the house) may turn away from hifi, and strive for the real thing - happily listening to the car radio, elsewise. (Unfair: The radio in her 14 yrs old BMW is much more musical than the audio in my car!) I for one accept, that there is bigger & better sound, than my system can render. It's a great hobby to study t
  9. And now: My conclusion after the more "scientific" comparison To cut a long story short: My partner just entered the room while I was comparing my Soundcorder tracks of Krystal #724 and Akiva #84 (Torlai refurbished). She was ranting about Yours truly - listening to the same stuff again, and again (rather than doing something more useful). I asked her: "Hold on a second, and just listen." I played a few seconds of each track, and asked for her opinion. "This one is clearly better", she answered. So much to those ones who own the house, and have no interest in hifi 'cause buying
  10. ... not to mention what the parts suppliers like Ogura may have changed, or not changed over the years
  11. What can I say: Dortmund (were I my office is for the last 15 yrs) leads over Kiel (the place of my alma mater, and hometown for 30 yrs) 5:0 at halftime in the DFB Cup (soccer) semi final. Time to enjoy the enjoyable, and to spin more vintage vinyl.
  12. thx for your report@Ian H I particularly love the pastries, and Christy Moore bits of it. For two reasons: 1. I happened to attend a training at Oracle's Dublin facilities back in 2001, and one day our bus driver - realizing that he had a bunch of Germans on his coach - took pride in playing Joxter goes to Stuttgart over the PA. He could not believe, when I told him this was from Live at the Point, and that I had the record back home. 2. In the good old time when I worked reasonably close to Speakers Corner, I popped in there now and then, equipped with a plate of pastries. Kay
  13. Looking forward to the definitely very brandnew Klimax DSM / Hub with Kaesium clock 😜
  14. That's exactly, what I was told at my dealer's. Having heard the new hub - albeit shortly and without a proper comparison to the legacy hub - I have no reason to doubt it.
  15. Glad to see, that the damage done here was limited, apparently. But assuming that a NAS can't be hacked, immediately entitles one to read Kim Zetter's book Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon.
  16. RIP Anita Lane - time to play Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding, Candle in the Wind, ...
  17. Nope, it's the tracking force adjusted by counterweight and electronic gauge while the arm is dialled in at 1.75 gramms. 😁 (Full disclosure: Sounds weird, but works for me!)
  18. Looks like next to the obvious box upgrade, and the hyped DAC update, the ADC and clock also have been upgraded. A very interesting sequence of comparisons would be: 1. LP12 with Urika II into hubs with Exakt systems - minimum upgrade 2. LP12 with analog phono stage into hubs with Exakt system - the ADC comes into play 3. LP 12 with analog phono stage and Organik vs Katalyst into "analog" backend - maximum upgrade
  19. Agreed @StellanH. But wouldn't this lead to the conclusion, that we should prefer Akurate amps whith XLR inputs over Akurate amps with RCA inputs (at least in Exakt systems), as Akurate and Klimax Exaktboxes both provide XLR outputs? When I look into the used market, RCA inputs appear to be way more popular, though, which is puzzling at least.
  20. I seconded @Tendaberry already. This morning an idea crossed my mind. Our usual mental model of an (ideal) power amp is, that it multiplies the input signal by a certain factor (gain). What if we change this for a moment for another model: A power amp connects the speaker with the power grid, and the input signal controls, like a variable valve, how much current flows from the power grid into the speaker at any instant. In the second model, the power supply would be clearly a very critical component of the amp's internal 'hierarchy'.
  21. Just to quote Jim Morrison: "True sailing is dead!" (Horse Latitudes) I'm quite fond of sailing boats, and a member of the supporters club of a historic ketch, that was built 1898 in Denmark. But since the Americas Cuppers abandoned displacement hulls, I lost interest in the AC races. It appears like I'm not alone, given the media coverage, or non-coverage. It's even harder to relate to these "boats", than to a Formula 1 car.
  22. I moved from 2 Klouts to a C6100, when I aktivated my AV5140s, and also used the magnificent 5103 as a preamp. The C6100 added more clarity - or was that due to the switch to aktive? Anyway, upgrading to the Dynamik PSU later was really worth the money. I never auditioned a 5125, in comparison, but many here wrote positive about it. So keeping both is probably right for you If your C5100 is without Dynamik, try to source one!
  23. I can positively confirm this. Having played a couple of LPs now, the SQ is very colourful, and I think better than the Krystal. I still didn't steal the time to do a proper recording / comparison, 'cause I'm too much occupied with just listening. I was a bit in doubt, whether I waste my money by ditching the Krystal before it reaches it's best before date. Now I'm happy that I did go for it. Special thanks to @Tendaberry and @Bertox for the encouragement. Akiva #0084 is back in business. Without a 'formal comparison' it's already clear to me, that Roberto Torlai definitely knows wha
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