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  1. Hi, thanks, my guess is that the quality will vary, as you hint, depending on the way and system used for doing the upsampling. I've subsequently flashed my Nvidia Shield box back to the stock ROM and all the intermittent popping has gone, the sound is fabulous and clean. I will be comparing it to the digital output of a cd disc player in a few days time. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi Martin, They are indeed powered speakers, each has an active subwoofer section with amp. One of the resistors is under specced, and should never be placed on the board as it was... overheating other components regardless of the output volume of the speaker. They have a phenomenally good bass end, "25Hz (adjustable) – 20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis". (see attached) WRT options, money is pretty tight, so a speaker like the Tannoy, with a very good bass end, which when reviewed in 2015 astonished some reviewer who had mistaken it for a speaker costing $10,000, now selling for less than £1000, very hard to beat methinks... As always, of course, it's really frustrating not being able to compare a bunch of options. Probably the most annoying thing about buying hifi these days. Out of curiosity, what would you say compares favouably, say up to £1400? Thanks, Mark. DM605 S2 InfoSheet.pdf
  3. Hello folks, well, it seems 1/ B&W 605 S2's have been repaired, poorly designed circuitry means overheating of sub amp, and John Bryant did an amazing job, even drove 50 miles to the lab of a friend to use his uber special micro soldering gear... So they work. 2/ SWMBO has green lighted big floorstanders 4/ In the meantime I have been reading about, and WAS almost sure I wanted to buy the Tannoy XT8F speakers, apparently incredibly amazing quality vs price 5/ Wife much prefers the look of these, Oak, not black So, now a dilemma, the other B&W will also burn out sometime, and then what. I may still sidegrade to the Tannoys, sell the B&Ws while they still work. I'll report back, may get the Tannoys in just to compare, then return if the bass is not comparable. Thanks for your expertise and input folks. Mark.
  4. Hi, well, as I've only had my RME ADI-2 DAC for about three weeks... there's no way I am going to not be using that as my DAC ... so probs a waste to get something that's wireless with DAC. LOL I just looked up Wife Acceptance Points... yep, you know the score... though today, as I sat on the sofa and let out a giant SIGH... she asked what's wrong and I said I was anxious about replacing really good, powerful sound with something compromised... so she said she doesn't MIND me having big speakers if it will make me happy, just not white ones, and preferably wood instead of black... "Can we paint my B&Ws if they get repaired?" LOL. I see purple speakers coming, or draped in ethnic robes. Tx Fellas, The speaker repair person who is working on my one woofer amp circuit board will probably have an answer for me by the end of the week... Mark.
  5. Hi newlash09, thanks, I have never seriously considered wireless, particularly for high frequencies... and excuse my ignorance here, but if you are sending signal wirelessly, surely the signal is sent digitally? And if so, that would mean the sound is reliant on a cheap DA converter within the speaker? Or is the sound transmitted losslessly and analogue? Thanks Martin, I will look into both suggestions. My existing/broken B&W 605 S2's have phenomenally effortless and deep bass, down to 20hz I believe... so I am wary downgrading my bass response to that of regular floor standers (I've had Monitor Audios in early 90's and Mordaunt Short Pageant 3 before that, which I loved). The KEF LS50 active speakers, surely then my Roksan Amp would stop acting as an amplifier, and surely it's a better quality amp than what's to be found in these speakers? Ah, and they are 2k a pair! Hmmm, that's more than I'd like to spend and then still get a good sub. Thanks Mark.
  6. tx mr neds. Do you simply plug that into Tape Out of your amp via RCA? If I do go the subwoofer route, I'd like to find something that will not require a separate cable all the way back to the amp... rather in parallel with the speakers (but then I suppose I'd need a 2.2 system instead of 2.1) tx Mark.
  7. Actually the white with wood and hessian is really lovely looking... and for some reason, despite being quite a bit smaller than the Q950 speakers, the frequency response is from 39hz compared to the 44hz of the Q950s. I don't know how they measure these things, are those figures reliable at all listening levels, or would bigger speakers typically perform more "effortlessly" at lower volumes? tx Mark.
  8. Thanks Amormusic, the reviews look very good on this, the Twenty5 is too expensive. Mark.
  9. Hi plasticpenguin, I'll have a look at those, thanks. I'm not particularly a bass head (don't like DnB or most "dance" music) but really do miss hearing/feeling bass if it is meant to be there... (I am LOVING the sliding scale loudness on my RME ADI2 DAC for levels up to -15db) LOL about moving the furniture... wife has absolute veto on that one. There is a door to the left of the TV and an awkward wall that sticks out 1.5m from the tv wall, so speakers on either side are not possible, plus I would have my back to the fireplace, so don't want to put a sofa blocking the fireplace either... nope, this has to be it. The small table under the mordaunt short is just to lift it up a bit temporarily while my b&w is fixed. The bookshelf speakers would have to be further apart than the floor standing speakers, by about 30-50cm on each end AND could stand away from the wall. Hi tuga, As you say, perhaps "bookshelf speakers" on stands with a sub would be less imposing, IF I could hide the sub. I have never had one, so am skeptical about the notion that you can place it all the way to one side and it doesn't make a difference, that you won't hear the bass coming from that direction. Psychologically it may be disturbing to my anal characteristics. Is it REALLY so that it can be placed even left of the left speaker and still work fine? A pair of subs would sort that fear, but would be very pricey. I'm sure my wife would love the idea of in wall speakers, preferably invisible... Thanks all, perhaps I should try simulate my room speaker placement at Richer Sounds and compare two small ones and sub with a Q950 or something like that. Mark.
  10. So peeps, is it true to say that the consensus here is that IF I could place the floorstanders / bookshelf speakers AWAY from the wall, in a good spot, that the floorstanders would be better than the bookshelves with subwoofer? Is there a reason for this being the case, better integration etc? tx Mark.
  11. Hi vinnie, well, she'd prefer wood to black or white, doesn't like the coldness of black or white, but when I hear "compact floorstander" I also hear "lack's full bass extension"... so if it was a floor stander, it would have to be a "coffin". Truthfully, we already have these big B&Ws, and I am still hoping that the unlikely happens, that the broken one can be fixed... in which case she would still have to be happy with the large floorstanding speaker.
  12. I definitely want to use KODI because it scrapes excellent metadata, fan art, biographies, lyrics etc... which makes it much more engaging and fun to listen to music than without extra info. Also whatever the software does, I imagine the Nvidia Shield hardware will still upsample to 192khz - unless that can get hacked by someone who knows how to do that.
  13. Hi, yep, I have tried optimised, best match, fixed (various frequencies) and there is no difference to that occasional pop sound. It also happens with files not played from Kodi, like VLC or Google Play Music. I am pretty sure it is the Nvidia Shield box now...
  14. Hi bencat, Thanks... it seems all the speakers I have been looking at have rear ports, Q350, M20 and even the Dali Menuet... it's not easy finding speakers without rear ports... I'm not sure if that's what is meant by sealed baffle speakers?
  15. LOL, yep!! That's Googol the labradoodle (replacement for Bonzo Dog who died a year ago...) I'll look into the Dali Menuet, thanks for the tip!