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    KRK setup?

    Hi All, And beware audiophiles. First ever post here and I’m afraid it’s to ask you something as I have very little input to give. I have been thinking of buying an Onkyo TX8250 to go with my KRK Rokit 6 G3’s. (I imagine not a very common choice for listening only) Just grown to love how these speakers look and sound, but I need a more sensible setup. At the moment, I am improvising with an M-Audio Fast Track that connects to my laptop over USB and I normally just play music on Spotify, which I control from my phone. Problems with this “setup”: 1. I want to be able to use my laptop AND listen to music. 2. I can’t use them as output when I watch a film. The Onkyo TX8250 has Spotify Connect and bluetooth connectivity and unless I’m mistaken I can also hook the TV up to it ?! Any advice would be welcome, no idea what I’m doing.