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  1. Thanks. No crashes so far, but unfortunately only a loose connection, will experiment a bit more ...........
  2. Yepp same here with series 3 and akurate exakt dsm. actually i am wondering if Linn is going to survive in those modern times. They are doing so many things wrong these days and the shut down won´t help. yazzzman
  3. Oh man, now - after switching back the FW, Kazoo and Bubble DS can´t find the Device anymore. Spotify does. Sorry further help needed. Regards yazzzman
  4. Many thanks guys. I installed the FW-Version. Hoping for the best!
  5. true i will give it a, try but what version do i need https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/linn-artifacts-firmware/index.html#VersionInfo/Downloads/Releases/ are so many version? Regards
  6. Heyy DoomHammer, it´s Software Version4.76.368 Software VariantFw901 Regards
  7. So, I have now tried almost everything, including factory-reset. Still crashing and freezing the device in about 2 days. Does anyone know when the support will be back in Scotland I'm afraid I have to send the device in. Why is Linn doing this to me?:( yazzzman
  8. Hey and thanks, but my device chrashes and only shows three little dots? Regards
  9. Hey, is there any news. I have the latest firmware and my Exakt DSM still keeps crashing and I need to turn it on and off. Is Linn on to this? At that price, it's starting to get annoying. Regards yazzzman
  10. Hey thanks for your hints. Sometimes it is indeed just a matter of time. But my findings are, that everywhile Kazoo/Bubble DS want find anythingeven after rescan. In this case I also can't find the Linns over config ...... but SpotifyConnect always works. They must be doing something right (besides not offering HD). So normally I would be fine with spotify but I prefer Quobuz HD at home. Regards
  11. Hi there, Maybe someone can help me. I have an Akurate DSM. Often Kazoo and Bubble DS can't find it unless I restart? That's annoying, but I'm even more surprised that Spotify Connect has no problems finding and controlling it at the same time. It would be great if the DSM could also be found permanently by Kazoo and Bubble DS. Thanks Yazzzman
  12. Hey all together. I Am wondering if anybody is into Idagio already and, 1. is there a way to stream with a Linn Akkurate DSM (some kind of Workaround), 2. is a integration to be expected. Cheers yazzzman
  13. Hi yazzzman,

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