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  1. Having visited last years show, I decided to come back as a exhibitor. in a relatively small space of time put together a system I enjoy both listening and owning. its been a journey both short and bumpy, fortunately I had good advice from a good friend on this forums and I hope I can match him on the fairy light front. system on tour, room 105 Turntable Acoustic Solid Tone Arm = Audiomods series 5 phono Stage= paradise Intergrated = musical fidelity 1008A floorstanders speakers= white Audio physics Sitar CD = opus 21 Be gentle with me as this is very new and daunting but let’s go best Stephen
  2. Hello, are these still for Sale?
  3. I can recommend Kerrin as a trusty buyer as I passed on the details, as this newbie Wammer is a friend and from the Cambs area and looking for a decent TT. Good luck
  4. Thank you, leaning towards the vinyl route. not a lot secondhand around as I guess these are keepers?
  5. I would like to add some kraftwerk to my cd and vinyl collection and slightly confused to what’ album is best to buy? I like the sound of the recent updated stuff after a listen on Spotify but I can’t translate this into what I would get in the 2 formats I use. I’m not a fanatical fan but very into electronic music. Any advice and thanks. stephen
  6. The interference noise damaged his speaker drivers and they are in repair shop. Ian the owner said the noise output was intermittent and sounds sounded like a UFO was taking over his house lol. cheers All
  7. I really appreciate your reply’s. Will pass on the info.
  8. A friend of mine has a 20 year old Cyrus power Amplifier APA7 and it needs a repair. mission have said they no longer able to support this unit . Can anybody help with a engineer that can look at it and try and and get it back to good health. i think it’s it is outputting nasty interference through the speakers. thanks stephen