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  1. I agree Urika II is an excellent move, but wouldn’t worry about a subjective audio review in a magazine. Have a listen and you’ll soon know if you like your analogue inputs. That said, I only use digital inputs on my ADSM (Exakt, Ethernet & HDMI-ARC).
  2. Love this band, but never been totally sure about this release: played it today and really enjoyed it. Amon Düül II – Made In Germany Renate Knaup - Vocals Chris Karrer - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo & Violin John Weinzierl - Lead Guitar Falk Rogner - Synthesiser & Organ Thor Baldursson - Keyboards Peter Leopold - Drums
  3. Great band - Power and the Passion, Dawn and Ocean between 1975 and 77 were three superb albums. I haven't heard their most recent material.
  4. An interesting choice. I have only heard a couple of Nina Hagen albums. I wonder what she thinks of
  5. Today I have been listening to The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever! The Allan Holdsworth Album Collection
  6. @JensA I agree completely. You have a different cover on your copy of They could have been bigger than the Beatles from mine. I agree they are a great band and it is very sad we are unlikely to hear any further releases from them. Although Beautiful Despair was released in 2017, it was recorded much earlier I think in 1990. I only have digital versions of their catalogue.
  7. There are a number of bands I have followed since the DIY new wave acts of the late 70s. For me the Desperate Bicycles remain my favourites, but they vanished and have no intention of rereleasing anything. So that leads me to the Television Personalities - the part time punks who paid tribute to Pink Floyd’s greatest: Mr Syd Barrett. Syd lived up the road from me when I was at university: not that I ever got to meet him. Still, the Television Personalities were inspired by Barrett and Lou Reed so that makes them an interesting outfit in my book. Don’t expect virtuoso performances, but well worth a listen or three.
  8. Hard to believe, 50 years. I remember Yes debuting on the children’s TV programme Magpie and I think they played Survival from their eponymous first album (that was before Steve Howe joined the band). Steve was established in Yes when Fragile came out and he cowrote the opening track Roundabout with Jon Anderson: a great way to start an album. Tony Kaye left because he was reluctant to add Mellotron and Moog to his keyboard armoury so enter Mr Wakeman who was never reluctant to add a keyboard or ten. And it is 50 years since ELP released Pictures at an Exhibition. Sadly Keith and Greg are no longer with us.
  9. I haven’t seen Wire live and only know them through their albums. In the late 70s many new bands appeared and soon after disappeared. Wire have kept going and reinventing themselves with 3 of the 4 founder members still in the band: Robert Grey, Graham Lewis and Colin Newman. Though only Graham and Colin appear on all their records.
  10. I worked in Diegem and Brussels on and off for around 5 years and enjoyed my time there: met lots of really helpful and friendly people. I got to know Schuman station and the Rue de la Loi very well. Jacques Brel never tried to avoid being provocative in his texts and in this politically correct world I wonder how he'd be viewed. I think the text of Les Flemandes could apply to many groups of people. I'm sure we dance without saying anything around here and would disappoint Jacques with our lack of provocation. I listened to Ten Year After the other day playing Alvin Lee's "I'd love to change the world" and wondered about his lyrics. Of course, he has nowhere near the eloquence of Brel, but ...
  11. Still going strong after over 40 years - I have yet to hear their latest LP, but I think it is reworking of previously released material. The album above (Mind Hive) has new material.
  12. Chord Electronics has also put its prices up by around 10%. It's equivalent of the Naim Statement is only £100k and includes a superb DAC so something of a bargain. Linn's equivalent is around £50k (Next Generation Klimax DSM with a pair of Solos) and includes a wonderful streaming plaftorm so Linn is an absolute steal. It's enough to make me wander down to the crossroads ...
  13. That looks comprehensive @JensA rsync is in the unix system resources (usr) binary (bin) folder on my Mac /usr/bin/rsync I use rsync -av --delete <music server> <backup disk> to synchronise my music server with my backup music server. If rsync finds a file on the backup disk that is not on the music server then it deletes it. If rsync finds a file on the music server that is new or changed it will copy that file to the backup overwriting if necessary. On a Mac you can drag the folder icons for the music server and back up on to the command line rather than type them, which can be a pain to type. The -a makes the command drill drown through the folders and the -v is for verbose so it writes anything like deletions to the screen - you could redirect these to a file by adding 2> ~/Desktop/musicbackup.txt which will put a file on your desktop instead of writing to screen. I could use crontab to run this every night, but I run it manually when I decide to resynchronise the disks. I have no experience of Roon or your NAS so cannot be sure it would work in the same way, but I would think it should. And if I've made errors or typos then somebody will correct me (please). I used to use the cpio command for backups, but rsync is a bit easier.
  14. The late great Kevin Ayers BBC Sessions. Robert Wyatt said of Kevin Ayers “He had no sense at all. But he had so much talent…” In my opinion, every Kevin Ayers album has magical moments. His debut album Joy of a Toy is a superb introduction (search out the track The Lady Rachel if interested), but my favourite remains "Whatevershebringswesing" on which he is backed by The Whole World including David Bedford and a young Mike Oldfield. Kevin founded The Soft Machine with Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt, but only stayed for the BYG recordings (Jet Propelled Aeroplane), the eponymous debut and early singles including the non-album Love Makes Sweet Music. The Soft Machine moved towards jazz, but Kevin remained a singer-songwriter with a style like no other.
  15. And from Brooklyn, New York, not to put too fine a point on it are John Flansburgh and John Linnell aka They Might Be Giants. They have made some superb albums over the years, but the one I often return to is their third one from 1990 - Flood. Among the many splendid songs is Birdhouse in Your Soul, which is the best song I know written from the point of view of a nightlight glowing in a bedroom. Even the solitary cover version is a classic: And why did Constantinople get the works? Well that's nobody's business, but the Turks.
  16. @Sound Man that will sound fantastic - I use a Krystal with mine and am delighted - I hope to move from Katalyst to Organik at some stage.
  17. It was listening to Scott Walker albums that first alerted me to the songs of Jacques Brel.
  18. My system is passive too, albeit with Spendor D9s. Urika II connects over an Exakt link (Blue Jeans Cables Cat 5e) to ADSM. This converts it to analogue to feed my speakers. With Urika I your LP12 output would be analogue to your DSM where it will be digitalised. Carrying out the digitalisation at the phono stage enables precise equalisation to be applied. With Urika I there is no opportunity to dial in a cartridge; it’ll still sound good. Of course if you are not using a Linn Hub or DSM then Urika II makes no sense (it won’t work).
  19. Me too. I followed the Mantra if it sounds better then it is better and Urika II sounds better to me than Urika or any other stage I’ve heard. And I’m told on excellent authority it will sound even better with the new Radikal. As Nigel Blackwell wrote for Trouble Over Bridgwater. Hall & Oates, random Goth, Miles Davis Patti Smith, Simply Red, Sly Stone Be they false or for real, I don’t care and nor should you Just so long as we can hear their song Irk the purists Irk the purists It could well be an Olympic sport Irk the purists Irk the purists If you’ve never, then you ought
  20. Doesn’t everyone? A few years back Udiscovermusic.com had a sale. The set above, Intergrale - the Complete Studio Recordings, was offered for £25. So I thought now there is an opportunity that is too good to miss. I noticed you can now reel it in from the Amazon for £75, but that is still good value. So I worked my way through Serge’s catalogue and found a good few gems. Wikipedia has a good write up of the history of Melody Nelson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histoire_de_Melody_Nelson. It is Serge’s “Trout Mask Replica” (not that it sounds like Don Van Vilet’s masterpiece), his finest recording (IMO). I think lots of folk only know Serge for his big hit single with Jane Birkin, but he left a canon of excellent material for us to explore and enjoy.
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