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  1. The band became the core of Brian Wilson's touring band after he heard them perform in Los Angeles.
  2. Big clue here as to the identity of this group. This is the autograph of one of the founding members who passed away last year.
  3. Hi I have 2 sets of cable available, both just over 7m in length. The lighter coloured cable is terminated in Nakamichi bananas at one end , not sure what the connectors at the other end are called. Cross section of each core is at least 6 square mm and each core has 250 strands of oxygen free copper. The 2nd pair is terminated with Milty banana plugs at one end and the same unknown name connectors at the other end. Cross section is 4 square mm and each core has 150 strands of oxygen free copper.
  4. A bit more. This group has more than its fair share of multi instrument musicians
  5. Looks like the one you wanted from Richer Sounds has sold out. Box have this one for £299 plus a free Google Nest Mini
  6. He could have washed his hands first🤔
  7. Is this an album or a track? Track is "Murder Most Foul" (all 16+ minutes of it), from Dylan's latest album.
  8. I'll let you off Googling the answer if you give it a listen. It's pretty good as is most of his output.
  9. Musician, singer,songwriter and producer. Middle name is Drain
  10. If you're buying from Richer Sounds don't forget to sign up to their VIP Club, you might get an introductory discount. Plus if you purchase via Topcashback you can get 2% back. Every little helps.
  11. It doesn't contain any solvents. It works by being able to get into small spaces. The reason for the "don't paste too long warning" (poorly worded translation) is because if , for example, you were to leave it on a keyboard it will flow right down into the inside of the keyboard. On a flat LP surface it can only go as deep as the grooves. I understand the apprehension but then there's lots of differing opinions about using isopropyl alcohol to clean vinyl and the potential damage that can do even in small concentrations. I wasn't recommending it as the be all and end all for record cleaning just asking if anyone else had tried it.