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  1. Whatever this is "Running On" it can fly.
  2. New one Clue:- It's a live album
  3. Ha,ha, I nearly asked if it was Blur
  4. There's one on Gumtree for £65
  5. Bit more:- The cover was designed by a musician, the founder and owner of the graphics company involved, a long time associate of the group.
  6. Not John Denver From the states Not cross stitch It's a mosaic
  7. Ok, I'll go. This is not pixellated
  8. Eddie, Don't let the comments re looking like a headphone amp put you off. I flagged it up to you because it meets your requirements for a valve amp with a remote. Ok, it's an auction no telling what it might go for but it's worth watching. It is a really nice piece of kit, I know because I own one, I won it in a competition. It's quite a versatile amp:- Remote control, Bluetooth, DAC,USB input, and sub output. There's a review here:-
  9. Have you seen this? Might be worth a bid.
  10. Correct well done. Suspect the "Hey,Hey" gave it away Your shout
  11. "Hey, Hey" someone should get it with this clue
  12. Apologies, I pasted the wrong link
  13. This might answer some of your questions.
  14. Just had a quick Google and it appears that Vox is a cloud based system so when you add an album it is uploaded to your account in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere via your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Presumably your original album file is left intact wherever it was originally stored. Unless you trust the cloud storage always best to have a backup.
  15. Turntable Platter, Main Bearing & 3 x Isolation Feet & drive belt (not shown) Ideal for a custom build turntable project Taken from a See Corporation Revolver Turntable that I bought as a donor when I needed a new motor for my Revolver Platter is 30cm diameter x 2cm deep made from inert fibrous plastic, in excellent condition. Bearing is high quality low friction wet type. Typical running clearance less than 0.0004" at 17 C. Ex condition Isolation feet are circular, tapered 5cm to 4cm top to bottom and 3cm high. Made from solid rubber with good isolation properties. Complete with mounting washers and screws Looking for £40 plus p&p or near offer
  16. Another slice of the cover for an album released to celebrate a 50th anniversary. If nobody gets it with these clues the next one will be a massive one.
  17. Assuming I am correct here's another one.
  18. Richard and Linda Thompson Sunnyvista