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  1. Yes they definitely were offered as I did the ugrade a couple of years back on my A320 speakers.
  2. Amazingly lovely plinth, but the picture does not indicate which screw you are referring to. :)
  3. Ask dealer to return it to Linn, you can't take delivery of outdated kit. I wonder if the information above is still embargoed, and something meant for 50 year anniversary was leaked early.. But pricing suggests otherwise.
  4. Wow amazing.. Who makes that cart? What's up with the price? Each record spinning is 100 UKP writeoff.. Songcorder is mandatory. For the radikal wow again.
  5. Good lock leveling using an iPhone with it's camera bulge, maybe an iPhone 8 in a leather case.
  6. Sure, you are right, the text mentions: "Akito incorporates technologies developed for Linn’s class-leading high performance tonearms like the Ekos SE to get the most from your vinyl collection." So not exactly the bearing..
  7. There is three main versions with some variation, Akito: Ver 1. Japanese, sold with Axis and Basik turntables (I had this arm fitted to Axis) Ver 2 2/B I have this arm fitted to an LP12 Ver 3 3/B Latest incarnation with the same "bearing" as Ekos/SE? It would be interesting to comapare Krane against Akito 2 or 3. Obviously it will be worse than Akito 3, but what about model 2? Is it like an Akito 1?
  8. I think you start of with a misconception, there has been developed a "spacing washer which is manufactured by Linn Products Ltd for this exact purpose Part No: MISS 894 Sub-chassis spacer." that will allow fitting of karousel or circus to a pre-circus sub-chassis.
  9. I think network attached DAC is a better denomer here since you cannot actually stream anything but Airplay. Linn has spoilt us with a fuller ecosystem around streaming. I knew that wen Lejonklou announced the earlier attempt that he would never be able to pull off the great software delvopment effort required for a full streamer. So this is digestible. No need to worry about spotify, MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, NAS, Roon, etc. I would like to call it Lejonklou Express rather than streamer though. (Apple used to have Airport express with DAC)..
  10. Roon decrprypts the MQA signal and translates to 24 bit 96 kHz signal that is then transported to the DSM. This is authentic as it gets. This is Linn playing MQA sources at the highest fidelity. Taking Linn DAC into conideration is just a licensing issue, not an audio quality statement.
  11. Yes the new ADC should be the main differece here.. So if you are only streaming today I fail to see much value uness the trade in is substantial and you favour the new design.
  12. Since current OLED TV:s and Playstations are HDMI 2.1 capable it is steep to charge 30kUKP for a HDMI 2.0 board that they had developed in 2016. Why upgrade from KDSM at this point?
  13. Hehe had a Syrinx PU2 on my first LP12 and also noticed the resemblence.
  14. If Linn still services Kisto I would send it.
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