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  1. Received K400 and installed it and it does seem that the bass is much quicker and tighter. I'm not really a cable guy who always hears differences between brands but this sounds a lot different from my K20 and GearIt wire, that's for sure. @zee9you hit it on the head, I'm hearing what you described. Placebo? I hope not!
  2. Got them from eBay. 6' should do me fine but it does look like its tough cable to work in a system.
  3. Just purchased a 6' pair of K400 and looking forward to adding it by reading all your comments. Thanks
  4. I finally have my Katan speakers Aktiv using 2 LK140 amps. Current speaker wire is K20 along with some Gear IT Pro 12 AWG I picked up from Amazon. Wanted to tidy up the speaker cables with 4 terminations on each end. Does Linn still make speaker cable, I did not see any on their site such as K40 bi-wire. I did look at Blue jeans Cable, the Canare 4S11. Anyone using non Linn speaker cable?
  5. Was hoping to see a promotion later this year. Looking to get a new Linn plinth (walnut) along with the Karousel.
  6. I use both Linn Blacks and BJ LC-1s but never decided to compare the two. System sounds just fine.
  7. Some amazing new Linn systems here. Here is a pic of my vintage Linn system which still sounds great to my ears. Next step is locating Aktiv cards.
  8. I was also thinking of selling my Cirkus after, not sure of what they bring. My dealer did tell me if I did get another upgrade the labor cost is halved.
  9. Looking into getting the Karousel installed along with another upgrade to cut down the labor cost. Would love to go Lingo 4 (currently @Lingo 3) or a new Linn plinth since my plinth is original 1974. Decisions decisions and budget budget. LOL! Last year had the Kore, Cirkus & Tramp2 installed.
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