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  1. Thank you. I'll check with my dealer and see if he has any nicely used lids hanging around.
  2. Funny, I've been thinking of putting a lid on my LP12. I currently have an aftermarket lid which just rests on the LP12 plinth, I haven't used it in a while. Been wondering about getting an actual Linn lid. The hinge plates are on the back of my plinth but my question is my plinth is 1976, it has the notch to prop the lid up. Would a new Linn lid work on my plinth?
  3. Thank you! It is very musical and the Katans amaze me every time I play music, such a small great sounding speaker and I love the build quality.
  4. I ended going full Linn on a very realistic budget and with help from members here. Had the LP12 but decided to pick up some older used Linn gear including a Majik-IL integrated amp, Linto phono pre-amp (huge upgrade in sound) and a pair of used Katan speakers. My music room is very small so I didn't need a lot of power for speakers and the system really sounds fantastic. The only non Linn component I have is my music streamer which is a Bluesound Node 2.
  5. I currently been using L'Art Du Son and Audio Intelligent Premium Formula #6, both are working great for me.
  6. I too have a mid 1970's deck which has been upgraded with Ittok LVII, Lingo 3, Cirkus, Kore, Trampoline 2. I'll highly recommend getting the Cirkus done if your deck is pre-Cirkus. Big difference in sound, nice tight low end with increased dimension. There is so much you can do with the LP12 and I've been fortunate with a great dealer and knowledge from member Akamatsu who has helped in a lot of my buying decisions.
  7. I highly recommend the Ikea Lack table. Works like a charm with the LP12 in my setup!
  8. I was wondering about this myself and never asked my dealer. My plinth is mid 70's, no corner bracing, I even have the notch that housed prop stick to hold the lid up back in the day. Beautiful condition. I have a Trampoline 2 and looking at all the screws which hold it on underneath I couldn't help but think the plinth has to be more solid, sort of like corner bracing. My Trampoline also had to be shaved at the corners to precisely fit my plinth, my dealer got a work out that day filing the metal down.
  9. Count me in the Skadis pegboard club! Installed mine yesterday between speakers and it definitely cut down front imaging reflection. Imaging has a tad more more depth along with subtle nuances almost making for a thicker center image. I've tried foam panels before on the front wall and they didn't do much, mainly because they were only one inch thick. The Skadis is actually working and it was only $17. I also use GIK Acoustic panels in my room for sidewall reflections and bass traps for rear corners. I may experiment with two more of the smaller Skadis boards, one each behind the speakers.
  10. My Linn dealer has an Audiotech which I was thinking about getting but the Lack table is making me quite happy at the moment.
  11. That’s awesome! Have a safe and wonderful trip to Japan. Couple questions I wanted to ask you. I’ll shoot you an email when I get home after this weekend. On a mini vaca out of town.
  12. You pointed me at the NOKTable than I did some research on LP12 platforms from yesteryear and today. Did you get your Ekos SE and Keel yet? That is gonna be sweet!