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  1. Quick update: If no-one takes it in the meantime, this is likely going out on loan to someone in a week or so's time. So if there's anyone interested in it and contemplating buying, then let me know sooner rather than later. A sale would take preference over the loan, but once out on load it'll be withdrawn for the duration .
  2. I was chatting to my neighbour the other week about Chinese goods. He was ranting about China in general though mainly focused on the current pandemic, but swearing that he wouldn't buy any more Chinese products. I did point out that he may struggle to buy many new tools (he's a builder), or a new phone, radio, certain clothing, whatever etc. However I do have sympathy with people who are uncomfortable with the way the country operates and would like to maybe buy more gear from Europe, say. But as has been pointed out, most of the bits inside the thing may have been manufactured in China anyway. But if it makes you feel better then I say make your own stand. For instance I don't buy anything from Amazon as I don't like the way they operate, and I feel happy with that despite knowing it makes sod all difference to them.
  3. And replied. Still available at present :-)
  4. I'd not bumped this previously as I was slightly unsure about selling it at all, but have concluded that it's wasteful having quality gear sitting around unused (plus I have nowhere to put it!). So, price reduced to £700 delivered within UK. Surely a bargain?
  5. My missus is definitely a music fan and was prolific gig-goer in the past, but is indifferent about the actual kit generally. However I think that she's quite happy with it being one of my main interests as it keeps me out of other mischief She also encourages me to buy things if she feels that I really want it, probably just to stop me going on about it though. Having said that, we've had a couple of frank discussions about my current speakers which she dislikes as they're large light-blocking hulks, so I'll probably have to think about moving on one of the best pairs of speakers I've had in the house (she has a point though).
  6. Gotta be worth that to someone if only for a pair of Mullard el34's (assuming that they still work ).
  7. calorgas

    Quad CDP repair ?

    Sadly, no - see my post just before yours But I do agree that they're excellent things, worth the expense of getting it fixed if you keep hold of it.
  8. calorgas

    Quad CDP repair ?

    Yeah it's not a cheap fix. But I told myself that it was worth it as it's a really nice cdp and I was also using it as a preamp and dac so as long as I kept it for a decent amount of time then it was money well spent. And then a few months later I sold it, obviously . (I didn't lose all that much in the end as I'd bought it cheaply in the first place and got a good price as freshly repaired/serviced item).
  9. calorgas

    Quad CDP repair ?

    I think it was around that when I sent my cdp-2 to them - I'll see if I can dig out the receipt. Found it. £255 all in, that was in April 2017. That was for a whole new Sony mechanism and board.
  10. I missed out on a bargain pair of ML's a couple of years ago - all the badges were missing from the cabinets and the seller didn't know what they were (though he suspected Harbeth as owned some HL). Sadly I didn't identify exactly what they were until shortly after the auction ended. Can't quite remember what they finished at but pretty sure it was less than £200.
  11. When I saw the title of this thread I was sure you were gonna be discussing these little puppies: I'd been keeping half an eye on them with an idea that I might pick up a bargain, but then decided that adding to my speaker pile was not not gonna go down well at home .
  12. Good news. I've never had this problem in 15+ years, I'm not even sure how someone would do it. Weak passwords or phishing emails?