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  1. Yes I tend to agree with turntable first, perhaps more so when we get into higher engineered decks.
  2. I think PSE3 SRs and a sub would be very entertaining and versatile . As a matter of interest there is a guy on you tube , A British Audiophile, who dems a lot of amps and speakers under 5k, whom has very thoroughly reviewed ATC 19 actives. He says nothing comes close at the price. This would be on my audition list.
  3. Finally, someone with an older CD player than mine
  4. Just imagine it's 1995 and we are sitting here typing on the wam. Vinyl has all but disappeared from the shops, everyone and his 2nd cousin are selling their vinyl records and turntable(sorry couldn't find a sad emoji) and we are having the same discussion?
  5. Without love in a dream it'll never come true.

    Love will see you through.

  6. I have know doubt it's stunning zuma especially on tidal, and It certainly wets my appetite when I think about endless concerts of streamed dead Just one thing though, no DVD
  7. I enjoyed Richard Fryer's interview. I like that they study the cerebral response to how the music is received and interpreted by the ear, mind and emotions. The sound quality of their equipment is some of the best I have heard.
  8. Not heard of the amp, but system synergy is key I feel especially with amp and speakers. I feel Audio note have developed their systems very cleverly to work together to achieve such a great sound. I am interested in giving the K's and j's a listen . I feel like a more open and spacious sound as a change from my Ruark's
  9. Thanks for this. I find this approach refreshing.
  10. New Order currently on sky Arts at moment if anyone interested.
  11. Good to hear what you say about Tidal was as good or better than CD. I think this would be important for me.
  12. What I am beginning to understand from users of streaming is it's fexibility and practical application. Also the pleasure of use in it's application. I understand this as good enough reason to favour or perhaps use streaming alongside other mediums.
  13. What defines the sound quality being better than another form of streaming?
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