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  1. Sounds like a rare bit of vintage kit. Has to be worth looking after!
  2. I always ask myself , am I enjoying the music through my kit. I have heard of that amp, but never listened to it. Also heard JS does a good job. But you will probably have a different sounding amp once it comes back and is that what you want? I think your situation is similar but different to mine, as mine had packed up, although much improved when I got it back. Might be an idea to ask on the Musical Fidelity owners forum here as they will know the likely outcome if you have it upgraded by JS. Nice choice to have though!
  3. What it came down to for me, was how much do I Iike the amp? How much would it cost to replace the amp? and would the modern stuff be as good as a restored A400? Also I got a quote which was very reasonable and this is where the main body of trust comes in. Finding a guy and taking a risk based on your own judgement. I took a risk, but then I would...... glad I did though. I was told by someone in the business after I had it fixed that none of the amps I was looking at would be as good as what I have, which backed up my gamble really. Also it's great when you slot it back into t
  4. Well, these Humble pie discs I just picked up should be prosecuted. They are so WICKED!!! Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
  5. I would of thought a pair in good condition, ie decent cabinet but no upgrades but looked after, would allow for some bargaining with the owner. I would definitely want the amps serviced given they are 30 years old. Also I would contact Atc for prices for anything that might need replacing, servicing or upgrading. Then you have some material to bargain with. But that's me!
  6. Just wanted to report back on my amp after having it in use for 4 months since back from repair. My guy did swop a lot of old stuff out for new caps, transistors etc. In fact he told me there was to much to give me all of the old stuff back. Seems to be something engineers do when they service audio equipment. Anyway my reason for this blog is because I am certain I am hearing more of everything than over the last few months. Same thing happened when I got my Restek CD player back from germany 5 years ago, although this time the amp has just got so much more depth and power to
  7. Ha, Ha, 4 of them! that is some project. Yes totally agree, as you say a well set up Systemdek can give a nicely projected and clean presentation if my memory serves me. The Concret does come up on ebay occasionally, especially on the german sites, which are well respected sellers in general. The original Wolfson burr brown Dac, was VERY powerful in the bass! but a bit edgy in the treble, but great fun to listen to. Restek replace and service components in the Concret as they do a lot of their amps as well, so you're fairly safe if the need arises, although my concret never let me
  8. Nice looking table, they do seem to sound very good and a well sorted one is very desirable. Joined at the hip with the Concret unfortunitely!!
  9. Yes, I understand they use grounding wires to reduce hum, which is ok as long as having a piece of wire hanging out the back of the turntable doesn't cause me other more serious problems. It's systemdek 11X, but it seems well upgaded and in very good condition . He is asking£400 for it. Comes with Goldring 1012.
  10. I believe it's a rewired rb250. It's on ebay currently.
  11. I would like to know if the extra grounding wire, attached to a Systemdek turntable, I am considering will be an issue, given I don't think I have anywhere to put it on my amp?
  12. Yes, I believe they make everything in their factory in Southend. There CD players are very good products. The Isis uses twin Burr Brown Dacs running in dual mono mode, using 10 seperate power supply regulators in the digital circuit. Whilst they are well known for their turntables, personally I feel their Cd players throughout the range are some of the best in the market.
  13. I guess most people have DAC's nowadays to use as a pre.
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