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  1. Does seem an impossible ask in an ordinary room, to achieve a flat frequency response, given how the frequencies interact with walls.
  2. I really like this jerry. It feels very natural and to me evocates a sense of warmth and spirituality.
  3. No, just my humour. I like to laugh at myself sometimes. It doesn't affect my esteem.
  4. Oh god, anther lovely room. I feel so ashamed
  5. Absolutely beautiful! There's no way i'm posting my room
  6. Thanks again Tuga. So what's happening audibly when the flat line dips sharply, as showing in the graph with an arrow pointing to "room node cancellation," ?
  7. I really appreciate the detail and the graphs that explain themselves Tuga. Only wish I knew what they meant
  8. Yes that is another part of the problem. My only experience with sourcing amplifier parts was last year. I found a guy who services and repairs amplifiers and he was able to get most stuff from the UK except a part which he sourced from Poland. He seemed to have several outlets for getting parts in the UK, but that's what he does for a living and probably knows where to go. He was quite a wizzard though, used to work for Roksan and was repairing everything from Mcintosh to Electrocompaniet.
  9. Yes, this is sad really. Obviously will affect peoples choices, both cost wise and regarding dealership/product support. However I personally know Restek as a company that do service their products and have shipped back and forth to Germany within two weeks. They have a list of their old components on their website that they service and update to latest specification. To be fair the German equipment that I like, doesn't go wrong and I am in my 3rd decade with my equipment. Consequently I don't feel it's so much of a risk, especially with companies like Audio Emotion that have a dealership relationship with these brands.
  10. Yes, I think this is as much to do with it as anything else. Most people into audio equipment that I speak to have never listened to Restek. Some have heard of them, a lot haven't. I put this down to non UK brands like Restek, YBA, Audionet, even Pass Labs, not having much dealership presence in the uk. This can be due to a lot of different reasons, with dealer and company policy regarding importing these brands. Some dealerships want to stay with UK brands they know are popular and sell over here. I guess it makes sense that a brand will have more joy and familiarity in it's own country. I think the internet has helped with exposure and importing of these brands over the years.
  11. Never thought about that. I guess I buy to keep. I have understood that Naim amps sell well, and resell well. I try and put together a complete system. Don't change up kit nowadays, then again that was the idea when I bought my kit. The other thing imo, is, if I want to build a system that is above average in sound and build quality I have to look at some of these non UK brands. Restek, Audionet, Trigon, YBA, Norma, Pass Labs, for example. When I got to about 32, I got introduced by an extrovert dealer who was on a mission to break the traditional Naim, Linn hold on the UK market, to some of these alternative brands. This was early 90's, and I realised that to my ears, there is better value for money in looking abroad, especially where amplifiers are concerned. I still prefer British Speakers though.
  12. Sounds like you had a good time Phil. That's a nice looking/condition 350. Not currently in the market but yes, great price!
  13. I feel to embarrassed to post my room. Makes the show, men behaving badly look like responsible adults.
  14. The tonearm looks really good quality. My guess is the main turntable bearing is very good too. How come everyone has such a neat and tidy looking audio area!
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