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  1. Yes, that makes sense and would affirm my experience having gone from Cd dac to outboard dac. DRC eq sounds interesting and I think it's great what can be done with digital nowadays to improve sound quality.
  2. You could well be right Tuga. I find these old live dead recordings fascinating. I 'm listening to a dicks pics recorded live at Springfield arena in front of thousands of fans. Apparently the concert was originally recorded on analogue 2-track tape at 7.5 ips and 15 ips. This was recorded in 1978. I really appreciate that Someone has the skills and takes the time to take an old analogue tape recording which must of been recorded live in difficult conditions and remaster it to this quality and make it very enjoyable to listen too.
  3. I agree with Manicatel here. I'd go with good quality active speakers. Probably Atc 19a or active 40's. This would guarantee amplifier and speaker compatibility. Then I might indulge in Restek's later version of the Cd player that I own, or try cheaper Cd transport and Dac. These decisions would be based on my music collection being all Cd and wanting to minimise cost and maximise enjoyment of listening experience. What this exercise does bring home is, "I might not/would not", be willing to spend the amount of money, originally spent when I purchased my system 23 years ago.
  4. Just a few thoughts on this. When I purchased my system in 98, I realised through listening to it in the shop over many months, that the speakers in this system definitely needed an amplifier that could drive them to bring through the dynamics, especially in the lower bass and higher frequencies. Consequently I bought the whole system, Cd player, amp and speakers together, which is perhaps a bit unusual. What I have noticed, having added an outboard Dac and having had the amp serviced and replaced parts in it over the years, is the dynamics are still there, but comes through without needing as much volume on the amp, but with more detail within the dynamics, ie easier to hear bass notes and higher frequency harmonic structure. I think there are a few things at play here, but perhaps as the signal becomes cleaner through the system ,the speakers experience the load in a more efficient way. My experience in sticking with a system that works together from the outset, is less need to make changes, other than cables, Dac and servicing. Also I get to purchase more music. The physical type in my case, which as we all know, aint cheap! I would also add the quality of mastering seems to make a difference to dynamics and output. I am currently listening to a Grateful Dead album from the Dicks picks series, which has amazing mastering, from 2-track analogue tapes recorded live in 78! I've barely got the volume control on the 35 o'clock position.
  5. Yes, pics 25 is, I just checked. I am not sure what is going on there. When I bought it yesterday, there was a note to say last one , more on the way. So keep an eye on it Barry. My guess is, the price will vary depending on how many they have available. There was a series of 36 Dicks pics originally released and what I am noticing each week is more of the series is becoming available new. I'm not sure what period of the Dead you like, but this is a good time to try some dicks picks. Some of these are pre order and it seems that when they first come out they are at their cheapest from Amazon.
  6. Grateful dead, New Haven. CT. May 10 and Springfield. MA. May 11 1978. Thought I would report back, having received a lovely stonking new Dicks picks 25. Two concerts, recorded live on original analogue 2-track tapes at 7.5 ips and 15 ips . The remastering quality achieved here is phenomenal. It's only the occasional noise of the crowd that reminds you it's a live recording and not studio. This is my first Dicks picks and whilst I have previously shied away, because I like to eat occasionally!, these new releases of Dicks Picks are in my opinion good value, given the incredible sound quality and more realistic prices. My advice is buy from Amazon as they are cheapest with free postage and incredibly quick in delivery. I ordered my copy midnight 2nd August and 36 hours later I am listening to it!
  7. The Dead of night! So there I was last night in the bewitching hour, trawling the net for my next fix of the Dead, after sitting through, "Once we were soldiers," for the seventeenth time, and bingo! Just couldn't resist a brand new version of Dicks pics 25. This is a great period of slower, bluesy, country rock from two complete concerts in 1978. Kind of takes you on a musical meditation with everything being slowed down, allowing more space for Jerry Garcia's noodling. They do appear to be slowly releasing new copies of Dicks Pics, which whilst not cheap for Cd, they are a bargain compared to the prices being asked second hand which can go into the hundreds. So another month of living on a diet of spam and beans, but at least I'll get to enjoy the show.
  8. I was quite, surprised to see an Audio note TT2 deluxe with arm2 V2 tonearm and Decca cartridge go for £1420 last night on ebay. Never really been drawn to it, and I have only heard it at shows, but I would of thought it would sell for more than it did. Only 3 years old and looked in excellent condition. Perhaps August isn't a good time to sell!
  9. My money's on the Graham's!
  10. Oh yes , I see they are new and will need quite a lot of running in. I was trying to gauge their size, which is difficult from the pics in the review. Are they about Ls3 size? I understand from the review, that Alan Clark makes them from home along with help from his wife. The cabinet's look very well crafted, he is obviously very gifted. Anyway, it would be good to hear your thoughts on them when your ready.
  11. I just googled your speakers, as I never heard of them before. WOW! was my first response upon looking at the photo's in the HIfi pig review. They is beee uu tiful.... and the price... So how do they sound?
  12. I think there is still plenty about, as they were the best selling budget amplifier of the day. Trick is, as you say, is to get hold of a looked after one.
  13. Yes I remember it well, it was fun to listen too, plenty of power and good phono stage. That was quite common in the 70's and 80's, you bought a good integrated and it came with a decent phono stage, as did the A&R Cambridge A 60.
  14. I have just come across a site called stereonomono.blogspot.com . Basically it's a site which references most old and new classic audio equipment, giving all the equipments specifications etc.
  15. Pioneer SA-500 looks like a very well made piece of engineering. I think we have known how to make good amplifiers for a very long time. I won't be parting with my integrated from the 90's anytime soon. My favorite amplifier from the 70's was the amazing A&R Cambridge A60. Wooden casing and truly great engineering. Beautiful sounding amp, valve like and detailed in it's delivery.
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