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    NAD C370

    That is one solid looking amplifier. I think I remember reading that this was one of their finest amplifiers!
  2. Good review of the Jay's audio Cd player George. One tweak that I use is to place 3 isopod's underneath the Cd player.

    I purchased mine from Stone audio for about £7 each

    Seems to clean up the signal,  especially in the mid's. 

    I would love to hear a review from you of the Restek epos Cd player.

    I think you might be impressed.

  3. Yes that's it for me too. Just got fed up of endless so called upgrading, to find out latest upgrade component didn't work with rest of system etc. Real bore and expensive too. I can't help myself here though and have to say, "what no Lp12"!! There you go I said it. Me thinks the latest Majik with new bearing and tonearm makes for a much improved Lp12.
  4. That's a nice system and I would imagine works well together especially in active mode. I'm not a box swopper either and I feel there's a lot of benefit in keeping the system serviced and optimised as a whole unit as you do here.
  5. Yes indeed they are. I sent the CD player back to them as they do a complete upgrade service for it. Restek keep most of their old electronics serviced. They have a list of the old amps and Cd players that they service and repair for a fixed price. This includes replacing the dac for a new version, "Burr brown", and HDCD filter, replacing any parts that need replacing, this includes the remote control. The Cd player was back in my living room completely upgraded within 14 days. The amplifier I had repaired by an audio engineer in Kingston Upon Thames. Restek would of done it but we were in lockdown at the time, so decided to stay local. He did a great job, but took a long time as he had to source the parts, some of which were from abroad. I tend to let people know about Restek as they are little known over here and their electronics really are that good.
  6. Linn certainly don't need my sympathy, but I am grateful for their contribution to what is a "FUN" hobby. I feel no need to berate them and have fond memories of many lazy afternoons sitting on the couch at Brighton cassette and hifi listening to the Lp12 and Isobariks. Circa 1878 bc Them was the days, them was.
  7. Hi fi equipment is always subjective and down to personal taste. I still haven't heard a turntable I would sooner listen too than the Lp12. They got the basics right in the first place and just tweaked it over the years. This makes sense to me. If you are in business and you have a very good product, evolve it slowly, that way there's more chance of long term success. Linn built their reputation on their lp12 but hi fi, like football, is a different game than it used to be. Linn are a business and like any other business have to evolve and adapt to continue to make money. I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at one of their complete systems but I would suggest they are aiming at a more luxury end of the market where their complete digital based systems are today. I don't feel they are really aiming at the more audio purist, such as ourselves. If like me you want the best yours ears can get then it's important to throw a wider net. I did this and found myself fishing in Germany. However that's for electronics and if I was to dip into analogue again, I would buy a new Linn Lp12 today, 50 years after its conception. It is for this reason I commend Linn as an audio manufacturer of quality and deserved of their great success.
  8. I learnt so much about how a system works as a whole functioning unit when I had my amplifier repaired. I bought the system as a complete set, ie, CD player, amplifier and speakers a long time ago. Over the years I experimented with cables and isolation pods under the Cd player and this helped control high and low equencies etc. Eventually I started to spend more money on having the Cd player serviced and upgraded. I really commend Restek for offering this service, 20 years after purchase. I'm not sure there are many manufacturer's that would upgrade and service a Cd player, let alone a whole system as Restek do. I then bought an out board Dac from Restek, as I wasn't convinced about how the system was sounding as a whole unit. I still felt the signal wasn't somehow coming through as it should, but it all worked ok, and I am happy as long as I can play my music. Eventually the amplifier shut down one sunny June day in 2020. It was 22 years from purchase by this time. I found a good service engineer whom told me there was a lot needing repair and although he said, it wasn't an easy fix, after many months of persevering, he finally completed the job. When I slotted the amplifier back in the same system, the signal was pushing through the amplifier in a cleaner and more transparent way. I would suggest the sound cleaned up and fed the signal at least 20% more with all the necessary parts replaced. I talked this experience through with the engineer and he said, amplifiers do need servicing to keep them on song. So I have learned that everything in the audio chain needs attention eventually. It's easy to neglect the amplifier as I did, but the deterioration over 20 years was there, and it affected the sound of the system, until it was repaired. Consequently I will be getting the amp serviced if I hear it going off again.
  9. Recently I had to get my amp fully serviced or more accurately repaired. It is a similar age to yours give or take a few years. Frankly it was the best £500 I have spent on audio equipment. It was a very good amp in the first place and I did not want to contemplate the sort of money I would have to spend to replace it. Also didn't want to change the system synergy. So if you like the amp for it's qualities and you are willing to spend a certain amount of money, then it can be rewarding when you slot it back into your system all singing and dancing with the relevant parts replaced. The next stage is to find someone you feel you can trust to do the work. There is always an element of risk, but that's one of the decisions that only you can make.
  10. I think the Exposure's are just that, an absolute steal, a cracking pre power for not too much money.
  11. Nice system. How do you find the Exposure's? Often pays to put something behind the speaker's to dampen the wall reflections. I have book cases, pillows cushions etc. Homemade dampening!
  12. Definitely keepers. You would regret moving them on in a flight of something different. Done that too much when I was a lad .
  13. Just read a review on your Events. Didn't realise they had an aluminium casing and a beryllium tweeter. An 8 inch woofer and active. All for under 2k. Plus what looks like a lot of research and development. It's often well developed speakers like this that don't need so much extra attention as the works been done in development. History has given us such well developed speakers, Celestion sl6 series, Atc's, Tannoy just to name a few. When it's done this well I feel it can give us that bit extra in complete system satisfaction.
  14. Totally agree. Loving the music is the idea. In fact I made this decision in my mid thirties, many years ago. Which meant I was fed up with chasing the impossible and settling for a complete system which works in such away as to present the music. I do the odd tweak now and again and spend money on the music. Been doing this for decades. Left my job and travelled and spent time defining a lifestyle which serves me. The Event Opal do look like a very well thought out speaker and my guess is they were designed for optimal performance by the company.
  15. Yes, it's definitely a compromise with creating a soundstage and getting bass and treble sufficiently performing. I do perhaps share a similar experience with speakers having abilities to project a large soundstage and so understand the delight when we spend time with speaker placement . In fact it's one of the reasons I keep my Ruarks. Still puts a smile on my face now!
  16. Great subject this. I sense another 40+ pages coming! Personally I feel the sound projected from the speakers is very room dependent. Shape of room, size etc. Definitely worth experimenting with. I know that I am working with a lot of compromise with my choice of speaker. I would also say I will never hear it's potential given the size of the rooms in my house. However I have derived a satisfying sound after spending time with speaker and stand placement. I guess if I was an audio purest, which I definitely am not, I would build a system based on the room first. Another interesting option is room correction. I know nothing about it but it does hold my interest and for that reason I will keep an open mind as to it's virtues or misgivings.
  17. Can you imagine at breakfast, pop a record on 40 k worth of system. Then out for a few hours hoping it's gonna rain!! Then, "Shall we get take away tonight" all that fresh airs made me tired!
  18. Interesting topic which is open to interpretation, so here's my experience of the audio journey. I wouldn't change a thing because i sorted my system back in the 90's. Then just tweaked it. Reason being, I did not especially want to go over to Digital/Cd in my case. However they stopped making most albums on vinyl by the mid nineties and this really p....ssed me off. Consequently I got rid of my vinyl rig, Roks off Xerxes , not bad it was too! Sold all my vinyl and bought my current system. Thing is I was young then and now I'm not. So my musical tastes have changed and I wouldn't play my old vinyl even if I had kept it. So there
  19. Well recorded though. Most Roxy, Bryan Ferry stuff was. Had most of it when the black stuff was the only stuff!!!
  20. I like their high end Cd player. Very well put together machine indeed. I have always felt their amps have a certain sound signature, I guess as do all amplifiers.
  21. They historically are such an interesting brand. I would love to plot a graph of their trajectory in terms of performance. As you suggest eyebrows were raised with the a49 at 4k. I remember seeing it in the shop window of my local audio store and thinking 4k for an arcam integrated, unheard of!!! But they pulled it off, once again and delivered. So I don't think they can ever be dismissed. As you say the Sa range seem very well received as an amplifier delivering sonic quality. However I have heard reports of issues with the streaming functionality of the Sa amplifier. Hopefully they will sort that. Also I hear other brands having issues in the digital streaming area of some of their products . So perhaps a more universal issue with apps etc.
  22. Yes Arcam have always offered good quality sound for reasonable prices. I think they have primarily focused on the mid price of the market as their bread and butter and have done well at this.
  23. Ha ha, yes, truly awful some of the music played at the big shows lately!!
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