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  1. £62 return on the ferry with car claimed as business travel which per mile is a lot. I did a couple of iPhone 11 voice rec sound clips and the Kiko was good as active vs. majik DSM4 with majik 109s passive but the system is too new to properly judge that I’m sure David will better describe later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you PaulS - great install in Tier 1 - mainland awaits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. With a lot more dollars, you might consider Nrwatson’s choices for a fantastic Linn surround system. He has a Klimax Hub with a pair of Katalyst 350’s for the front left and right speakers, an Akurate Exaktbox 6 driving an Akurate 225 centre channel and a pair of Katalyst Akudoriks for the surrounds. Add in an Exakt Subbox with a Linn Melodik subwoofer and you are fully immersed in the movie, and a 5.1 music surround experience that is the closest to being on stage with the band as you are likely to have. Yes NRWatson’s system is incredible for surround and two channel with an awesome sounding LP12. The front wall acoustic panels seemed to really raise the bar. It’s a great Linn offer that does push surround forward, hope it achieves some traction. Linn’s front website on mobile doesn’t have a link from the Christmas image anywhere [emoji3166] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Always a pleasure David and made a good sale yesterday from that Zoom event. I have some in store events soon that will be worth attending for those not yet Karousel”ised,, Radikal’ised, Keel’ised as the saying goes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Bose Sunglasses speakers - love them - nothing in your ears - for speech, gentle background Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Glad you love it and thank you for trusting in me without having to drive up the M1 I'd like to revisit the torque settings for you FOC
  7. https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5168 A poll over on Lejonklou Forum
  8. We tried an Akurate Radikal upside down years ago was weirdly better, odd, so turning a Klimax Radikal upside down could be worst, but not going there. The current Dynamik is R2 from memory but there is their Linn £1m soldering machine factor to include on latest products. Latest Klimax Radikals omit virtually all PCB screws thus negating any torque setting of screws. Really enjoying time at home with an LP12 jig trying lots of comparisons with all manner of bearings, arms, cartridges and power supplies. Klimax Radikal to my ears is so sweet.
  9. It was a one year old deck but yes springs, grommets and latest nuts, washers fitted so like for like. Which reminds me Cirkus for sale.
  10. Sat waiting at Eurotunnel French side, Flexiplus next time, as the Buzzcocks used to say “Boredom”. We have surplus of stock of Gaio’s available that are apparently selling at a rate of 1:10 vs. Slipsik therefore the market wants higher end. I hope the new UK distributor Hexagon in Holland can supply us a test unit to compare with a Linn Uphorik which at £2160 UK offers great performance and stepping stone performance of MM & MC plus the ability to fiddle with gain/load, cap etc. RCA or Balance. The Rega Aura MC is £3999 so Fred’s Entity at 1.5 x Slip money could be like a Volvo XC60, well worth a test drive? £32k Singularity will forever make us smile in Swedish self believe and wow factor . Like Rega’s £30k Naiad turntable, it was a industry statement, few we’re sold and now the excellent new Rega P10 has many of it’s parts. Process through technology.
  11. I’m loving reading this. We have 2 x EB6K, 1 x AB10K, AEB-i K. When a new prospect arrives in your demo rooms, changing from Linn, Rega, Devialet in passive speaker domain with Kudos, Totem, LINN allows the prospect to understand source, control and playback in a timely manner. Aktiv and Exakt requires a level of explanation similar to Spotify to HiRes, for some it’s too much info. Passive to Active is #thenextlevel Early Linn brochure documentation from the days of Anne Young explained differences pre Internet and websites well. LK range was the same size box, you just added to it to grow. Now you have to explain the thick casework boxes are higher end/better and size matters. Chris
  12. Great to see you David as always and thank you for the order. I might get Fredrik to send you a Slipsik 7 to run in for me :-) Gaio/1 > Slipsik 7 vs. LINN Uphorik - ThomasOK ? Have you tried? Uphoriik gives you the benefit to go MC at a later date but as you have a Radikal - Urika 2 ? bye for now
  13. Hi Chris,

    ‘I hope you are doing well?

    Great to see you are exploring the HiFi Wigwam.

    One of the guys here is looking for a Majik DSM and a pair of 109’s, at a good price.



    1. Hidden Systems

      Hidden Systems

      Hi Paul, how are you? Yes really well thanks. Overdue to be on here, I'd signed up years ago but didn't use oops.    The only Majik DSM I have is too new June 2018. I have just bought a new pair of Black Majik 109 to use with Selekt DSM and Devialet Expert Pro range. 

      Just writing I'm probably not allowed to promote hardware without being a full blown member so I'll quit while ahead



    2. Paulssurround


      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for letting me know about the Majik DSM and 109’s

      I think they are looking for ones that are older, and at a good price

      I have seen no restrictions on the HiFi Wigwam, selling or advertising anything.

      I would think you could post away, without any issue.



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