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  1. @TooManyCatweazles a Fluted Afromosia & Keel would be very nice. I have a fluted plinth and really like it. Just a general note and request. There is not a way to adequately measure my total despise for all things related to COIVD and discussions about it. The topic incessantly infiltrates discussions about the most basic of questions and topics.There are plenty of forums to discuss this and I feel an audio forum is not the correct place and it would be great to simply focus on a given threads topic. Thanks.
  2. @Andyt916 Is plan A " Karousel, Kore and Trampolin along with Akurate Radikal" then I agree. I try to do one or two upgrades while the bottom is off and inside the LP12 to get more bang for the buck while the table is in surgery.
  3. @Katzky A few years ago I went thru this very same exercise when purchasing my first LP12. Along with my dealer, I used this and the previous Linn forum for advice and ideas. from other members. My first bit of advice is to make sure you keep it this fun and not worry yourself about making the right choice. You will see many varied opinions but at that end of the day go with what you feel is right. That being said here are my thoughts After much deliberation I went with an Akurate LP12 with and Radikal Akurate power supply. We called this the Akurate Plus. This turned out to be a
  4. Thanks - spoke with Linn dealer this AM. He is going to make me the cable. He uses these nice connectors so on one end we are going to use a female and the other end a male connector. This will allow me to connect to the pig tail coming out to the LP12 until he gets to town. He shop is about 220 miles down the road. Luck for me I live a a tourist town and folks are hankering to get back at it.
  5. Quick question. Look to move stuff around in my room. One design would need a Exakt link cable from a Urika-II to the SDSM of about 15-20 feet. What is the practical length of Exakt connections What type of cables do you use? I have a Chord Epic right now but would consider something else for this length. Thanks
  6. I use a Melco M1A MkII. The ethernet player port is connected directly to the SDSMs Ethernet input with a Chord Epic cable. The Melco is connected to my network switch. This works very well and sounds great. I used to do the Mac mini music server thing but decided a purpose build server would be a better choice and it has turned out to be. I also have the Melco D100 for importing the CDs and it can be used as a player as well. All in all it a solid solution.
  7. A few years ago I started to drift away from my system. For one reason or another I ended up buying an Akurate LP12 with a Radikal power supply. I did not even have that many records but thought might as well get something that as a good lineage and will be upgradeable. This turned out to be a great move and have been enjoying my system ever since. That first LP12 feed a McIntosh C70 and all was good. Then one day I decided to sell everything but the LP12 and a McIntosh MC152 power amp. I purchased a SDSM and ultimately a Urika-II and Ekos SE. From a vinyl playback side I could not be ha
  8. This thread is a bit more chatty than I expected. Thanks for chiming in. I see it both ways. The internal switching in the SDSM would be great but if I am buying a new LG or Sony OLED that supports HDMI 2.1 and the features that brings it might be worth just putting in the cable runs. For example, I read the new Apple TV could support HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz and that Sony will release a 4k Blu-Ray that supports the full spec as well. However, does that really matter? It might not. I would think 4k Blu-Ray only has only so much life in it and I find my Apple TV to be excellent quality on 4
  9. I spoke with my dealer today and he said the HDMI 4k switching module is all I would need - especially since I am down mixing to stereo on the way in. The good news is it is not an expensive part. I think I will get it ordered along with the longer cable to feed the display. to get everything ready. My shorter length cables are all Audioquest Coffee with the little DBS box on them.
  10. Does anyone use the 4k HDMI switching capabilities in there DSM units. I am considering adding this to my SDSM. The config would be something like this Apple TV to 4k HDMI In Sony 4k Blu-Ray to HDMI in Comcast cable to HDMI in HDMI out to 65" 4k LG G1 OLED or Sony A90J Not worried about surround decode. Will send stereo down mix to the HDMI inputs. Looking to put switching on SDSM if possible rather then independent runs to the display. Now, if the majority feels the direct runs are better - spend cash on the cables rather than the switching - I can definitely d
  11. Thanks. It seemed like the last two years or so there was a spring promo or perhaps it was every other year. When I initially purchased the LP12 it allowed me to get an Akurate level but with a Radikal power supply. The 2nd promo allowed me to get the Ekos SE, Urika-II and Karousel. Happy with what I have but like plan ahead for purchases. @Moomintroll - Agree with Organik. I have been somewhat critical of the pricing but would welcome an upgrade path for my SDSM. The internal layout of the SDSM appears to make this a fairly straightforward change once the work out the layout of the
  12. The last few years seems to have brought us spring LP12 upgrade promos. Has anyone heard if such a thing will occur this year?
  13. @NL. Thanks for the feedback. I was at lunch trying to type my response and follow several Teams channels at work. Some clarification on my part... I meant to say Analog Phono Signal -> Urika-II (AKM ADC of some sort) -> Exakt In ->Organik DAC -> Analog outs. Since I have a SDSM this would be Katalyst DAC -> Analog Out Also possible Analog Phono Signal -> Urika-II (AKM ADC of some sort) -> Exakt In -> Exakt Out -> Exakt Speakers Agree with "I think this is not the case. Neither Katalyst nor Organic DACs are handling analog to digital conversion. A
  14. @akamatsu Interesting question on the Urika-II. My thoughts... The Urika-II has the the analog to digital convert equivalent of the Katalyst DAC. In my case, send the Exakt signal to my SDSM and then the Katalyse DAC handles the ADC. If you use the Urika-II with the new Klimax DSM then the final output is handled by the Organic DAC. This is not a bad thing. Often in pro audio you will find ADC's and DAC's being intermixed. The new KDSM looks to have analog phono inputs so the question would be did Linn design and implement a version of Organik as an ADC or use what an existi
  15. @akamatsu My honest opinion is if you would like to get the Klimax cased Radikal then do so. Tried and true design an performance I like the design and would be happy to have it on display If you have an Akurate Radikal - work with your dealer and sell it to someone for a value added price and pay the difference. Everyone wins. My Linn dealer is 100% convinced it is a worthwhile update and I trust his opinion.
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