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  1. For my latest set of upgrades the majority of parts were ordered in late March and early May. The Urika-II as late as June. Everything was here by the 1st week of August. Based on a number of factors it looks like 2 month lead time for most parts will be the norm for a while. Good news - you can stock pile a bit more cash to pay for it and have something to look forward to. Also - Linn is a small company in the big picture, building the majority of their stuff in house. I think we should cut them a break and be happy they and their employees are getting back on their feet and have many orders to fill.
  2. @Carrington My vote would be for a Majik with the new Karousel (which it should come with) and Lingo (an option but worth the effort). The when the mood strikes or when an attractive promo comes along you can jump in to an update. My only question for those in the know is does the Majik still come with a Jelco sourced arm or will Linn be offering a different option? The folks that post here and discuss higher end LP12 configs are enthusiasts. I would feel for a good number of folks the configuration your wrote of would more than fit the bill and ticks many of boxes as to why you would purchase an LP12 in the first place - a lovely music sound that makes you want to listen to your albums and rediscover old or new favorites. I have had many systems over the years and had dismissed vinyl altogether. When it came time to consider it again I listened to many options from Pro-ject's and Rega's to fancier options like a McIntosh MT5 which is essentially some flavor of Clearaudio. None of them worked for me until I heard the LP12. The other benefit is the LP12 can grown with you if you decide to do so. Don't worry about the upgrade rabbit hole. The discussions are informative and getting a new toy is always fun but jumping in and listening to the Majik is a great first step. Life is too short and stressful these days so might as well have a turntable you like and enjoy.
  3. @akamatsu Thanks for the recommendation. I will give 56DB a try. For the subchasis I have a Kore. Input Impedance Update 1: The standard setting of 53 ohms felt like it emphasized the low to low mids a bit too much - especially on some recordings. Some might describe this as dark or veiled. I like what it does to the bottom end overall but the low mid bloom was definitely noticeable. Changed to 100 ohms which is what I believe my SDSM MC input is and what I had been listening to for the last 8 months. This seems to help with top end opening up a bit more having an overall positive affect. I must reply some of the original 5 albums do determine if it is net positive or if returning to 53 ohms is the better plan. I could also try the middle setting of 70 ohms. No conclusion just some initial observations.
  4. @DavidHB Thanks for the feedback. We used all the parts supplied in the Karousel kit sans two of the springs. I have them on stored away with the original box so if we ever need to go to them we can. Also, the original install with the Kore/Cirkus was just over a year old. Currently about five complete albums in and happy so far. Good to read you stuck with defaults as well. I suppose most folks will I was just surprised at the values. BTW, Kandid will be next years LP12 update. More to come next week..
  5. After several months of waiting for parts to arrive, my Linn dealer came to town and performed the upgrade on Friday. This was a major overhaul and consisted of the following. Cirkus to Karousel Akito 3B to Ekos SE Urika II (in place of the MC input in the SDSM now an Exact link connection) I was able to watch the install here in my home and it was cool to see it all come together. One thing that was rather interesting is the Karousel bearing itself and how it went together. At one point he handed it over and told me to look inside where deep down at the bottom of the bearing I could see my eye looking back from the highly polished mirror surface. Never new what was in there but it was rather cool. I attempted to capture the mirror finish with a photo. The black at the bottom is the reflection of the camera lens of the iPad that took the photo. When comparing the Cirkus to Karousel side by side the Karousel is clearly physically larger and heavier. We added 25 droplets of oil for this install. One other point of interest was the suspension. We had intended to reuse the existing springs as they were only in place for just over a year. However, the right rear spring was not at all happy about its new lot in life and eneded up swapping it our for a new one from the Karousel kit get the bounce correct. The next morning we reconvened for a final check and to perform any required adjustments. None were were needed so I have been listening ever since. Once everything was set up I was able to go into the Linn config application and set up the Krystal with the Urika II. This is what came up with for default settings. These are interesting and not expected. I had thought the SDSM MC input was a 100 Ohm resistance and the default from Linn for the Krystal is 53 ohms. This seems low but could be optimal. I am still doing initial listening tests getting a feeling for these settings before altering. The gain seems about right for my room and listening style. The gain also seems a bit lower than expected when compared to other preamps I have used the Krystal with. I like the lower setting and it could help with noise. The other thing is the setting for capacitance at 1 nF. For a MC cartridge I thought capasitance has no real effect but there is a lower setting of 0.5 nF and two above at 1.5 nF and 2.0 nF.' For those that that have Urika-II / Krystal what do you use and why do you feel it is a good setting? Next step is to continue to run in the new Karousel and break in the Urika-II. The Exact link physical connection to the SDSM is via a Chord Co. Epic series cable. I use these in other parts of the system for digital connections and have found them to be very nice. Any input to Krystal cartridge settings would be great. I will give it a few days before reporting on the "sound" of it all. Thus far I am very happy with everything and look forward to the coming weeks as everything breaks in.
  6. While this thread has been discussing the new MDSM with a bunch of speculation, it got me to thinking of a possible other direction Linn could take their streaming products by taking a queue from their most famous product the LP12. Let's call this new fictitious product the SP12 where the SP = steaming platform and is a nod the the CD12 of yesteryear. Like the LP12, the SP12 starts with foundation where everything plugs into. This would be analogous the plinth and would be of similar size and basic presentation. I would think the current Selekt DSM is a good starting point. Perhaps a little larger here and there but more or less this basic concept. The next step would be the power supply. This would have three levels like the LP12 has. Majik - basic switched mode power supply. Perhaps what is in a Selekt today. Akurate - upgrade power supply akin to the Lingo. Most likely still internal but with. design that upgrades it with more internal isolation from digital and analog circuits Klimax - External power supply we can call a Radikal 2 which would power the LP12, a Urika-II and the Klimax SP12 Output Kartridges. Expand on the offerings for DA Majik DA - This is the standard DA output without an amp module Akurate DA - This would be the Katalyst of today Klimax DA - A Katayst on steroids with options for real time conversion to DSD or Chord like M-Scaler functionality Additional Kartridges Still offer various amplifier outs at the Majik level. Beyond this end users either have good stereo amps or may be looking to Exakt offerings Introduce a DSP module for realtime pop / tick / click removal like the Sugarcube or license tech from Isotope Headphone amplifier at basic and Katalyst levels Line input module with 2 or 3 inputs. This would convert to 24/196 at the Majik and Akurate levels and have the Klimax version captures DSD or DXD Analog module - would allow those who want streaming to still have it but it would bypass the conversion to digital and output analog directly. Allows the use of external phono preamps. Phono preamps Majik - what it is today MM only Akurate - something up the design chain MM/MC as in the Selekt - selectable loading Once one goes to Urika-II you would use Exact anyway or the analog module mentioned above A platform like this would allow us to grow as technology grows. Just like any vintage LP12 can be upgrade an SP12 could be as well. When the next big thing comes along we sell a compatible previous gen cart to someone just getting into it and get the new thing. No more disposable pieces of gear. Thoughts, suggestions? Would Linn ever take on a project like this? We sort of have in the the Selekt but these ideas are expanding out on that core concept.This is of course all speculation but it seems like it could be a cool idea.
  7. Thought I would chime in on the speculation of the new MDSM. First, I own a Selekt DSM with Katalyst and have to say it is easily one of the finest pieces of audio equipment I have owed and I have owned a great deal over the years. Their implementation of the AKM DACS (which Linn worked closely with in the development of the architecture) is simply outstanding. I really do not understand why folks seem to dismiss it so quickly. Very shortly, my LP12 will have a Urika-II and I will use the Exakt link connections at that point. Everyone who has heard the SDSM in my system is equally impressed. I encourage everyone to take another look and listen. The new MDSM will more than likely be either a foundational product for someone who wants something very nice, plays music beautifully, and offers a set of features that suits their needs. Assuming it has a MM input stage a MDSM w a Majik LP12 would be a very nice system for the majority of casual listeners or the the budding audiophile who can not afford or justify the more expensive options. I would expect it will not offer the Katalyst DAC or if it does the implementation will be more simplified. At some point the cost of adding these extras moves a potential buyer into the next product range. I would also think it will most likely retain a power amp as the point seems to be as few as boxes as possible. However, calling the MDSM and SDSM lifestyle products sort of unfairly lumps them into group of products that are usually not so great. Let's face it, those of us who post on forums like this are enthusiasts. I have been ever since I stumbled into my local HiFi shop while mom was shopping and was introduced to the likes of Thornes, Phase Linear, Magenepan, Dual, and Threshold in the late 70s. Those of us who purchase high end kit like Klimax DSMs and LP12s are not the norm. Products like the MDSM can potentially attract new customers or customers who will want to make further steps up the Linn product family at some point. At the end of the day I would expect the MDSM to be a fine product as Linn does not make junk based on my experience.
  8. My Linn dealer just sent me some photos of my just arrived Karousel and Ekos/SE. They came very quickly an it appears they could have shipped them overnight. I am now waiting on the Urika-II and a Chord Epic cable to hook the Urika up to the SDSM. So still a few weeks out till I everything is installed. Looking forward to getting it all here.
  9. I have been on a quest to find interesting titles and while some may not love them, I find the early MoFi titles very enjoyable. One of my latest acquisitions was a new never opened version of Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles. I also have a new never opened MoFi of Duran Duran's Severn and the Ragged Tiger. It is interesting to find these gems. Both albums were pressed at JVC in Japan. @kelly200269 Your Olivia-Newton John album was definitely pressed at JVC. This seems to be the hey day for the MoFi releases. I still like them and have quite a number of the original gold CDs and SACDs as well. There are a few other vinyl titles I have my eye on from the era but some of them get very expensive, Photos attached. This is a great album and folks should give it a try if they glossed over. Worth the time and listen.
  10. @DavidHB Do the photos show your listening room? It is very nice. Really like the vibe.
  11. @Nrwatson Can you tell us a little bit about your Mac Mini. It could be a weak link in the chain. Processor speed, RAM, and NIC link speed. HDD or SSD for recording? Internal or external? How full is the drive? OS version? Any applications that connect to the Internet behind the scenes that update automatically. Are you running any other applications at the time? Know these answers could hep identify the issue. You could also record one or two songs allowing the recording to go into the beginning of the next band. The using an audio editor assemble the recordings to make one compete side or leave them as individual tracks. The point of going into the next song is to preserve song spacing. You would find the 1st sample of the next song and use this as an insert point. Special note on audio editors - not all will handle 24/192 and will truncate the file. So when capture at this resolution from a Urika-II with Songcoder, any post manipulation of the file must be done with an editor than can handle it otherwise sample rate and resolution may not be preserved as expected. This could also happen without warning from the audio editor or when saving or exporting the file from the editor.
  12. Glad to see a discussion on the Urika-II and Songcoder... Since I am in upgrade mode waiting for my Karosuel and Ekos SEI decided to add the Urika-II as well. This will connect to my Selekt DSM with has the Katalyst DAC. I can provide before and after captures as well. However, I feel my Krystal cartridge has an issue and we may replace it during the update.That being said it could be a fun exercise. Before System: Trampolin 2 | Kore | Cirkus | Akito 3B | Krystal | Select DSM into MC Input After System: Trampolin 2 w/ Urika-II | Kore | Karousel | Ekos SE | Krystal into Exact Link connection Capture would be performed on my Mac desktop. Both the SDSM and Mac are on same subnet with wired connections. I have had no packet loss or any issues with Songcoder in my system. Captures will be at 24/192 and kept that way. How long are we clip examples - full song, 60 or 90 seconds? Might be also useful to make a user guide for both Mac an PC users based on different systems and configurations. Could also add section for after capture workflows. For example, The use of Vinyl Studio, Wavelab or Isotope RX7
  13. Spoke with my dealer this PM - Karousel looks to have shipped Ekos/SE may be as long as the end of June to ship We also discussed the Urika-II and he also seems to think this is the correct path in my case. As @akamatsu correctly cited - I do have the Kore and a Radikal. Also something I did not think of is the ability to have more positioning flexibility for the LP12 when using Exakt connections. This could be useful at some point. @9designs: Urika-II and Keel at same time was the plan for next year. Doing it this way will save about $1200 US due to travel and install costs. You are correct in saying I would like to have a full on Klimax LP12. The part that gives me the most concern is the Kandid. I have not had a TT for quite a while and the damaging the the cartridge is the part that gives me the most concern. However, as @DavidHB states the music is enthralling and I tend to do a major audio project every summer or fall. By the time this all gets installed in July I will just call it a birthday present. Work keeps me silly busy so I try to keep my outside interest humming along.
  14. While waiting for my Karousel and Ekos to arrive I got to thinking if it would be worth wile to go ahead and get the Urika-II while I am at it. Move tonearm link closer to phono preamp Using Exakt link will be a more reliable connection over a tonearm cable Good aftermarket tonearm cable about 1/2 the cost of the Urika-II My Selekt DSM handles Exakt Dealer has to make a 240 miles house call anyway - pay for this once. By doing it all at once I will save the cost of a return trip next year. With the install of the Ekos\SE, Karousel and Urika II I should be set for quite a while with only the Keel and Kandid left. Would you all make the jump?
  15. @Solanum I have a number of DMM sourced masters I like them. The problem is there were not that many DMM lathes made as they came about toward the end of the large scale vinyl production with the introduction on the CD. Here are several links to read about it. I believe most of the DMM lathes are in Europe. Some very impressive facilities. Look right around 7 mins in for the DMM mastering part. Cool stuff. The whole video is worth a watch but it is rather long but very impressive.