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  1. @AndyS There are quite a few options out there depending of your budget and how involved with the process you would like to get. The core things to think about are how will you bring the cartridge level up to line level and how will the line level be set to the A/D Looking at your gear list the Audio Research PH7 is an in and out affair. I would assume the out is send one of the inputs on your Gato DIS-250 The first potential option is to split the signal at this point as it is line level with one path going to the Gato and the other to a yet unknown DAC The benefit of this method is your signal is full line level to the DACs input You can then take the output of the DAC to the USB input of your Mac or Windows PC Many DACs come with their own "basic" versions of more advanced products with features you do not need. Check some of these links out and see what you think https://www.uaudio.com/audio-interfaces/apollo-solo.html https://www.uaudio.com/audio-interfaces/volt.html You could should also consider Vinyl Studio which many of use after you have your vinyl digitized https://www.alpinesoft.co.uk https://www.alpinesoft.co.uk/VinylStudio/guide.aspx Just some initial thoughts. I am sure I can come up with more.
  2. @Josaa2 Great to see you have a Melo music server. I have one as well and when combined with my SDSM /Katalyst I am constantly astonished at how good it all sounds. Hoping Linn will offer an Organik upgrade for it at some point. My WoodSong plinth has an almost deep dark chocolate look in the right light. I had spoken to Chris several times and was about to go with another option when he found another set of ebony boards in his shop. During the waiting and build period he provided periodic updates and photos of the process. I only need to go from Kore to Keel and I suppose a Kandid or Ekstatik to bring it up to full spec. Blue skies
  3. @Josaa2 Hello - question on your rig from the photos. I see you have a Woodsong fluted ebony plinth. How long have you had yours? I have one as well and there are only around 5 I know of around the globe. Quite a luxury item but I am very found of mine. It took almost a year from the initial order to it being delivered but well worth it. I also see you have a CD12 which I sort of been keeping an eye out for one. Do you like yours? While I have a music server hooked up to my SDSM, I somehow feel this would be a cool piece to have. Any trouble out of it. Contemplating the upgrade to my Akurate Radikal to the new bit of kit in in the spring. With the exception of this upgrade our LP!2's are more or less identical.
  4. I use Vinyl Studio and while I do split into individual tracks the easiest thing do is use it to top and tail the side of the LP. Start a SongCorder capture session Play Side A of the LP to be captured When the side is finished and in the run out area - lift tonearm and stop the SongCorder recording Stop SongCorder recording Let it convert to WAV, AIFF, FLAC or whatever format you would like. I use WAV and keep it at 24/192 Repeat for Side B of the LP to be captured When you have the two sides you can load them into Vinyl Studio Top and tail the recording. This mean to clean up all the run in from the needle drop to first audio and cutting everything from last audio and into the runout Do this for both sides A & B Export or save out with edited metadata. This can be done directly in Vinyl Studio The benefit of using this technique is that it preservers the complete side of an album in one file and playing the file would be similar to playing the whole side of album. This is the approach my Linn dealer takes except they do not seem to even bother with top and tailing the recording. The good news is you already have the most important piece and just need to grab SongCorder at a minimum. Good luck and happy ripping.
  5. @wildwildWes Hello - this is an interesting question and depending on the gear you have available to you the absolutely easiet way to do this with a product called Songcorder which allows you to capture. Check the following link out https://meraki-acoustic.com/songcorder/ Since storage is cheap, I do not make FLACS and simply record the 24/192 output of my Urika-II sent to my SelektDSM. I consider this "holding in state" because when it is played back again, it will go thru the same A/D process that it does when played directly. If you are able to go this route you can avoid all the headaches of other vinyl playback and capture solutions.
  6. @pirov Cables discussions always seem to being out the fangs for some reason. That being said I do believe in cable upgrades beyond stock but also feel there are a point of diminishing returns. To address your question of updated power cables on your Radikal PS I not surprised you preferred the Chord. I do not use their cables for power as they can not sell them here in the US. However, I do use Chord digital cables to great affect and do believe they make difference. This could be down to simple better guilty construction techniques and the underlying materials used in the construction. Here is my overall summary of cables used in my system Analog: For speaker and analog connections I use Transparent Ultra. I have been a customer for >20 years and love their cable products and have taken advantage of their upgrade offers to go from one series to the next. They have been very easy to work with and of all the components I I have owned, Transparent products have been with me the longest. Do they really make a difference - yes. I once demoed a system that had Transparent in the analog chain and went back to demo again before committing to. purchase. I asked "What changed" as the sound was clearly different to my ears. They told me they had swapped out the Transparent cables for Tara Lab cables. So to my ears they do make a difference. Digital: All Chord Epic for USB, Ethernet, SPDIF, and Exakt. For the Urika II, I have the Epic exiting out of the LP12 and over to the Selekt DSM. Power: The only power cable I have in place is a Shunyata Venom HC on my McIntosh 152 direct into the wall. Returning to use of power cables on Linn I have been planning on using various Shunyata V10NR or V14NR. For example, the V14NR looks to me a good choice for the Radikal and the SDSM. Also have considered one of the power conditioners. I have scene the results when medical imaging equipment is connected with their products and the results are indeed surprising. But the founder has a background in making systems electrically quiet including the likes of nuclear submarines. Interesting stuff. Video: All AudioQuest Carbon HDMI 8k cables. These connect various video devices to both my 4K display and the HDMI inputs on the SDSM. Like other things, for me this is the point of diminishing returns but the results can easily been scene when looking at high quality 4k content. While I have not invested in many aftermarket power solutions I do feel they will make a difference up to a point. I feel you may have confirmed this with your own experiments with the Chord Sarum Super Aray. Despite naysayers of the benefits of aftermarket cables, go with what you think is sounds right. After all, if one were to purchase a McLaren 750S should they just poor any old oil in the engine because it can not possibly make a difference? Same basic principle here.
  7. Many of us are using similar software and hardware tool sets. Here are mine. Songcorder: Used on an iMac to capture output from Selekt DSM. The LP12 has the Urika-II installed so using Songcorder allows me to capture, edit and playback at the original native sample rate of 24/192 Vinyl Studio: I use the full paid version to clean up pops and tickets and make individual tracks for playback from my Melco music server. Works well. SACD: I have a modified original first generation PS3 that did not have firmware updates installed. This allows me to use the PS3 to "rip" to a full SACD ISO. This is effectively a 1:1 backup of the fill SACD disc. Some hardware and software players will directly play the ISO but I convert to DSF before loading them on the Melco. ISO2DSD: I use this software to read the SACD ISO and convert to DSF. The files are then placed in an SACD folder on the Melco. What is great about this approach in my case is there are not pops, ticks or pauses between tracks. This is especially nice on live and continuous play albums. The Melco still has Twonky music server software on it and has not been updated to MinimServer Tag and Rename: Use this under Parallels on Windows 10. Fantastic metadata editor for all files types. I bought this and worth every penny. Wish there was a Mac version MP3Tag: Mac software that is native for M1 Macs. I am testing out for when the time comes to drop the Windows VM. I can not user state how valuable Tag and Rename is but alas no Mac version. This software seems promising. MakeMKV: For making complete backups of DVD and BluRay based media for further processing. Includes 4K UHD discs. Also use this software to take full backups of 4K UHD Discs and only pull the primary 4K files with different audio formats and subtitles. Preservers HDR which is fine and removes Dolby Vision which is I do not care for. The original UHD disc and the full backup will preserve DV. The main reason to rip 4K content is 4K players have a tendency to pause and freeze randomly when playing directly from disc. Completely different players will pause at same spot on disc. The extract content does not. DVD Audio Extractor: Used for extracting PCM audio DVD and DVD-A disc formats. Discogs: For catalog the collection. Very good for this and very time consuming Album Art Exchange: Primary source for cover art. If it is not there I scan it myself and edit as needed. Affinity Photo: Cover art scanning and editor. Excellent software for both Mac and Windows. I use the Mac version and it is native for M1 Macs. Everything is in its native format. I do not use FLAC, AAC or any other compress scheme. Storage is cheap for the most part and I do not worry about the cost of it. I use an 18TB spinner for everything and a 8TB SSD for video mkVs direect attached to an Oppo-203. The Melco has a pair of 3TB drives I may swap out at some point.
  8. @kl122002 You said "I have ordered my SDSM + Katalyst + Power out module and I was told it needs 2 months for delivery. And I was told computer chips are in shortage plus the cargo delay are the main reasons. Is this true, and does it happen in UK or elsewhere ? " I would think this is a reasonable estimate. Linn are in Scotland so between parts arrival at the factory, scheduling the build, testing and shipping back to Hong Kong it seems in line. My last Linn order of a Karousel for the LP12, Ekos / SE and Urika-II took 4 months or so and I am in the south east US. I think you will be happy with SDSM as you configured it as it can grow as you do. Happy listening.
  9. @kl122002 To be completely honest the only 2 major reasons to go for the powered output cartridge in the SDSM is you (1) like the sound of it and (2) convenience of an all in one system. I use the line output and go single-ended into a McIntosh MC152 power amp. The amp feeds my Dynaudio Special 25s (the US version where I have pair 16/75). For the music I like and the room I am in it all works very well together. If at all possible I would vote for line output with the amp of your choice. Why? Because to my ears the Linn amps I have heard are a bit forward when compared to the McIntosh which is a bit more laid back. The MC152 is also very good at handling sudden transients in the music. These big voltage swings can be hard on amps without big beefy power supplies and hardy output stages. That being said, the plan you lay out is still a good one and more budget friendly than purchasing a SDSM + external power amp. While I have not heard Naim in a long time, I was very fond on a Naim + Magnepan system I listened to many moons ago.
  10. @kl122002 After buying and selling all kinds of gear over the years my advice is to buy it once and get off the upgrade train as quickly as possible. Yes, it is more expense up front by if you can keep a given unit over a much longer period of time then it is the better option. Like others have said, Katalyst is the clear winner to my ears. Until Organik is available for SDSM I will be very happy with my Katalyst SDSM. Don't go into debut but if you can feel comfortable making the purchase go for it. Also be sure to work with a dealer you are comfortable with even it means you have to travel a bit. I see you are in Hong Kong and it appears you have a number of dealers to choose from.
  11. I think if you went SDSM with standard DAC it would be much more like a MDSM. I feel the Katalyst DAC is an important part of the way it sounds. And like you mention, I agree the SDSM could be considered like the LP12 of the streamer world. However, unlike the LP12 there are not currently clear paths to next levels. For instance the SDSM could not become a Klimax DSM as the case work is very different. Unless Linn make the Organik DAC and perhaps a higher end power supply available to SDSM users, there will be a significant gulf to their top tier system. If you are considering the standard DAC and not the Katalyst for a DSM - I would compare them side by side if possible. Listen and see if you have a strong preference for one over the other. If you can make the jump to Katalyst I would recommend it.
  12. @kl122002 I suppose I am a bit of a SDSM cheerleader. I have owned many pieces of gear over the years from the likes of Sonic Frontiers, Prima Luna and McIntosh. When I purchased my LP12 I still had a McIntosh C70 preamp (sort of like a new version of a C22) and became unhappy with the never ending problems I had with the McIntosh gear. Since I had the LP12 I looked to Linn and ended up with the SDSM and not looking back. For your needs... Katalyst DAC - check - deals with DSD and PCM no issues at all. DSD is not supported by room correction but I do not use that feature SPDIF In - check - you can use your CD player here. There are 2x SPDIF connections and one can be an out if need be. Optical in - check - use this for the output of on Sony A90J 4k display MM Input - check - also has MC if you ever upgrade. If you ever put a Urika II in your LP12 it also has Exakt inputs which is what I use for my LP12 Speaker Outs - check - if you purchase the "cartridge" that has the built in power amp. Mine has the line output module. Both support Katalyst. HDMI Card - check - I have this and use it with my Oppo 203. You can also add the Dolby decoding card if need be. I do not have that on my SDSM Streaming - There is support for streaming within the unit but I do not use this much. Qobuz seems to be the go to. I tired it and it is good but I just play from my streamer or Lp12 for the most part. To get Katalyst in any form your need to jump to SDSM. I think it is worth it. And while the Organik is not an option for the SDSM, I hope it will be in the future. When you open up the unit and look inside, you can see how modular it is. So I would think Linn will offer this at some point. Especially since AKM burned to the ground and the supply of the chips they use will dry up at some point. Also note in addition to the implementation of the DAC (PCM and DSD decoding), the sound of the analog output will be based on the analog output stage as well not just the digital portion of the signal path. To my ears the Katalyst implementation is top tier and easily competes with DACS far more expensive that are chip based and on discrete components such as R2R or resistor ladder implementations (DSC or in Linn's case a FPGA and their version of a discrete output stage). I am happy with my SDSM and would give it serious consideration.
  13. I own a Select DSM with Katalyst and very happy with. In my system it sounds fantastic and works great. If and when an Organik DAC become available for it I am sure I will want jump on board. It really is a fine piece of kit. I have the HDMI board installed and it forms the centerpiece of my system. LP12 is hooked with with Exakt connections as it has the Urika II installed 4k Oppo player goes direct to 4K TV but the 2nd audio output goes direct to SDSM. Concert films and movies sound great. Music server plays most flavors of PCM and DSD and the SDSM handles all these great. Everything sounds wonderful. On the downside I have given up hope for a steady steam of "cartridges" for the SDSM. There was a good deal of speculation as to what they would be but not a whole lot has materialized. I would purchase the Dolby/DTS module but as soon as I do the updated one with Atmos will come out so I have been holding off. I most most certainly endorse getting one if it is on your short list.
  14. I heard from what would be considered a reliable source that there could be an option to upgrade to a Klimax Radikal 2 from an Akurate Radikal 1 at some point for an upgrade price of some sort. Perhaps not straight away but at some point. Has any one else heard this bit of info? No idea it the info is a akurate (ha ha) or not. Have not read about this anywhere, just a text message sometime last week.
  15. @mskaye Opinion based on direct observation. You are free of course to purchase whatever you want, and based on the fact you took the time to make a direct comment on this being spin in a forum focused on Linn turntables, then I'm confident you will be the first owner of the Naim Solstice and will easily demonstrate your clearly stated thought.
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