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  1. My Linn dealer just sent me some photos of my just arrived Karousel and Ekos/SE. They came very quickly an it appears they could have shipped them overnight. I am now waiting on the Urika-II and a Chord Epic cable to hook the Urika up to the SDSM. So still a few weeks out till I everything is installed. Looking forward to getting it all here.
  2. I have been on a quest to find interesting titles and while some may not love them, I find the early MoFi titles very enjoyable. One of my latest acquisitions was a new never opened version of Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles. I also have a new never opened MoFi of Duran Duran's Severn and the Ragged Tiger. It is interesting to find these gems. Both albums were pressed at JVC in Japan. @kelly200269 Your Olivia-Newton John album was definitely pressed at JVC. This seems to be the hey day for the MoFi releases. I still like them and have quite a number of the original gold CDs and SACDs as well. There are a few other vinyl titles I have my eye on from the era but some of them get very expensive, Photos attached. This is a great album and folks should give it a try if they glossed over. Worth the time and listen.
  3. @DavidHB Do the photos show your listening room? It is very nice. Really like the vibe.
  4. @Nrwatson Can you tell us a little bit about your Mac Mini. It could be a weak link in the chain. Processor speed, RAM, and NIC link speed. HDD or SSD for recording? Internal or external? How full is the drive? OS version? Any applications that connect to the Internet behind the scenes that update automatically. Are you running any other applications at the time? Know these answers could hep identify the issue. You could also record one or two songs allowing the recording to go into the beginning of the next band. The using an audio editor assemble the recordings to make one compete side or leave them as individual tracks. The point of going into the next song is to preserve song spacing. You would find the 1st sample of the next song and use this as an insert point. Special note on audio editors - not all will handle 24/192 and will truncate the file. So when capture at this resolution from a Urika-II with Songcoder, any post manipulation of the file must be done with an editor than can handle it otherwise sample rate and resolution may not be preserved as expected. This could also happen without warning from the audio editor or when saving or exporting the file from the editor.
  5. Glad to see a discussion on the Urika-II and Songcoder... Since I am in upgrade mode waiting for my Karosuel and Ekos SEI decided to add the Urika-II as well. This will connect to my Selekt DSM with has the Katalyst DAC. I can provide before and after captures as well. However, I feel my Krystal cartridge has an issue and we may replace it during the update.That being said it could be a fun exercise. Before System: Trampolin 2 | Kore | Cirkus | Akito 3B | Krystal | Select DSM into MC Input After System: Trampolin 2 w/ Urika-II | Kore | Karousel | Ekos SE | Krystal into Exact Link connection Capture would be performed on my Mac desktop. Both the SDSM and Mac are on same subnet with wired connections. I have had no packet loss or any issues with Songcoder in my system. Captures will be at 24/192 and kept that way. How long are we clip examples - full song, 60 or 90 seconds? Might be also useful to make a user guide for both Mac an PC users based on different systems and configurations. Could also add section for after capture workflows. For example, The use of Vinyl Studio, Wavelab or Isotope RX7
  6. Spoke with my dealer this PM - Karousel looks to have shipped Ekos/SE may be as long as the end of June to ship We also discussed the Urika-II and he also seems to think this is the correct path in my case. As @akamatsu correctly cited - I do have the Kore and a Radikal. Also something I did not think of is the ability to have more positioning flexibility for the LP12 when using Exakt connections. This could be useful at some point. @9designs: Urika-II and Keel at same time was the plan for next year. Doing it this way will save about $1200 US due to travel and install costs. You are correct in saying I would like to have a full on Klimax LP12. The part that gives me the most concern is the Kandid. I have not had a TT for quite a while and the damaging the the cartridge is the part that gives me the most concern. However, as @DavidHB states the music is enthralling and I tend to do a major audio project every summer or fall. By the time this all gets installed in July I will just call it a birthday present. Work keeps me silly busy so I try to keep my outside interest humming along.
  7. While waiting for my Karousel and Ekos to arrive I got to thinking if it would be worth wile to go ahead and get the Urika-II while I am at it. Move tonearm link closer to phono preamp Using Exakt link will be a more reliable connection over a tonearm cable Good aftermarket tonearm cable about 1/2 the cost of the Urika-II My Selekt DSM handles Exakt Dealer has to make a 240 miles house call anyway - pay for this once. By doing it all at once I will save the cost of a return trip next year. With the install of the Ekos\SE, Karousel and Urika II I should be set for quite a while with only the Keel and Kandid left. Would you all make the jump?
  8. @Solanum I have a number of DMM sourced masters I like them. The problem is there were not that many DMM lathes made as they came about toward the end of the large scale vinyl production with the introduction on the CD. Here are several links to read about it. I believe most of the DMM lathes are in Europe. Some very impressive facilities. Look right around 7 mins in for the DMM mastering part. Cool stuff. The whole video is worth a watch but it is rather long but very impressive.
  9. With regards to the Woodsong plinth - I feel it has both sonic and ascetic aesthetic. There is a a very interesting thread by @ThomasOK I have linked to below. Worth the read if you are interested. I purchased mine directly from Chris at Woodsong. Took about 10 months to get it delivered. This was due to the process of preparing the wood to become a plinth. They were still raw boards when we made the final selection. When it arrived in May of last year, my dealer had all the Linn parts ready to perform the final assembly. He commented on how well it was made and how tight the tolerances were. It made for an easy build. No tweaking to get things to fit - they just went together perfectly. Also - from a musical standpoint I feel it has made a difference as well. My albums have qualities of solid tight low end, great sound staging left to right as well as front to back, and wonderful separation. I have found vinyl versions of favorite albums are much more involving and relaxing as apposed to their digital counterparts. At the end of the day I use my LP12 more for listening than my digital sources. Link to article (external forum - hope it is ok)
  10. @jtf I own a Selekt DSM and use it for 2 channel duty. Some questions to ask and consider... Does my AV950 support a "direct" or "pure direct" mode? This means it bypasses all the AV950's internal processing and goes directly to your 2-channel out. In this case the SDSM would have some good merit as you could gain the benefit with outfitting it with a Katalyst DAC module. My SDSM has the Katalyst option and to my ears it is a worthwhile and recommended upgrade. If your AV950 can not bypass internal processing and will convert the output of the SDSM to digital again I see no major benefit in the analog outs, hence no need to go with the Katalyst DAC . In this case, using one of the SPDIF connectors as an output to the AV950 would be a good option. Then you could use a Tidal or Qobuz subscription for streaming. To get the most out of this you should have some form of a music server as a source component as well. If you want to play vinyl you are all set as the SDSM has both MC/MM inputs. All inputs are converted to 24/196 and stay that way until hitting a DAC. The SDSM does support surround processing up to 5.1 There is also an option to have internal amps as well. With a little creativity and planing you may be able to move everything into a SDSM. See the attached photo of what it looks like with multiple amplifier cartridges and HDMI switching installed. Mine only has an analog output cartridge that occupies the last slot on the right. In this case you can see the 5 speaker connections and the sub out. If I read correctly 4k is supported.
  11. Heard from my Linn dealer today. The Karousel should be here by the end of May. The Ekos SE may be delayed - targeting middle of June if we are lucky. Apparently there is a part they outsource from a local company that is not back up to speed.
  12. What about using the IKEA Lack Console. I was thinking I could: Top LP12 Selekt DSM Melco Server Bottom Radikal Melco D100 CD importer The dimensions are Length: 55 1/8 Width: 15 3/8 Height: 25 5/8 The LACK Table is 22" x 22" with a height of 21 5/8.
  13. @LinnJim My setup is simple and works well for TV audio. I do not use any surround format. All video sources to HDMI inputs on LG OLED E7 Optical output from LG to optical input on Linn Selekt DSM Works and is simple. I had looked at using HDMI ARC in one of the itertions of the system but felt this work best as my setup is 2 channel.
  14. @@TooManyCatweazles Seems like a ARadikal + Urika II + free Kore would be a good way to go. I think the KRadikal is cool looking but feel your best bang for the buck would be the former. If this is a deal you can do it could be a nice upgrade. Your other option would be to simply go ARadikal + Kore and use either a MC or MM as desired with your Uphorik . I could use a MC or MM with my SDSM as well. You could even consider Keel over Kore depending on the net difference in dollars. Now that I write it out I like option 2, keep Uphorik and get an ARadikal and Keel or Kore.
  15. @TooManyCatweazles I looked at your config. I think if you get the Radikal Akurate it could get you the promo on the Karousel. I went ahead and got a Radikal and think it is a good upgrade. The other option is Keel / Urika II but since you already have a Ekos SE and a Krystal it might be a good time to pin down speed stability with the Radial. What feels like the right choice to you?