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  1. Issue: Intermittently loosing right channel only when playing LP12. Symptoms: For instance, plays fine on Monday then on Tuesday the right channel does not work from the get go Swapped cables from left to right - both channels have audio - swap back everything is good until the problem materializes again. Can go several days at a time without the issue coming back Recently, the issue started happening more and now it seems here to stay. What I have tried: Swapping cables no longer works Dealer sent me a replacement phono stage for my SDSM - swapped it out but it did not help - problem persists Next steps: What would you do next? Spoke with dealer who is out of town. Might just try to do current promo and tackle problem at same time.
  2. I have a SDSM and really like it. Cool to see the build process.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Helpful insights. Since I am working from home quite a bit these days taking atvantage of the offer could be a good plan. If anything I can at least book the order in and plan on the install at some later time. Apparently local hotels are closed up and who knows when and if they will ever reopen. Since I have to May 22nd to make a move I have some time to see how the situation improves. I asked if Linn might consider moving the promo considering all that is going on but my dealer has not heard one way or another. As far as what is left on my L12 - if I do this deal: Keel Kandid Eurika-II It is interesting how I have gotten wrapped up in this thing, but I do find I listen to the vinyl sources of most albums vs. their CD or SACD counterparts (Hey...this is a good Rush album) more often than not. The only exception is things that tend to be quiet. For example, Brian Eno stuff. Their are new half-speed mastered versions which are nice but in this case I prefer the digital version because the vinyl is not quiet enough to let the quiet parts of the album sine through. However, all my rock and prog-rock stuff are great on vinyl. A good example of this is all the Genesis remix/remasters that came out in the 2008 time period. The CDs we had here in the US were unlistenable to me. Harsh, and overly compressed...just terrible. I took a chance on a few of the half-speed vinyl versions that were sourced from the same mix. The difference is night and day. While the mixes are rather different - the harsh unpleasant qualities are gone - at least that's what I hear with the LP12 in charge of playback. I can listen to the likes of Mama, Home by the Sea, and Cinema Show and be drawn in just like I was when I find these gems in high-school.
  4. Hey guys - In an effort to potentially take advantage of the current promo by Linn I am looking at upgrading my Akito 3B to a Ekos SE with the same Krystal cartridge. General questions: Good plan or bad plan? For those that have an Ekos - why do you like it? For reference the deck is currently Akurate level w/ Radikal Akurate. This would be the next step into a full spec Akurate deck. There is another cat in town who may also get the Karousel upgrade so my dealer, who has to travel a bit, would have us split the travel costs. Also I would be able to sell my Akito 3B so the overall cost is not too bad.
  5. I am in my 2nd week working from home and I can tell ya I do not love working from home. Occasionally it is fine but would prefer to go on-site. That being said, here in Tennessee we are under the "stay at home" policies currently in place. The scope of this has expanded I the last few days. Restaurants are offering takeout and I still have been going to my usual places. They seem appreciative of folks showing up although it is unclear how long can operate like this. Grocery stores are open but still quite a mixed bag of they have have and do not have. I heard from a colleague who has a daughter in South Georgia near Florida where everything is running more or less normally. Store stocked as normal. Considering doing the Karousel offer with the Ekos with my Linn dealer. At least getting it booked in. Trying to keep as much of a normal daily routine as possible. Listening to good tunes on my system is a nice distraction. I have also stopped following the news except for highlights once a day or so.
  6. Here in Tennessee it is a bit of a mixed bag. At this time my local restaurants I go to are open but not very busy. The grocery stores are open and have stuff but is a mixed bag. Still no paper products but I have been successful thinking outside the box and should be good for a while. All of a sudden a run on peanut butter and cream cheese. Frozen foods still available. Since I am not not a meat eater no big deal for me there, but sometimes they have stock and sometimes empty. Milk - wiped out. Bottled water - can get it but maybe not your usual brand. Spoke with my Linn dealer about the Karousel update. Would require me getting the Ekos SE to take advantage of the offer. If I can sell by Akito 3B I might make the move just to keep as positive as I can during the world wide crisis. I do plan to support my local businesses as long as I am able and they can remain open. Everywhere I go people are respecting the 6 foot rule - actually more than 6 feet. Also try to support the wait staff with extra dollars in their tips. I appreciate them still being there. I work for a top 15 academic medical center and was in a meeting today. The goal right now is to flatten the infection curve so hospitals around the country can be at or somewhat below capacity. Keeping up with demand is vital without exceeding capacity all the while doing as much as possible to reduce new infections. Not doing so is on the bleak side. Right now we are in fairly decent shape but it could turn very quickly. Thoughts are with all our friends around the globe - especially Italy who is having a rough time of it. Hopefully the situation will improve over the next several months.
  7. I thought the same thing but apparently they have been doing this conversion to digital for quite a while. Before the SDSM I had a McIntosh C70, a fully tube all analog preamp, and while it was a nice bit of kit, I find the SDSM sounds better to my ears. Even my friends like it better. So while counterintuitive it works well.
  8. Hey guys - I know it is off topic but glad we are discussing because we seem to be an international crowd. I live in the southeast US and have worked at a major university medical center for 17 years. We are differently taking percussions some of which I have never experienced even when H1N1 was a big thing. Listening to the news media and observing all the cancellations and suspensions of work is very concerning. As this type of thing ramps up so does the panic - especially the panic buying which just hurts us all. Right now the biggest impact I see is the hoarding of cleaning products. My office at work is a bit of a ghost town and more folks are electing to work from home. However, folks do seem to be getting out to restarunts and going about day to day activities to some normal extent as of this post. Our stores seem to be stocked OK with the exception of the cleaning stuff. The store manager told me that if people could act normally they could keep up with demand for everyone. My question for all you is how do you see your communities and town reacting to this? What are your plans if any? Let us know where you're at. This could be helpful to us.
  9. @Tristan Ultimitly agree with the "just play the LP" comment. My reasoning to perform some of the steps described by @MickC was how the Linn eco system works when using a device that supports Songcast - in my case the SDSM /w Katalyst. Because the MC input is immediately converted to a 24/192 PCM signal and stays their till the DAC stage it seemed reasonable to capture this in an intermediate format such as a WAV. Using Wavelab or Wavelab Elements you can then turn the full side of an album into individual bands or tracks. You can also add ID3 tags. If you mark the edit point where one ends and the next begins you retain the natural break between tracks that are on the record. Now if you use Wavelab or another tool like Isotope Rx you can even declick, depop, decrackle the individual file. The key with Wavelab is I believe the elements versions only supports up to 24/96 based on the feature comparison on their web site. Ergo the 24/196 file captured by Songcaster may be truncated and not being processed at full resolution. For playback the file is still in this intermediate 24/196 and will be converted back to analog with the same Katalyst DAC as it does when playing the LP in real time. The main benefits are ware and tear on the LP and cartridge. With a good clean LP the process produces great results. If you need to take a pass thru Isotope Rx you have a good chance of producing a click free album. Yes it is a lot of "faff" but could be worth the effort for those who care to try it.
  10. Thanks everyone - @Mr Kandid: The Selekt DSM has a decent MC stage and I have been happy with it although I have been thinking about the Urika-II. @akamatsu: Keel could be a good option as well. Combined with the new Karousel it would be a nice solid update. but not as sexy as the Ekos SE. Question on the Keel over the Kore - what benefit does this sub chassis bring? Asking cause I do not know other than what the promo materials cite. I can allow myself an upgrade every year and combining it with a promotion is a good way to move up the chain. I have a co worker who is interested in an LP12 and I think we will try to get him a base LP12 deck with the new Karousel, sell him my Akito 3B, get an Adkit, and a Lingo IV. This will be his 1st LP12 and would get him in a what we might call a Majik+ build. There is another cat in town who has a full spec deck who is going to Karousel update. Since my dealer has to drive up to perform that work I am looking to piggyback on the trip.
  11. Spring seems to be upgrade time for Linn. Out of these two options which would you choose. Assume an Akurate level TT with a Radikal power supply. The Krystal is input to my Select DSM. Urika-II + the Karousel bearing offer. Ekos SE + the Karousel bearing offer. I tend to think #2 but would appreciate input. BTW, my bearing is not old at all - less than a year as - as is the rest of the deck. After the update I could sell the Akito 3B which is also < 1 year old at this point. Thanks -
  12. Some of you may have seen the links below. There was a fire at the Apollo/Transco Master's facility in California leaving only Japan's MDC the only source for blank masters used in the production or new or reissue releases. The fire has resulted in a total loss of the facility. The other choice is Direct Metal Mastering or DMM which is more promptly used in Europe vs. more traditional lacquer mastering here in the states. Beyond that the supply of styli for the Westrex heads found on Neumann lathes looks to be impacted as well. Looks like our friends across the pond will be able to keep things going for a while. Either way, this looks to be a major blow to vinyl lovers worldwide.
  13. It is very interesting how products like these really bring out objectivists in force. There is another forum where they debate banning all non objective opinions even though when one reads into their objectivist rants they clearly start to tread into subjectivist water. For myself, I own a Melco music server and use it with my SDSM. The "player" output from the Melco feeds the Ethernet in on the SDSM. My personal opinion is that sounds great and I am very happy with the paring. While we use reviews as initial guidance one should just go with what they feel is correct. Just because "A" states something can not possibly work because of "xyz", but you feel it does, then at the end of the day you are correct. There is absolutely no point in putting together a great measuring system so you can hear how bad stuff sounds and sit around and proudly proclaim it all sounds terrible but at least is reproduced very accurately. I much prefer a musically pleasing system to one this is supposedly accurate just to be pissed off after listening to it. Oh, and while this is not the LP12 thread why are the objectivist not gathering with torches lit to show us who like vinyl the error of our ways? After all it measures poorly so clearly we are deceiving ourselves and others by attempting to tout its virtues.