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  1. I think Linn crossed that point already years ago… After the initial purchase of the Klimax Exakt system (350s plus what is now called hub) with every upgrade I wondered was it worth it? If I try to answer it honestly, I have to admit the answer is ‚no, not really‘. This is even more so for the upgrades of the LP12 which were done for nostalgia reasons. I should have sold it may years ago… Anyway, my system is good enough for my taste, so no further upgrade planned nor justified given Linn‘s prices.
  2. Nice, a 991.2 I guess? One doesn’t hear too much of the music anyway, especially if the roof is down …
  3. No interest in Linn stuff currently. Here is my upgrade in 2021 - a Burmester HiFi system on wheels
  4. The point is, that it is not transparent what the various broadcasters do which will cause sound differences between them and also in comparison to the CD version (even if it were the same master). https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/r/r128.pdf
  5. Even worse, in addition to different master/versions each streaming service will apply gain normalisation a bit differently. This varies between -11 dB LUFS and -16 dB LUFS (Loudness Unit Full Scale). The AES/EBU recommendation is -23 dB LUFS. https://www.loudnesspenalty.com/#
  6. Yes, annoying. More advertising than anything else. As this forum doesn‘t add too much value nowadays anyway I‘m out of here. Take care, everyone!
  7. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/08/30/apple-acquires-primephonic-classical-music-service/
  8. Is this the one with the cannon shot? I think a direct cut version was a popular test album in the 80‘s or so for some for testing the tracking capabilities of the pickup system (kind of stupid , caused a lot of damage)
  9. Increasing distance between the speaker and the wall behind will typically increase the illusion of depth. More toe-in will make instruments and vocals easier to localize but decrease the width of the stage as the percentage of direct sound increases vs. reflected sound - at least that is my experience. Of course whether this results in an improvement or not is also depending on the speaker design. Some manufacturers use similar volume for high‘s and mid‘s and then they recommend some toe-in (as the high‘s ‚beam’ on axis would not reach ones ears and therefore high‘s volume would be too low). Others increase high‘s volume compared to mid‘s, then toe-in would lead to overemphasized high‘s. You got to listen, no way around it. There is no easy and universal answer to that question. Personally I prefer the illusion when I can almost ‚grasp‘ the artist. So my 350s have a few degrees of toe-in and they are also in more than a meter distance from the rear wall as I love the illusion of depth as well (think of a Verdi opera with chorus). the distance to the side walls should be different from the distance to the rear wall (at least by 1/3) in order to avoid unwanted reflections/amplification of some bass frequencies. But again, all of these are rule of thumbs that work in my room and not necessarily in others and also our tastes may be different as well - so just listen.
  10. Could be a fun thread on it’s own: your first vinyl This is my first album that I purchased for my Thorens TT back in 1975 or so… I was late to the game, couldn‘t afford a TT before.
  11. Doesn‘t take much for that. Just a pair of headphones… Try Glenn Gould‘s Goldberg Variations (1981) and about 19 minutes into the recording you can spot a few seconds of a radio station program that somehow was intercepted and made it into the recording :-)
  12. Highly recommended… Edit: sorry, wrong thread. Was intended for the music recommendations one
  13. So nothing to loose… try backup/recovery and if it didn‘t work as expected you can still try the copy path.
  14. Are you currently using a Raid setup? Probably not with one physical drive…
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