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  1. Yes, annoying. More advertising than anything else. As this forum doesn‘t add too much value nowadays anyway I‘m out of here. Take care, everyone!
  2. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/08/30/apple-acquires-primephonic-classical-music-service/
  3. Is this the one with the cannon shot? I think a direct cut version was a popular test album in the 80‘s or so for some for testing the tracking capabilities of the pickup system (kind of stupid , caused a lot of damage)
  4. Increasing distance between the speaker and the wall behind will typically increase the illusion of depth. More toe-in will make instruments and vocals easier to localize but decrease the width of the stage as the percentage of direct sound increases vs. reflected sound - at least that is my experience. Of course whether this results in an improvement or not is also depending on the speaker design. Some manufacturers use similar volume for high‘s and mid‘s and then they recommend some toe-in (as the high‘s ‚beam’ on axis would not reach ones ears and therefore high‘s volume would be too low). Others increase high‘s volume compared to mid‘s, then toe-in would lead to overemphasized high‘s. You got to listen, no way around it. There is no easy and universal answer to that question. Personally I prefer the illusion when I can almost ‚grasp‘ the artist. So my 350s have a few degrees of toe-in and they are also in more than a meter distance from the rear wall as I love the illusion of depth as well (think of a Verdi opera with chorus). the distance to the side walls should be different from the distance to the rear wall (at least by 1/3) in order to avoid unwanted reflections/amplification of some bass frequencies. But again, all of these are rule of thumbs that work in my room and not necessarily in others and also our tastes may be different as well - so just listen.
  5. Could be a fun thread on it’s own: your first vinyl This is my first album that I purchased for my Thorens TT back in 1975 or so… I was late to the game, couldn‘t afford a TT before.
  6. Doesn‘t take much for that. Just a pair of headphones… Try Glenn Gould‘s Goldberg Variations (1981) and about 19 minutes into the recording you can spot a few seconds of a radio station program that somehow was intercepted and made it into the recording :-)
  7. Highly recommended… Edit: sorry, wrong thread. Was intended for the music recommendations one
  8. So nothing to loose… try backup/recovery and if it didn‘t work as expected you can still try the copy path.
  9. Are you currently using a Raid setup? Probably not with one physical drive…
  10. You could get yourself an SSD-USB Adapter for little money and simply copy the stuff from old to new…
  11. Yes, SSDs did sound better in my QNAP HS-251. Not by much, but there was a difference. I did compare that combo with a Melco (several years ago) and was not convinced…
  12. I had the chance to listen to this in Berlin, amazing. Maybe one day the technology will trickle down to our living room? https://holoplot.com
  13. I‘d guess here you will get the advice to rather upgrade the source than the speaker
  14. I wouldn’t agree to that statement. If they were indeed rubbish, our species would not have survived in the first place. I would agree though that they developed to fulfil a purpose and hence are limited to that purpose. (Comparing potential sound differences of network cables is probably not one of them ) and are sort of easy to deceive. Listening to stereo systems is one example as it is fooling the brain from the very beginning in making it believe the sound is not coming from two speakers… I think at the end of the day we simply compare illusions, and the more credible that illusion is the ‚better‘ we think the system is. Now a credible illusions is firstly probably a rather individual thing and secondly depending on other aspects as well (e.g. mood). So personally I wouldn’t trust my senses too much when performing ‚equipment tests’ but am happy to enjoy the illusion.
  15. None as far as Linn is concerned. This year I got myself a Harman Kardon and a Burmester system
  16. Kazoo Server needs to be ‚on‘ for iTunes. You could try different control points such as Kazoo, Konfig or Lumin for testing purposes For another quick test you could install Foobar on the Mac and try streaming music that is sitting in a plain folder - not in the iTunes library which is sort of proprietary. Of course you could stream from iTuns using the Airplay selection within iTunes. Finally you could install Minimserver as a different Media server on the Mac i stead of Kazoo server.
  17. Is the music on your MAC or within iCloud or is it in fact Apple Music you are trying to play?
  18. I would include a WiFi Repeater into the picture (which needs to have two LAN sockets). Connect NAS and DSM to the repeater, which is connected via WiFi to the router. No long cables required, you can position the devices with more flexibility. if you wanted, you could connect a separate switch to the Repeater (if you think that the one build-in is not good enough or if your repeater of choice does not have two LAN sockets) and connect NAS and DSM to that one instead. Traffic between NAS and DSM is via cable, communication to the control point via Wifi. Electric isolation to the rest of the network is given due to WiFi. This setup has been working well for me for several years.
  19. Welcome back ‚Joerno‘ aka ‚Johannes‘ aka ‚JPO2005‘
  20. Same here, typical audiophile recordings but little musical excellence (with few exceptions)
  21. FLAC is always lossless, the level indicates the amount of compression, smaller file size as result but longer encoding time. So it is your call, Level 5 seems to be the default that works well… Here an example I found:
  22. Whatever path you choose, the issue with Apple is that you will never really know what quality you eventually get to your Majik, as Apple is very mum about the data conversions on the way between their server and your device. As long as they don‘t offer an API for Linn and others bypassing any iThingy and iOS app or Airplay us concerned about data quality are better off with Qobuz and alike…But as they are in the business of selling HW and all their SW and services are just add-ons towards that goal, I would not hold my breath. Don‘t get me wrong, I like their HW (at least a good part of it) such as iPhone, iPad and Watch but I don‘t like their closed approach (iTunes is a mess, no support for FLAC, lossless on iThingy only is a joke and so on…).
  23. You‘re sure these are SO2 values? As far as I know Konfig is not aware of SO2 but rather SO1 only…
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