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  1. I had previously recorded some records as flac files and could so do a nice comparison with the cleansed records - very convincing. I also experimented with swapping the filter during the cleansing cycle against a clean one (while not changing the water). The older one was then rinsed and later put in again and so on. Frankly I didn‘t notice any difference (except a slightly shorter fill-up time) but it shouldn’t hurt either…
  2. I don‘t care too much about how long the filling takes as long as the cleansing result is fine. My records have never been washed. I didn‘t purchase new records for quite some time as the quality of several of them was mediocre (And I never bought any s/h). As I am the only one handling them, the records are generally in pretty good shape but after cleansing them with the HG I‘m very pleased with the improvements.
  3. It is not so much the number of records but the duration. I use the water two days at the longest before I clean the compartment.
  4. I have settled on water only, extended cleaning first followed by an extended automatic cycle with a short drying phase - works perfectly well so far. No additives needed, no static, records are completely dry. Container and lid are cleansed with tab water and a bit of regular dish detergent after the session, filter is swapped against a new one, the used one is rinsed under clean tab water and is reused later (will dry pretty fast actually). I noticed the filter to loose some fluff at the sides, I did cut some away. Sooner or ore later new filter will be required but I guess any similar material from a hardware store will work just fine.
  5. You will love it! The more I use it the more I‘m impressed. The records look impeccable and sound accordingly and on top no more static at all…
  6. When using fresh water it might male sense one to also clean the inner compartment. I noticed some fluff swimming on top of the fresh water after filling the compartment. Maybe from the side walls or the wheels.
  7. A friend of mine uses the Loricraft with the ‚L’Art du son‘. It is worth noting that as soon as you start mixing the fluid it will start to go mouldy. In addition is contains little particles that will probably quickly fill up the filter. I don‘t know whether a Ultrasonic machines requires different cleaning liquids than other machines. Many tend to lather up, which might be an issue as well. I will stick to water only for the time being. My records are all in pretty good shape (no one touches them but me). If there is a recommendation by HumminGuru I may reconsider, but so far it is not required in my case.
  8. Brief update: I‘m thrilled by this little machine! So much benefit for so little money. As the cleansing process is so fast I have settled for the 5 minutes cleaning followed by the 7 minutes auto cycle. The short drying time is just fine. Only the first record has a few little water droplets, all following have none (no idea why). and by the way: not a single static issue since. The mat doesn‘t move at all which is remarkably as during winter time the humidity in the living room is low. All in all the best audio buy for a long time…
  9. Ordered on Friday, received today - pretty fast. This is my first RCM - I‘m curious So far I‘m very happy. I love the compact format and its clever design. Noise during cleansing is similar to an electric toothbrush, dryer to an shaver, much less than other RCMs I heard before. First records are done, sound very good so far.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. as stated before, this setup has been working flawlessly for several years. The difference is the new repeater model, which is an enhanced version of the previous one which also was already a mesh repeater. The new one supports Wifi 6, has additional antennas and uses one radio exclusively for the mesh connection on top of the two radios for the devices. I found a workaround however (which is in line with your suggestions): I disabled the 5 GHz radio on the repeater (for the connecting devices) and since then no further issues. My suspicion is that when the repeater checks a device for the best connection and whether to switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz for it, there might be a small hickup. This seems however to impact the wired devices hanging off the repeater as well which is kind of weird. Wifi is not even required for streaming the music from the NAS. That is just needed for the control point on my iPad. I assume the firmware is still a bit buggy, hopefully that will be fixed. But for the time being it is ok now.
  11. The repeater has a switch installed, so the data is sent directly from one attached device to the other. Easy to check, I turned off WiFi on the router and the music was playing along fine for several minutes. i suspect it is related to the new Mesh functionality of the new repeater. It seems the bugs are not being ironed out yet. Right now trying to remove the repeater from the Mesh which is however only partially possible.
  12. I‘d appreciate some help from you smart guys… Attached a sketch of my DSM network setup. The DSM and the Qnap NAS are both attached to a AVM 6000 repeater, which is connected (via WiFi) to the router (AVM 7580) (the diagram on the top) I had the same setup with the previous repeater AVM 3000 for several years without any issues. With the new repeater model there are annoying dropouts in the music streamed from the NAS (very rarely with Qobuz as well). This is what I tried so far: As I have two repeater 6000, I tried both - same result. I used different cable between NAS and Repeater - same result. I adjusted transfer speed within the repeater (slower) -no difference. I then attached the NAS to the router and kept the DSM connected to the repeater - everything working fine! (the diagram on the bottom). So my conclusion is, that there is a communication issue between the QNAP NAS and the new AVM repeater (which is supposed to be better). The error message the NAS is giving is ([Network & Virtual Switch] Default Gateway "Adapter 1" (or 2) disconnected.) I tried a number of settings within the NAS and repeater but without success. Searching for this error gave some hits but no cure. Any idea what I could try? Thanks
  13. Linn devices are luxury items, so there will always be some customers interested in them. However that group may become too small for a sustainable business model - I could afford the updates but I‘m not willing to pay these ridiculous prices any longer so its one down…
  14. Out of curiosity: does a volume setting of ‚28‘ (or ‚42‘ ) have any relevance when comparing different devices? I mean, is volume in any way standardized for audio equipment?
  15. I think Linn crossed that point already years ago… After the initial purchase of the Klimax Exakt system (350s plus what is now called hub) with every upgrade I wondered was it worth it? If I try to answer it honestly, I have to admit the answer is ‚no, not really‘. This is even more so for the upgrades of the LP12 which were done for nostalgia reasons. I should have sold it may years ago… Anyway, my system is good enough for my taste, so no further upgrade planned nor justified given Linn‘s prices.
  16. Nice, a 991.2 I guess? One doesn’t hear too much of the music anyway, especially if the roof is down …
  17. No interest in Linn stuff currently. Here is my upgrade in 2021 - a Burmester HiFi system on wheels
  18. The point is, that it is not transparent what the various broadcasters do which will cause sound differences between them and also in comparison to the CD version (even if it were the same master). https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/r/r128.pdf
  19. Even worse, in addition to different master/versions each streaming service will apply gain normalisation a bit differently. This varies between -11 dB LUFS and -16 dB LUFS (Loudness Unit Full Scale). The AES/EBU recommendation is -23 dB LUFS. https://www.loudnesspenalty.com/#
  20. Yes, annoying. More advertising than anything else. As this forum doesn‘t add too much value nowadays anyway I‘m out of here. Take care, everyone!
  21. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/08/30/apple-acquires-primephonic-classical-music-service/
  22. Is this the one with the cannon shot? I think a direct cut version was a popular test album in the 80‘s or so for some for testing the tracking capabilities of the pickup system (kind of stupid , caused a lot of damage)
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