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  1. This looks like good news. I use an app called iPeng to work my innuOS from my phone, and I've never worked out how to make playlists - hopefully that's something i'll be able to do with this new app.
  2. Hi I have a Zenith Mk II and prior to my purchase I telephoned innuOS and spoke to one of their main guys about this matter, saying that I'd rather wait of they were going to bring out something that could run all the Roon features. I don't remember the precise details of his response, and I lack the technical knowledge I would have needed to understand anyway, but the essence of what he said was that any IC chips with the requisite processing power (or the processing itself) was too 'noisy' and therefore too detrimental to the sound quality.
  3. I tend to sit in the camp that thinks the difference between reasonably decent speaker cables is entirely negligible in terms of their audible quality, based solely on my limited understanding of what little I've read about the science and engineering. So I was quite surprised when I was watching an 'Audioholics' youtube video a while back. These 'Audioholics' guys have a firm reputation for being myth busters and they were indeed clearly stating that speaker cables do not make a difference, until they said something along the lines of "as long as you don't use one like this, which has a really wide dialectic between the two leads". They held up a cable which looked remarkably like my Van Damme Hifi cable, as sold by Mark Grant. I need to replace my current cables for shorter lengths, I want to get them professionally terminated, and it suits me to go to Mark; I'e bought all my previous stuff from him, and I'm going to be buying other stuff at the same time as new speaker cables. So, is there any truth in this dialectic argument? Thanks, David.
  4. Thanks for the info, greygoose. I guess I'm going to have to hope that my Oppo lasts much longer than expected, as it was an expensive long-term investment for me (Its the Audiocom Signaute version). is the Pro-Ject CD box hat you've cited the top-loading one?
  5. I would be curious to see the evidence that CD lasers are typically expected to fail after about ten years - it would be news to me. I would feel tempted to find a transport that looks beautiful and feels a tactile pleasure to load, such as a top-loader with a lid, if there is such a thing.
  6. When I turn off my light switch it seems to dramatically improve my sound stage as well as saving the cost of electricity, and the super-market own-brand spirits facilitate this experience just as good as the expensive stuff.
  7. Hi I'm seeking your expert views regarding the potential benefits of Mark Grant's mains filters in my system. I've always been curious about these filters, and been tempted to try one or two of them in my system. Having changed my system around last year, I've now built a new rack for all my equipment, So now I need to replace my speaker cables (shorter runs) and various interconnects (e.g. HDMI cables), and tidy everything up with some replacement power cables going into a couple of good quality new mains blocks. I've previously gone to Mark for all this kind of stuff, so now would be a good time to try mains filtering if I'm going to. What's the actual evidence for the efficacy of this type of mains filter, or Mark's in particular? Do you think they are worthwhile? My various boxes include the following - Plasma telly Humax telly box Audiocom Signature Oppo disk player (which I believe is modded with a liner power supply, amongst other things) innuOS Zennith mk2 music server (also has a linear power supply, which is supposedly low noise) Audiolab FM tuner Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 stereo front end, running Room Perfect and sub integration One or two active subs (BK electrics) An Audiolab processor, for my centre and surround channels, via Audiolab monoblock and stereo amps Thanks for your help, David
  8. Why isn't there a "reviews only" option?
  9. The Townshend Podiums worked wonders overcoming the problems I had regarding the way my speakers were interacting with my room acoustics, so I would recommend them very highly to anyone who is interested in trying them. I think these Bars are an interesting option - to me they look as if they would be a bit more fiddly to set up in comparison to the Podium, but from the pictures they also appear to have a usefully smaller footprint. I ended up having to sell my Podiums on, when I changed my room layout, because their footprint was too big for where they needed to fit. Maybe the Bars would also offer a better visual aesthetic.
  10. I am the first owner of this Allegri+, and I got it brand new, just over a month ago. It is virtually unused. I actually sold this Allegri+ on here last weekend, to DubbleBubble from PinkFishMedia, who joined the Wam to purchase it from me when he saw my previous advert on here. Unfortunately the Allegri+ turned out to be incompatible with DubbleBubble's Teddy Pardo mono-blocks, when turned above a certain volume. He took the Alegri+ to Townshend, who tested it and confirmed it works perfectly. He tells me Townshend told him they've sold over 8 thousand Allegri's/Allegri+'s and the only times they've been found to be incompatible are with his amps and with another pair of Teddy Pardo mono-blocks back in 2016. As DubbleBubble cannot use an Allegri+ in his system, I agreed to give him a refund, and he returned the Alllegri+ to me this evening. I've never used it at all in my own system, so the only use it's seen is for less than a day with DubbleBubbles' Teddy Pardo's (he was initially playing at a lower volume) and then for a brief test at Townshend's, just to check it works perfectly.. I am prepared to sell this Allegri+ for £1300. David.