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  1. This is going for a good price. The last time I saw a 3400 going for close to £3k on Av Forums (i.e. a bit more) people were arguing over who had placed their bird first. If your room could benefit from DSP (and most could) there is a bargain on offer here . If I didn't already own one, I'd be all over it.
  2. Why not? There is a massive Lyngdorf fanbase on AVForums - I think you would quickly receive an offer
  3. That's why I changed from the Townshend Podiums to the Gaia - the Podium footprint was too large for where my speakers had to be relocated. It seems like a no brainer to me. There is no need to place any faith in what people say on the internet, because you have the advantage of distance selling rules. If you think your system might benefit from isolation/decoupling, then order one of the products just to try it out. From what I can gather, your have the luxury of about two weeks to make up your mind and send them back for a full refund if you want. What I can tell your from my personal experience is that my decision was not a subtle one - I made up my mind in less than half of one track from one album, that the difference was obvious. Try a search on this thread or an other thread on any hifi forum - how many examples can you find, of people who have tried these products and decided to send them back?
  4. That's pretty much m understanding and experience of having owned both types of isolation. Something which I find odd, though - it seems to me that Townshend market their isolation platforms in a rather different way, solely in terms of the sonic benefits of isolating your speakers from seismic movement (micro earthquakes). Am I wrong in thinking that Keith is presenting coupling versus isolation as a binary phenomenon - that something is either coupled or decoupled - but in fact there are degrees of coupling? I thought the purpose of spikes is that they concentrate mass on a much smaller surface area than castors, to achieve better coupling.
  5. Thank you for the replies everyone. I see that Carl (Studio In Car) has a website, so I will check that out and maybe give them a call, and maybe I'll start a thread in the talkaudio forum. Note that I wrote 'car audio', not 'car hifi'. I do appreciate that the cabin of a car is noisy and the audio is further compromised by issues such as the location and angles of the speakers, but aren't some of these issues actually a reason to use filters to try to equalise some of the sound, especially the lower frequencies, and isn't DSP an effective way to do this? What's wrong with using a mic to measure the in-cabin response, with a graph to be able to see precisely which frequencies have peaks and nulls? I would have thought this would be a great aid to tweaking the filters, to achieve the best available overall sound. I accept that the sound cannot be perfected, but surely it can be improved, and why not use tools to do this? The miniDSP looks interesting, using dirac rather than tweaking manual filters. Apart from the automation aspect, do you know if there are any other advantages to dirac - is there anything that dirac can do, that manual frequency filters and time alignment cannot? I've done a bit of a google and it doesn't seem that there are any UK suppliers/installers of the minDSP from what I can see. I went for a car audio demo today, and they weren't at all familiar with miniDSP/dirac, or interested in installing anything they are not familiar with. I have just bought a BMW 2 series (M240i), two weeks ago. The installers I'm talking to favour Focal speakers for the doors, and 8" Audison Prima "subwoofers" to replace the ones under the seats. Whereas the Audison "subs" are designed specifically for the BMW, the installers favour the generic Focal ES100K over Focal's BMW specific component speakers. As you have implied, Dom, the generic speakers are more expensive to install but I'm feeling inclined to follow their advice that the generic speakers are also better quality and worthwhile, because the installers would already be doing a lot of installation anyway, in the form of all the sound insulation that they put into the car doors. In my demo today I discovered that it is not a straightforward case of better speakers producing better sound. My 2 series car has some nice optional extras (sunroof, pro version of the iDrive, adaptive suspension, driver comfort package, etc.), but only the "standard hifi" rather than the Harmon Kardon option - part of which is coaxial speakers in the doors, rather than component speakers with separate tweeters situated up by the wing mirrors. In the demo I found that their upgraded system is great when the DSP 'focus' is switched on, time aligned to the driver, but when the DSP is switched to 'global' time alignment the imbalance of the sound, with all the vocals coming from the right of the driver's seat, is much more pronounced than this is in the 'base hifi' system in my car - I presume this has to be due to the added tweeters, and is something that unfortunately cannot be overcome. David
  6. Thank you for the link - I'll have a look now. Yes, they are happy for the customer to sit in the car when they tune the system to the customer's liking, and they say you are always welcome to return the car for them to do a free retune if your taste has changed.
  7. I can't see a car audio forum on here - is there one I'm missing? Any recommendations for another UK car audio forum, or section of a forum? I've recently bought a car and I'm planning to get an audio upgrade, which is very expensive to me, and I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing. The system I'm thinking of going for has a separate DSP unit (about 32 band, I think) and the installers tune the system solely by ear, which quite surprised me. Does anyone know, is there a care audio version of REW or similar software, that can be run from a normal laptop and is cheap/free? Thanks.
  8. I would be astonished if anyone could demonstrate that it does not. The difference that decoupling/isolation makes to the sound made from using my speakers in my room is not at all subtle, it is immediate and obvious, to a gross extent. I have had very little education, training or work experience in acoustics or relevant engineering, but lots in cognitive science, which has given me a better than average appreciation of cognitive bias.
  9. I'm in Kettering, Northants, Keith. I've started using room correction now (Room Perfect in Lyngdorf TDAi 3400), so we could take some measurements of the effect of that as well as the speaker 'decoupling/isolation'. David.
  10. Hi Keith I don't have the Podiums anymore I'm afraid, as I've sold them to another Wammer. I would be very interested to see a measurement of the Gaia though, but I'm useless at IT and I don't have a microphone that is suitable for REW. I would love it if you could come to my place to take the measurements and post them on here - you could be a kind of 'independent adjudicator' so that everyone would know the results are trustworthy. I would be happy to pay for your transport costs, and supply tea and cakes. Please do let me know when it would be convenient for you. David.