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  1. Hello, the mystery has finally solved and the Majik is back at work. It turns out that one of the network wall sockets seems to be faulty and of course it was the last socket checked... Seems just a true statement: not all network devices are created equal thanks for all your replies Regs tweise
  2. Hi All, thanks for the further replies. We have a total of 6 networks outlets in the house, on 2 of them the Majik is working. All outlets are working with other network devices like qnap, Macs or a PC.. I have verified the colour coding of the cables but will doublecheck. If nothing changes I'll replace the network outlets for this specific link... If thats doesn't help I'm running out of ideas ... Regs tweise PS: can anyone advice the correct english term for the device in the picture? Network outlet seems to be misunderstandable..
  3. This is standard Cat5e Ethernet, and the cable between the outlets Switch <-> Majik has already been replaced. All other equipment is working on this outlet as well on all other outlets. Can you explain what I could compare? I'm unaware of the term Termination in Ethernet.... tweise
  4. the Outlets are connecting to the switch. As said it works if use a 20m cable trough floor and stairs... which is only temporary possible. The Majik works on some outlets but not on all. This is why I ask for details of the network config...
  5. Hi, the house is fitted with fixed cabling, we have in most rooms network outlets where you just plug in your device. The Majik won't work on this specific outlet but everything else does
  6. Hi, thanks for your response, resetet the device with konfig, but without luck. I even replaced the cable between the patch panels but the situation is the same as before. Majik won't work everything else has a valid and working connection. Anything else than the qnap (kazoo), the switch and the Majik has been removed from the network. So my only hope is that someone knows how to configure or at least check the onboard network interface? I have been in touch with Linn support but they can't or won't help with that matter Regs tweise
  7. Hello, Situation is as follows: Majik DS/1 is unable to play music or to be configured via kazoo/konfig when connected via patch panel Symptoms: Majik DS works like a charm if direct connected to the switch, all good, connection is speed=100 Mbps, duplex=FULL, FlowControl=OFF if connected via patch panel the DS negotiated the connection as speed=10 Mbps, duplex=FULL, FlowControl=OFF, nothing works, ping looses about 30% of packets, konfig takes 5 min to discover the device and is then unable to work with the DS Same (patched) connection with an PC or an MacBookPro works with speed=100 Mbps, duplex=FULL, FlowControl=ON, so I would consider the cabling to be okay Is there any way to configure or at least check the onboard network interface? I have worked trough the docomentation and some FAQs but was unable to solve this so far.. Regs tweise
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