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  1. I can't seem to find documentation on this and in lieu of Linn Support being offline figured I'd see if anyone had guidance. When using 2 RCA connections from an Exaktbox-Sub to a single subwoofer does anyone know the correct configuration. Previously Colin from Linn support indicated that I would need to specify the configuration as Mono L and Mono R when connecting in this fashion, however you are only given configuration options of Mono/LFE/Stereo when configuring your setup. If you select Mono it only indicates a single RCA connection as present. When entering Stereo it assumes you have 2 subwoofers, and requires serial numbers for both subwoofers - do you just duplicate your subwoofer indicating that you have 2? Any thoughts on how to configure this appropriately?
  2. Thanks, I find the options somewhat confusing. Currently I am using the RCA route in mono so the balancing between channels hopefully should not be an issue and I'm pretty pleased with the results, sounds great with movies and music.
  3. Interesting. I didn't see that configuration listed in their surround sound documentation. As you know with my system I am using a Katalyst Exaktbox-i to power my 2.1 setup with a newly added exaktbox sub, so I would need to add an additional exaktbox-i to power the SR/SL/Center channels but could use my exaktbox sub in that setup? Given you can only use one filter (RCA vs LFE on the exaktbox sub) how does that operate with a 5.1 setup?
  4. Did you ever find out if this is possible? I was under the assumption it was one vs. another and that you could not use the exaktbox-sub in a 5.1 configuration? That the sub had to be fed of the exaktbox-i?
  5. Not sure if this helps but I have a Majik LP12 using an Akurate System Hub which ships with MC by default, after having it reconfigured for MM my board does show MM in Konfig.
  6. Struggling to find any documentation on this, but I'm using an REL S3 with an Exaktbox Sub in Mono configuration and when running Space Optimization + it automatically checks "Enable Roll Off" which requires input of a the frequency you want to define the roll off. Should that be unchecked? I would assume if you have entered your Exakt Speakers and Subwoofer it would automatically know where to roll off the frequencies without user input?
  7. Thanks Paul I'll play around with the different filter options and see which one is to my liking. Just curious if others had experience they could share with the filter differences.
  8. Got this figured out, mains cable was not fully plugged in doh. Does anyone have any insight into the filter differences using an REL subwoofer between LFE and L/R/Mono filters?
  9. I recently purchased an Exaktbox Sub second hand from England (I live in the USA) and when trying to power it on using a Linn power supply for the US the box does not power on or indicate any power is being received. Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting this?
  10. And it seems like from feedback from this thread that even following their suggestions to accommodate for the delay don't really yield the most positive result. Seems like it's either go full Exakt on Surround or have an entirely different setup. My only concern with going fully Exakt on Surround Sound is the lack of HDMI 2.1 support on the board which while not an issue now, could be in the next 1-2 years.
  11. Does anyone know if the Akurate System Hub supports unity gain for integration with a surround processor?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a difference in the REL S3 vs REL S3 SHO in terms of being an officially supported subwoofer for use with the exaktbox sub?
  13. It looks like it is but the audioquest end is much thicker than a normal IEC socket can handle. It fits in but doesn't make full contact and won't power on.
  14. Interestingly the audioquest cable did not fit the Akurate System Hub mains socket. It was too large.