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  1. My aged Sennheiser HD 590 are looking a little worse for wear. I have had them since new when they first came onto the market. I am looking to replace them. Any suggestions. I am not after spending a king's ransom as at the moment i will only be using them with an onboard headphone amp until i save me pennies for an NVA jobbie.
  2. If you missed my show and would like to listen to it here is a link to the Podcast...
  3. Don't forget to tune in this evening folks
  4. Flippin eck yer! You are right. I had forgotten that too
  5. She will always be Emma Peel to me.
  6. Very sad indeed. RIP Emma Peel. Many young boys dream.
  7. Good day folks. Hope you can tune in this Sunday to my show on
  8. Got this today less than half price. Fook me it's good. Abbey Road HSM. Treefriginmendos.
  9. I will be mounting which ever cartridge i choose om my VPI JMW Memorial tonearm.
  10. Very interesting. thanks for that.
  11. Well which one shall i go for?
  12. Is it my imagination or is a version of the AT ART9 with tapped holes and bots available?
  13. Listening to this a lot at the moment. Brand new release by UK Proggers The Tangent...