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  1. For those who missed my recent show you can listen to it here as a Podcast. https://progzilla.com/the-progmeister-progzilla-september-12th/
  2. Still on the lookout for one of these. Any colour will do as long as it's in good working order.
  3. I happened upon this on sh1tbay and despite thinking it was a lot of money for the paint job i was quite beguiled. Looks like a fifties ford pop ha ha...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124894096904?hash=item1d1444ae08:g:9hUAAOSw-xlhOyvm
  4. Must be in good working condition. Please get in touch cash waiting.
  5. Is there anyone here using Odyssey amps. I am considering a Stratos power amp. The only thing putting me off is that they a factory direct. There isn't a UK distributor or stockist. They seem to be a lot of amp for the money.
  6. I hope you will join me this Sunday 12th of September on www.progzilla.com for some Prog infused with a little jazz fusion. 6pm UK time. Go on, give it a whirl!
  7. Been through the mill with cables. I have a shed full of em. I changed to Missing Link and never looked back.
  8. This clarifies things to a large degree though i would be tempted to get it properly re-terminated that way it may be easier to sell on.
  9. I am not really a picky bugger it's just that the cable isn't how Mark at Missing Link would have wanted one of his cables to be sold on. I know this because Mark has seen this thread and is somewhat pissed off about it. However, i do admire your honesty and the cable belonged to you and yours to do what ever you wish with.
  10. The plug has definitely been removed and replaced at some point. Here is a picture of a one sold at my local dealers. In addition, i own a couple of ML mains cables and i know Mark Sears would not let that leave his work shop like that.
  11. Makes you wonder just how many severe cases of OCD that audio is responsible for?
  12. Here is the show as a Podcast for those who may be interested in listening to it. http://www.progzilla.com/the-progmeister-progzilla-august-2021/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NorthEastBakeOff/posts/1686532344874886/?comment_id=1686683944859726&reply_comment_id=1686687824859338&notif_id=1628284771363349&ref=notif&notif_t=group_comment_mention
  14. The Progmeister is pleased to announce that NEBO 11 will take place on Saturday 6th November 11am – 22:30pm. Usual format with the emphasis on enjoying the day, music, drink, Hi-Fi and mirth. Our host for our first post lock down event is Ian Humberston whom I have known for a long time. The room is at the rear of the Nursery with bar facility and toilets all on one level. Loading and unloading should be much easier than the last venue. I will of course keep you updated through the NEBO Facebook page and of course the usual online forums. Please feel free to network the event and to keep me updated as to what equipment you would like to bring. There are numerous B&B’s/hotels within a mile radius for those travelling from afar and Ian has informed me that he is happy for folks to leave equipment overnight to be collected the next morning should they wish to. See you down there!
  15. Hey Wammer's, i hope you can tune into my show on Sunday 8th August at 6pm UK time. This month includes a chat with Paul Birchall of Combination Head.
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