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  1. In which case I may need the assistance of a repair man. Any suggestions with regards to valve specialists?
  2. I own a pair of Unison Research smart 845 SET monoblock amps. One of them has gone to sleep and won't wake up. I am hoping it is but a blown fuse. Can anyone tell me how to change the internal fuse?
  3. I will keep me eyes and ears peeled.
  4. Thanks for that gentlemen. Yes i am thinking of around 5m. If i can find soomeone to knock me a pair up would a pair of Klotz microphone cables be ok?
  5. I am wanting to move my equipment rack and place by set valve monoblocks further away from the pre amp. Unfortunately I don't have the option of balanced XLR outputs so I was wondering what the maximum length of interconnect it would be safe to use between them? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Fellow Neboites. I have had to pull the sensible lever on Nebo 11. I thinks we have to be safe and also respect not only the law but the danger it may pose on health be it ours or those we could infect. Best to live safely and arrange it at a more appropriate time. I know this is a disappointment but i would rather do it now rather than a week or a few days before the event. So it is now on hold. Really sorry guys. Hopefully those who may have arranged accomodation will get the chance to obtain a refund or a coupon rebooking at a later date. Many thanks and once again my apology.
  7. Where are you located? I live in the North East and would loan you a chunky integrated till you got your amps back if you need it. I am in the North East.
  8. Many thanks. Very kind
  9. I was sent this album to review and thoroughly enjoying it. Here is my review. Well worth checking out Wammers
  10. Here is a link to the archived show
  11. Hey Progsters tune in this evening for some choons with me Steve Petch for The Progmeister @ Progzilla. Some new, some old some very very old Prog, A little dash of pop and even some electro. 6pm-8pm this evening. Broadcast from the ramshackled dolls house of Prog. See ya down there?
  12. Shame. I watch the BBC a lot and still think it is great. Unlike the house of lords however i think it is worth saving.