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  1. locheeboy

    Johnny Darko

    That post wasn't aimed at you Mad4it..... but you're welcome to have a wry smile...
  2. locheeboy

    Johnny Darko

    I don't have a DAC, never wanted nor felt I needed one - however ah like a good disagreement...BUT... There's definitely a sense of " You're wrong...but if I do the same thing - I'M RIGHT" Trying to qualify your statement with apochryphal comment like (I paraphrase) "not just me guv, all me mates ,as well" sounds like equivocation...
  3. locheeboy

    Johnny Darko

    There's an old, old, old story from (some) cable manufacturers. They used to say, . So, if, some listeners are hearing something different between 2 different cables...then, the cable manufacturers have either added or removed something from their cable so listeners can distinguish it from other cable. If so...they are not attempting to reproduce the sound on the CD/vinyl etc. but trying to produce a " cable sound" and subsequently, the ability to charge much, more money. I buy more expensive cable than , say, Amazon basics ( although they source some good cables very cheaply) for one reason only - it-lasts longer!
  4. Defining music genres... Ye can't... get tae bed!
  5. What's the problem? Someone decides to spend £1000+ on Entreq gear. Those who naysay it are, at the same time, spending £1000+ on a DAC, so those folk have neither the righteousness nor the scientific rigour to support their reasoning...
  6. It shouldn't be in 2 channel either, you're a mod, YOU should know! Music for sale or classifieds... expecting yer mates to rally round saying what a good job mods do - we all give our time up for something (afore the bleating apologists arrive... )
  7. Ah'm referring tae your language, not mine - Ah'm no english...
  8. cannae believe yer quoting an American language site on the ENGLISH language...
  9. Nah, it's a 2 syllable word...ye oxy-moron...
  10. What's all the fuss about. Listen through Youtube - listen through a DAC ...much the same quality, much the same sound
  11. quality streaming is an oxymoron with the emphasis on the second syllable....
  12. Generally speaking ...if yer under the age of 40 ,then ye grew up with scheit quality music, phones etc. This has continued into adulthood, which is why streamed music through a 10 bob (look it up) DAC is acceptable and accepted. Plus, the herd instinct - "he/she's got it...it must be good !" "HA HA, not paying up to £20 per album, CD,tape - they only last 30/40 years."I'll stick with streamers who abandon content, abandon customers (who are willing to pay £000s for a near empty box). I'll pay £15-25 PER MONTH for a service I'll probably lose in the next 2 years but it's OK not as expensive as vinyl..... Anyone remember a recent incident where a manufacturer said ( I loosely quote " We're gonna feck you over royally, You'll have to buy new units to keep up, 'cos we're gonna make the present ones incompatible with the new ones. It's a very old wheeze but a good one". So, it's happening already... EAT-SLEEP-CONSUME...
  13. A few years ago, I bought a PL Dialogue Premium and a pair of Dialogue 6s. I got a large discount on the pre-amp from HI FI Corner and an even better deal on the monoblocks from the Belgian "Technology Factory" (ex - demo), (https://www.technologyfactory.eu/en/ ) I recommend the ex-dem and "used" sections - good bargains and, in my case, free delivery. I replaced the EL34s with 2 x quads of Psvane KT88s, giving me that little,extra edge which I wanted ). Effectively they became Dialogue 7s. I had, initially ,problems with the pre-amp. It was only 2-3 months old - fuses kept blowing. Contacted HiFi Corner ( excellent help from them, took back the amp FOC). They sent it to The Netherlands, where the PL engineers discovered a possibly, recurring problem in the fuse circuits, hence the distribution of new,different fuses to all owners. I got an email from big Herman, himself, telling me that, had I not had these problems, the Prima Luna series may have developed a poor reliability reputation re. the blown fuses. This is why all owners were offered the new fuses. So, I m a trailblazer ! Also got half a dozen, extra fuses. After my initial problems with the pre, all three amps have never missed a beat, extremely happy with them. After a long-awaited unveiling of the "new" PLs, I went to have a listen to an Evo300. I couldn't, honestly, tell any major differences/improvements, between my PL and the Evo. Any perceived changes, I put down to a different listening room. There were no stand out moments, no spine shivers, as there were when first listening to PLs. Looking at the spec, the only difference between the amps is the Du Roch caps replacing Mundorf. I believe they're made by the same factory? I think Du Roch is a step sideways (probably cheaper), instead of an improvement. Not speaking from electrical/electronic expertise but rather, worldly...All the specs are identical , down to the dimensions and weight. Don't get me wrong, I love my PLs and would not part with them. I do wish that there had been a "great leap forward" as PrimaLuna were , originally, but I wouldn't pay nearly £1000 more for an Evo300 pre. I'd buy a used Dialogue Premium.