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  1. I would say simply, simple design and discrete components, the fewer the better. My MUSE mono blocks fit this bill
  2. I used to have the ES30s and upgraded to ATC SCM40s, so may be give ATCs a listen :-)
  3. I can't as to get my 7.5% discount I have to buy e-gift cards. It was a pukkering moment after I had bought £2300 worth of Currys ecards and when hitting the confirm button, the system responded "unable to process". After several unsuccessful attempts I tried the Currys video help thingy and got through to a very helpful chap in what looked like a store who I could see (he could only hear me). He told me that the giftcard system was down which is probably why the transaction could not go through, and they had plenty of stock. Tried later and although I got the same message a few times eventually I saw the order had gone through *phew*
  4. I'm due up there in a couple of weeks, although from the sound of all these reviews its gonna be rubbish, I might as well cancel
  5. I've just pulled the plug on a Samsung QE65QN95A, there are deals on the Samsung range now, I got £400 off list price (its now 10%) plus £300 cash redemption, plus I get 7.5% off at Currys. So a £2700 TV for a little over £1800.
  6. Just in case anyone wants a big cheap TV, I've got a new one so the old HD Ready Plasma telly is no longer needed. Works perfectly and is in perfect condition. Calibrated using the Spears & Munsil HD bluray disc. Its model PS50Q97HD here. Its about 16 years old but had a new panel about 8 years ago, swivel stand and remote included. Have been using it with an HD Freesat box but the internal Freeview tuner is pretty good. Looking for £100, near Woking, Surrey. P.S. Its bloody heavy, two man lift and should be transported upright in order to avoid panel damage. I have transported it laid flat, it is possible if done very carefully.
  7. I had a pair oof ES30s for some years, yes I think you have to remove that front stuck on panel which ain't easy.
  8. Better to have conductors than inductors.
  9. Just spoke with John, he says its crap on the mains. Will live with it.
  10. It happened again, Saturday morning around 11am (similar time as before). I managed to record the buzz, also take the cover off the amp and found its the toroidal that's making the noise. It lasted for a minute or two, went silent, then came back briefly. When I turned the buzzing amp off, I could hear the other amp making a similar noise albeit much more quietly. I found this interesting article that exactly describes the symptoms, caused by DC on the mains, or asymmetric loading Mains DC and Transformers (sound-au.com) A few bits that hit home: The transformers were upgraded, from 500VA to 1000VA, so would be more susceptible. The buzz is the exact same noise I hear briefly when turning on the amp. Exactly what is happening here As above, my bigger transformers will be more susceptible. Its not over voltage, normally its around 245-246V, at the time voltage was 242-243V I wonder if its something like next doors hair dryer or curling tongs, the young Doris next door would be getting up around this time? I can't think of anything in my house that would cause this. OH was watching the TV, I'm in the bathroom/upstairs. So DC offset then? It always happens at around the same time at weekends which is when I have the amps on, its lasts for a minute or two and that's it. I'll try ringing JS to see what he says, but may be I'll just have to live with it.
  11. I've got American heavy weight box front ends - CD/DAC and Power Amps, with a British Speaker. Best of both worlds? The thing all these have in common is that they're extremely well built (like a tank), may be that contributes towards their sound SQ/signature.
  12. Just because something cannot be explained does not mean it is not explainable. I am firmly in the camp of not understanding how mains cables can make one iota of a difference, but I am open to the view that they may make a difference even though I cannot for the life of me figure how that can be so.
  13. This argument reminds me of something I heard Stephen Fry mention, its an argument between theoreticists and empiricists. In reality we all sit somewhere in the spectrum between these two extremes. Theoreticists won't accept an argument unless it can be supported by a solid scientific basis or reasoning. "Tell me how it can make a difference according to the science" they'll say. Empiricists go with what can be demonstrated, they couldn't care less about the why or how, just the what. If they can hear a difference or improvement, that's enough. Doesn't matter if it can be supported with a reason.
  14. Perhaps I should change my pronouns to Thing/Thang
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