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  1. Oh I've got some decent speakers for the primary HiFi, not this cheap rubbish.
  2. How odd, so did I. They're going in my man cave as the 2nd system.
  3. Nice speakers...I had the ES30s for a while before I replaced them with the ATC SCM40s, and I also have the ES14s bought in 1990. Do let us know how you get on.
  4. I've got a device just like this on my PC - taking the optical out and converting to 3.5mm stereo audio as input to powered speakers. Works a treat, but can't say whether its "hifi" quality.
  5. ATC launches gorgeous, limited-edition SCM150ASLT active speaker system
  6. Fair enough. May be as my amps are pretty good (and being upgraded to compare allegedly with £10k+ amps) my passives sound better than others with mediocre amps. I've always though it would be interesting to compare my Mk I passives with Mk II passives vs 40A vs 50A - and see where the biggest jump in SQ is.
  7. Is the power supply included?
  8. My passive MK I 40s are great, one day I hope I can afford and be able to justify the jump to the 50 ASLTs. Don't see much point in going to active 40s or passive 50s.
  9. Women like music, but they don't like hifi for the same reason you don't see many women engineers. One of the biggest differences between men and women on average is that men like things and women like people.
  10. Could try drilling out the backs of the plastic things?
  11. I don't believe a noise meter is going to be of any use, the background noise will swamp out anything you can "hear". My neighbours (attached side) are real PITAs, they talk loudly and have yappy dogs which are sometimes let out in the early hours waking us up. Then they complain/bang on the wall when I'm doing DIY at the weekend - quite unreasonable. I ignore them, its very rare something happens but you just can't reason with them. I've made myself a rule - any noise is OK up to 6pm, then 6-10pm no banging/drilling etc, try and keep it quiet. I think you have to set yourself boundaries as to what you believe to be reasonable, certainly after 10pm I'd not be playing music loudly but up to then, fine. If you can speak with them - ask if you can go round to theirs with your music playing loudly so you can hear it for yourself. You can the see for yourself whether their complaint is reasonable, but just being able to hear the music is not necessarily cause for complaint.
  12. Can you unscrew the plastic things to see if they come off?
  13. I have a pair of ultra xlrs but I'm keeping them!! Sorry gents. They cost a darn fortune even used.
  14. Good advice all round. I'd go with speakers first and agree (a) you should home audition them in the room they'll be in (b) try them also with an appropriate "upgraded" amp, only this way will you know what the speakers sound like with your current amp and what they will ultimately sound like when you also upgrade the amp.
  15. Powerline devices like Devolo do not need to be on the same ring final as all circuits are connected by copper which is quite a good conductor of electricity. There is probably a range limit but that's all. I've got a Ubiquiti AC Pro wifi access point in the kitchen, it has both 5GHz and 2.4GHz and as above, the 5GHZ is faster but doesn't penetrate as well.