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  1. I was also wondering about the ATC19s or the smaller SCM11s. Might need a change of amp though as these speakers do thrive off current.
  2. Interesting, I wonder why certain record labels use inverse polarity and others not - is it intentional or some weird outcome due to gawd knows what? I am rather perturbed however, by the use of degrees, I would have thought radians would be a more appropriate measure i.e. 0 and π
  3. It may be useful/helpful to think of the kind of system you'd want if you had considerably more money and what that gives you. That might clarify what "good" looks like. Its not clear to me what's wrong with your current system and what you want through an upgrade. I've got to a place where I like my system and the only upgrade would be more of the same i.e. from the SCM40s (recently upgraded from Mk1 to Mk2) to active 40s or 50s. I don't want anything different now, just more/better of what I already have. Are you wanting more of the same in some audio aspects, or different aspects,
  4. Far too much reason, logic and rationale there rabski for a cable topic.
  5. I think it was a PS Audio "Ask Paul" video I saw, where he explained the main benefit from using good quality mains cables was that they won't introduce unwanted distortion/interference into low power interconnects and devices like a pre amp. I can imagine that in a high resolution, high power setup where poor quality leads are used for the power amps, then replacing them with bigger better leads could lead to an improvement. I can accept that they may be subtle improvements possible through the use of better quality mains leads. But generally I share the scepticism of the above post
  6. They look very similar in construction/design to the things I bought, however those wooden feet don't look like they'll take the weight of a decent speaker. FYI I've now purchased 4 of the Soundcare SuperSpikes from a fellow Wammer and got another 8 on the way. These seem to be a good value, well designed and constructed solution for speakers on hard floors.
  7. I've been looking at TVs over the past year in case my 50" Plasma bites the dust. My first choice is the Sony KDnnXH9505 as above (65" in my case), second choice is the normally more expensive Samsung QEnnQ90T, but now the Samsung as actually cheaper than the Sony. These are both LED backlit LCD TVs, which I prefer over OLED for my use case. If reflections are a concern, the Samsung is probably the better bet, but the Sony movie picture and motion quality is better and it does have an anti reflection coating. Two great youtube channels to watch are HDTV Test (Vincent Teoh) and S
  8. Formatting changed for me a few days ago too, wasn't sure if it was at the WAM end or my end.
  9. My recent experiences... The No 22 kit from MCRU is good value for money. The MS HD plugs are decent quality, fit those with some screen 2.5mm cable like what's in the kit and you're good to go.
  10. Might give them a go 👍
  11. FYI I have a pair of ATC SCM40s going with a Lyngdorf/Tact SDA 2175 power amp that is more or less in budget. It’s in the classifieds.
  12. Thanks all for your comments. @Blzebub repositioning like you say is not realistic, that's 4' out from the back wall and would put them way too far out into the room. they're currently 2' out. I have toed the speakers in so they're very nearly facing the centre of the sofa and that's helped. @Kubs For some time I had the Mk 1s on their spikes sitting on granite chopping boards, I'm not sure if that made things better, I think not. But it would be worth trying with these feet on the granite, I have 9 or 10 of those chopping boards lying around! @hearhere it was the gaias that put
  13. Just bought 2 packs of these off EBay for my SCM40s, which are sitting on parquet flooring. I’m really impressed and they’re a really cheap option to see if/how they make a difference. Bass seems to be cleaner. The rubber o-rings kinda float the speaker on the floor. Anyone else tried something similar? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4pcs-Speaker-Isolation-Feet-Pad-Stand-For-CD-Spikes-Turntable-Radio-Amp-HiFi-/233874959617?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  14. My first was a Bush, Arena hifi I think it’s called, like below except mine had a black on/off button and cassette lid and buttons. All black. Speakers were crap.
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