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  1. Yes, early models were single wired with later models becoming bi-wired. The simplicity (or lack) of a cross over makes them trivially biwireable. In fact I converted my early single wired versions to biwirable, IIRC there's just a capacitor across the tweeter and that's it! Not so sure about the bungs thought they were to reduce the bass. I've lost mine so have them setup sans bungs.
  2. Actually, SBT linking to the LMS on a raspberry Pi, into a DAC. That's what I have
  3. I have the same concern with my 861, not so bothered if the transport goes pop, but if the electronics do then it becomes a very big n heavy door stop.
  4. I doubt anyone without specialist knowledge will touch it, and even if they will its likely to be cheaper to buy a new (used) one.
  5. 1. probably not possible at low cost, but would see if its DIY fixable first 2. If coax socket is usable, give it a go! 3. Probably the easiest option, I have a wee box from my PC that take optical (or coax) and converts to RCA. FiiO Taishan D03K Digital and Analog Audio Decoder (Coaxial, Optical) : Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo Needs a USB input for power.
  6. I had a Lyngdorf SDA 2175 power amp last year, class D and it sounded very nice with my SCM40s. It did lack some emotional engagement but could have lived with it, and it cost only £650. Very good bang for the buck therefore.
  7. And even then, I’ve only recently upgraded from the Mk1s.
  8. Well here’s me, not very exciting but it’s the sound that matters.
  9. They're heavy buggers hey. Even my 40s are barely liftable.
  10. Always on the inside I thought. Alternatively get the SCM40s and not worry about it
  11. Shame it doesn't have digital in as would go lovely as a DAC with my X-P100 and X-A200s
  12. Not sure how I'd use Dirac in my system, either needs a compatible device or a computer? I'm streaming ripped CDs from a NAS via LMS on a Pi and a Squeezbox touch into the Wadia.
  13. Just seen this thread. One thing I agree on is that the SCM40 treble sounds rolled off a bit. With my monster amps, bass is in abundance and if anything, the speakers are bass heavy at times. The individual CD/mastering plays a big role as SQ varies enormously. Sometimes I do wish I could use a Quad like filter to roll off the bass and up the treble. The sound signature appears to have a hump in the lower mid/upper bass, but perhaps that's just the midrange coming through and my amps driving the woofer very well. Room acoustics may also be playing their part...these speakers are anything but lean to my ears.
  14. Andy, I have the ATC SCM40s and some powerful mono blocks to drive them, if distance is doable you might bring your speakers and amp here and have a play. That way you can hear what your speakers sound like with some decent wellie and also get a taste for the SCM 40 sound. Or I could potentially bring my amps to you but obviously not the speakers!
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