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  1. Given your budget you might also consider some beefy/MOSFET Musical Fidelity amps with an upgrade by JS Audio.
  2. My speakers didn't cost as much as that switch
  3. Well obviously if your friend had replaced the captive wire it would no longer be impendence matched and ruined the SQ.
  4. Cellulose thinners will remove everything...
  5. A cable is only as good as its weakest link, I agree with this. A mains cable should have good x-section area, shielding and fitted with quality connectors. Get these basics right and it'll be good enough for 99.999% of people.
  6. Meths might also be good as it also leaves no residue, but could be a tad strong.
  7. They look like a pair of 1980s boom box speakers that have been on steroids ever since! Would be good in someone's man cave GLWS
  8. I've done neither on my SCM40 Mk1s which are wired up using the jumpers, one cable goes to the tweeter (say +ve), the other goes to the woofer (-ve).
  9. I had the A100 bought in 1990, nice sounding amp and good phono stage to boot. GLWS
  10. The thing that gets me with this chap is that almost everything is about "him". He's playing himself up biggly. As such I have little respect for what he's saying.
  11. They're worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. Agree £5k is a tad steep, when you consider that could get you a very nice pair of nearly new active 40s for that. Add in the amp packs its £7.5k, I would pay that for a much fresher pair, but not this set.
  12. I just got shot of a 200W Class D power amp, would have been perfect. I don't think amps will have a "switchable" input option, all the power amps I've seen either have RCA and XLR on at the same time, or manually switchable at the rear.
  13. 20 amps would be using 2.5mm cable in a radial (not ring). I went two steps further in my rewire - used 4mm cable and in a ring final config, therefore so much more copper/surface area. Have got 6 double sockets on this circuit to feed TV and hifi, together with 4 network outlets (Cat6), twin satellite, Freesat and FM/DAB.
  14. Wham bam thank you mam!
  15. I sit corrected then, presumably the higher power threshold only applies if you turn the wick right up. IMO too much power is never a bad thing.
  16. My ATC 40s with 500W MOSEFET mono blocks are any thing but lean or dry, if any thing there is a little too much bass. BUT and its a big but, the balance really depends on how the music is mastered/recorded. In other words, they simply convey what has been recorded :-)
  17. You won't over cook them. ATC recommend amps with power up to 1500W.
  18. I agree that mains cables and such like can make a difference, but depends on a few factors e.g. - how noisy the mains is - current demand of the component (greater for amps) - proximity to other leads, particularly interconnects. If you have clean mains, a decent x-sectional area of the lead, good connections at the end and low power requirements, I reckon leads are going to have minimal affect. Bigger gains are perhaps to be made with amps due to their bigger current demands and consequential impact on the low power interconnects in close proximity. As with all
  19. I’ve recently upgraded from the Mk1s to Mk2s, not a great deal of difference but they do share the mid and bass drive units. Mk2s have an improved ATC tweeter and improved cross over as well as a nicer looking curved cabinet. IMO the 40s take a lot of beating. Guess why I stuck with them. Oh and they thrive on current, lots of current. 100s of watts.
  20. Speakers and amp now sold, Streamer remains. Make me an offer
  21. Boy oh boy oh boy On the one hand he's saying the same thing as I believe - mains cables need to have 2 key properties (1) low resistance (2) good interference rejection (shielding). But all the technical word salad BS And then he brings up characteristic impedance. Well if you thought Max Townshend was given a hard time for promoting characteristic impendence for the success of his speaker cables, this guy takes it to a whole new level.
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