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  1. Hello Mr Jail4CCEOs, does PNG this work for you? Regards ----- eriku
  2. Hello Clarets, How are you? I have an OPPO BDP-105 connected via Balanced cables and works perfectly with my AKURATE KONTROL. The BDP 105 Manual configuration shows this for its XLR pin config output: Cheers! Erik BTW, this is the link for the LINN SITE XLR connectors:
  3. Hello Linesrg, I guess this is it ---> regards! eriku
  4. Circuit Design. ( Analog and Digital ) As you go up on every LINN gear, as you mention, the circuit design gets better and better with each model and the result is obviously better and better. more crystal clarity and more power. regards!
  5. Yes! Please you just need to swap the connector in order to "bypass" the inner passive x-over into the speakers so it can be AKTIV. It´s pretty simple, 1. You need to remove the screws of back connector. 2. Kindly unplug the connectors and swap it to AKTIV. 3. that's it!
  6. Once you go KATALYST and KLIMAX it0s hard to go back. Paul from PS AUDIO said it better: "Once you hear better, there’s no going back to what once was right." That said, and also not knowing what kind of budget you have right now, maybe something from: AUDIO RESEARCH LS28 (no DAC) ? MOLA MOLA - MAKUA (with DAC) ? regardssssssssssss
  7. Hi guys! Well this great poll is kinda weird: yesterday was my 45 bDay yet I don't know who "Jack White" is ! Well! I Gotta TIDAL him right now!
  8. btw, I found this over the FAQ LINN PAGES: "Does the Linn DS/DSM do Tidal Master streaming" "No, Tidal Masters use an "MQA" codec which the Linn DS/DSM does not support. Any Tidal Masters will play as standard CD quality audio." URL: regards, Erik
  9. Hi JWT, quick question... your ASDM already has the Katalst upgrade? if so, technically your gear can playback up to 192kHz-24bits wirelessly. That said, even if you do not have the upgrade you could be able to enjoy a great sounds from your ADSM at that bitrate. maybe Kazoo is the thing holding you up to get it! so! it will be great if you can share some screens with your actual settings from your kazoo. Other test you could do is, please kindly download AUDIRVANA (there's a 1 month free trial) and try to stream from there: AUDIRVANA is a great software and can do the first MQA step: MQA Decoder in order to have a better audio signal directly to your ADSM. If you can do that it will be. great test even before you modified settings within the Kazoo Application. I can help you - guide you in order to test high-res audio from TIDAL within AUDIRVANA streaming to your amazing ADSM if you're unfamiliar with amigo. PS, Take a look at the image attached showing AUDIRVANA as a Software MQA Decoder playing a FLAC file with 352.8 kHz sample rate and streaming "only" a 88.2kHz-24bits HIGH-RES signal NOTE: This on purpose streaming test was with a OPPO BDP-105 regards, Erik
  10. it is CoVid 19 fever! we all feel weird being safe and sound within walls. I posted mine 2 days ago! Please gimme some love: AKURATE 242 BLACK ASH! regards to you all amigos!
  11. hi guys ! The Mexican is enjoying the 'Ode To Billie Joe' album too! Thank you! In my case, I will strongly suggest a couple of tracks if I may: ( wow!!!) ( this is insane! ) ( OMG!!!) ( Completely insane female voice... Mexican voice!) These are a few when I want to rock thew house and TEST a big system ---- My two cents gents. eriku
  12. Hi amigo, after several links and click over the LINN website I could get here --- but yes! main page does not have as you just stated the bigger speaker families! what is happpppeniinnnnngggg !?!?!?!??!?!
  13. hello! what version of macbook do you have? Every macbook that has 3.5mm output jack it's SPDIF enable. (I mean it's digital and analog) yo can just hook the SPDIF directly to the macbook if has 3.5mm jack let us know! eriku
  14. Hi there folks, the mexican newbie here --- In my case I own a pair of PASIVE but stunning AKURATE 242 MKIII. So! If i decided to go al the way to AKTIV and there is no LINN products to suffice this ? I will be necessarily looking in the second hand market? ---