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  1. I love the A21. Detailed, musical, open and a nice balance top to bottom. I really like Class A in general though and the apparent lack of power, with the right speakers, doesn't bear out in reality. My only slight criticism is that it's on the slightly warm side; as though Sugden wanted SS to sound as close to valves as possible. Which may just suit you of course. The A21SE / Spendor D7 combo I heard on a demo once was one of the nicest combos I've heard for sensible(?!) money
  2. Dunno - seemed the obvious place to look seeing as they had the prices etc plastered all over - wanted to support the business direct you see when I ordered the three or four I need for my system. Not all retailers do returns don't forget, particularly if you buy in-store.
  3. Speak to the chaps at Moorgate Acoustics. I know they are fans of the Io and know which speakers work well with it. An obvious choice would be the Rega RX1's but they are not the cheapest and I know there are more budget friendly options out there. Moorgate will let you home demo as well - they take payment and then if you don't like it they will just refund you on receipt of the items
  4. Equally if it made sod all difference would the cabliophiles (new word I've just invented) start to see sense?
  5. Trying to find Shunyata's return policy on their website. Can't see one immediately
  6. You'd be very very upset if you didn't notice a difference too. So upset that you would probably claim a difference just to save face
  7. I know some of us like to take the piss out of mains cables etc but for once this one seems fairly priced - you know, the kind of spend that you can justify as 'why not give it a go - nothing ventured, nothing gained'. Might have to kit a few of my bits out with these
  8. Thank you. And that is exactly what I am doing - I have listened to more music in the last week or so than I have in the last couple of months before that. To be fair hifi has always been more about the music than the kit for me and I was very close to leaving things as they were but then the Musical Fidelity came up and it is an absolute dream amp for me and one I never thought I would even see in the flesh, never mind actually own so had to take the opportunity whilst it was there.
  9. No, that is my Rise jacket. Rise was my clubbing home for many years and one of the best house nights in the country. So many good memories of it. The print on the shelf is of the Leadmill in Sheffield where it was held and the orange wallet is my Rise wallet . Next for the collection - you can buy a piece of the old Leadmill dancefloor with the Rise logo laser etched on it...
  10. I have one of those arty smarty low wattage LED filament type bulbs which is a very warm yellow colour so it's just (very) poor lighting / white balance...
  11. Thank you, I feel I have earned it - life has done its best to destroy me (and my wife to be fair) and to literally try and kill me a couple of times over the last few years and music is one of the things that has helped me through. So I figured what the hell. I never thought I'd own such a system and it's all second hand but carefully sourced hence it's taken me two years to get here
  12. Her favourite pieces to sing were the St John's and St Matthew's Passion but the Messiah was an annual event that I often went to. She was good enough to get invited to sing in a world choir in Italy lead by Pavarotti and singing Verdi's Requiem. I've somewhat been brought up around a heady mix of classical, jazz and 60's & 70's music and I think that's why I have such eclectic tastes now covering all of the above but have included many sub-genres of electronica, bluegrass,country, the modern soft acoustic type singers, 80's pop, minimal wave and other synth driven music etc etc
  13. My mum was a very accomplished amateur singer and I saw her sing the Messiah many many times. And yes, Paul (and Doug & Paul C) are all still there. Shop is now up Woodseats though as the building in town they were in got demolished. He has opened an excellent little record shop in the basement too
  14. I am thinking of calling this system The Paradox mainly due to the cable 'imbalance' however there are a few other 'mismatches' as well. And thank you. I have spent a fair time finding exactly the bits I wanted and it's cost me a bit along the way in terms of shifting on gear that didn't quite work out as well as the kit that is here to stay. But I am very happy with it and will now spend much time just enjoying it. I know I am extremely fortunate to be in a position to have it and I often think hifi and the debates at have about it are the epitome of first world problems but with
  15. That's Caticus. Me and my house mate when I was pretending to be a student (she actually was) weren't allowed pets so we got him instead :). He's around 22 yo now so getting on in years...
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