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  1. I'm back !!! (thats not the album name ) is it genesis ?
  2. it would drive me mad if you killed it after two days and i never found out !! i quite like this slow pain
  3. hi horace the denon has atmos , (i have one of the these amps , love it ) i don't use atmos , but i would have thought any upward firing speakers should work
  4. looks like the imgur phone app has been killed :-(
  5. Smashing pumpkins .. Adore my imgur has broke :-(
  6. i'm pissed off HMV scrapped all my points, a mate of mine had £75 worth ...gone !
  7. Third copy of this now , but hey it was a pound !( the same price as a packet of crisps in the pub ) brilliant album ..
  8. The Australian Police ! £1 well spent I think .
  9. Up with the larks this morning .. car boot .