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  1. Mine too, but I tested with the same HDMI (number 2) in order to avoid this type of problem.
  2. Yes I have the 2.0 module; the HDMI cables are of very good quality (and just 0.5 mt. long) and I can't the tell about strong EMI but I don't think so.
  3. I have a AKDSM Hub (2018) where I connect ATV4k, SkyQ and Nvidia Schield and a Panasonic Oled TV from 2019. I have tried to connect all the devices directly to the HDMI ports of the television (instead of connecting them to the HDMI input ports of the AKDSM) and I have noticed that the quality of the image is better, the brightness higher and colors are more vivid (naturally with the same picture setting on the TV): anybody noticed something similar ?
  4. I know it’s Apple TV but how can I know which sound quality is coming (DD, DD+ DTS ...)
  5. My linn ADSM Exakt has the surround 2.0 module where I have connected HDMI 4 devices: - Sky Q - Zidoo Z9S (for playing MKV files of my blu ray/ DVD collection while maintaining all the menus of the original disc) - Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield for streaming services (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Apple+, Itunes) and Plex The problem is that with all devices (except Apple TV) the display of the ADSM Exakt tells the correct sound quality of the source I’m watching (DD, DD+, DTS, DTS-HD and so on). With Apple TV the KDSM only displays “PCM”. Is it a software bug of Linn ? Do I have to modify the Apple TV settings (I’ve played with all the settings but all I can do is downgrade the quality of audio output of Apple TV to DD 5.1 or Stereo). How to be sure that Apple TV is serving the true sound quality of the source ? Thanks to all fellow Hifiwigwam members that can help
  6. I have ADSM Exakt with the latest sorround di sound module where I connect: Sky Q, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield and Zidoo x10. everything works perfect and the sound processing is wonderful.
  7. If you pull off the optical cable from the TV, then the AEDSM is automatically recognised by the TV and ARC works !
  8. After reviewing all the menus e getting mad, I tried disconnecting all the cables from the Tv apart the HDMI cable in the socket 2 and ARC worked !!! After reconnecting all the cables one by one I discovered that if you plug in the optical cable, the ARC function is deactivated. Thank you all for your replies.
  9. Hello! I recently bought a fabulous Panasonic Oled TV from the 2019 lineup (TX-65GZ1500) to match my Akurate Exaxt DSM with the sorround nodule. I’m very satisfied with the system but the ARC doesn’t work. The CEC flag on the AEDSM is ON but the TV can’t pair with the Linn and no sound is played. I tried to put a HDFury Vertex 2 in between the TV and the Linn and ARC works perfectly so the TV and the HDMI cables are fine (ARC worked perfectly with my “old LG B7 TV and my AEDSM). Did any fellow member of the forum had the same problem ? Any suggestion? Thank in advance for every appreciated help
  10. I don’t think this is the problem: the temperature in the listening room is never above 25 Celsius
  11. Here in Milan in these days the extreme heat is causing electricity problems: normally in my apartment I have 228 to 230 Volts but in the last days I had no more than 210-215 Volts and my Akurate turned off alone (and restarted) 3-4 times while I was watching a movie. 2 times happens also that when the Akurate was in stand by during the night It turned off alone and I had to turn it on manually with the power button the next morning. Does anybody experienced the same problem ? Does anybody have some suggestions how to solve the problem ? thanks in advance for the precious help
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