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  1. These are the little ‘uns. You then get Direkt’s which are mid ‘uns. Then come the Dreiklangs big daddy big ‘uns. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sold. Mods - please can you move thread. Thanks.
  3. Selling my Elipson TT as it’s having no use. Unfortunately it got damaged in my house move last year and lid got broken (now long gone) and it also received some superficial scratches to the hi gloss Red platter as I’ve tried to show. The spindle that holds the 45 adapter got snapped as well as so now the adapter just sits by the arm. That’s the bad bits, the good stuff is this is a wonderful TT for the money. Two speed, auto box and comes with Elipson’s own Carbon arm and a very lightly used Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Also included is power, RCA and grounding cables as well as manual. What you see is what you get. This was a £450 TT a few years back but will let it go for £100 posted to UK mainland addresses only. A bargain if you can live with a couple of scratches that you can’t really see anyway when in situ and no lid (could get a new one I presume if you want)
  4. Thanks for getting in touch but I’m now sorted with something else. Mods - please can you move thread. Thanks.
  5. I thought that when I got them it with all the speakers I’ve had, my Mrs really likes these. My lad weren’t so sure and asked why I’d got two fridges in the lounge.....
  6. It will have a DAC built in as has analogue outputs
  7. I want to try the MC stage on my amp so after an MC cartridge for my LP12 (Sumiko MMT Arm). Only want to go to about £200 as more of a trial so what does anybody have that might fit the bill please?
  8. That’s the stuff. How much you got spare please?
  9. Thanks Lawrence, that would be great. PM me later with what you’ve got and we can go from there. Yes the silver I meant was the colour of the sheath rather than the material of the conductor.
  10. Looks great - as you say, very 'Kimbery'!!! Not sure what you'd receive to be fair so will probably wait and see what Lawrence can do first but appreciate the heads up