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  1. I have an old Rega Plannar 3 which is heavily modded however the plinth (Black) has got one or two marks now. To bring it back to life and in keeping with the rest of the furniture in the listening room where it resides, I'm looking at refurbing the plinth so was thinking what's the best way? Does anyone know who could a decent job in spraying it Gloss White or maybe even wrapping it in a vinyl? Alternatively does anyone know where I can get a new, replacement plinth in White which would allow me to move all the hardware over myself?
  2. I bought a used ifi 5v PSU in the end which does the job just fine on my RPi 4
  3. Cables arrived quickly and as described. Thanks Andrew.
  4. Another bump to say that I may be able to deliver these to a new owner wherever you are (within reason) as I’m due some annual leave soon. Also might be interested in a swap for some HiFi loveliness so let me know what you have and where you are and we could come up with something.
  5. Looking to upgrade the PSU for my Raspberry Pi 4 from the one I bought with it from the Pi Hut. Needs to be 5v, 3amp so maybe something like the ifi units. Thanks.
  6. If Julian can collect these, I meet up with him fairly regularly and work in Northampton so perhaps could get them to David at some point???
  7. Quick bump to say I maybe able to transport these to the London area shortly if that helps for anyone. Please PM me for further details.
  8. Sold. Mods - Please move accordingly.
  9. Thanks and I agree that RPi's are hard to beat for what you get for very little layout. Only selling this as I have an RPi4 with RopieeXL with USB reclocker that feeds an external DAC as I also need Optical and Coaxial inputs for other sources.
  10. This package consists of the Allo Boss V1.2 DAC, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and a Sandisk 16GB SC Card, all housed in the Allo Aluminium Case with a USB C lead and Power Supply. The SD card has Volumio installed and set up, so just a connection to your network required, very simple and happy to advise if help required. Also Roon plug in added to allow this to be a Roon end point The whole package is in excellent, if not perfect condition and sounds absolutely superb, way better than it should do for the price. Asking £85 delivered to U.K. mainland addresses only.
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