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  1. Are they the Mk I's with the Silver surround the Tweeter?
  2. Anybody got one of these they want to move on? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Selling this immaculate integrated amplifier from Sony’s famed ES range. The ‘baby’ of the range delivers 80w per channel at 8ohms. Very nice sounding MM & MC Phono Stage included with lots of inputs. This example comes with original box and packaging and the only mark I can find is on its top Right corner with a small scratch which would be easy to fill in with a sharpie if so wished. A very nice cheap way into Sony ES ownership as I’m looking for £150 delivered to UK mainland addresses only.
  4. Been messing around with various amps, speakers etc during lockdown so now need to free up some cash so moving on what I’m not using so first up is this well regarded phono stage by Emotiva. Sounds great in both MM and MC modes with the ability to offer different loading via the dip switches. In great condition with original packaging and PSU (with UK adapter). Selling for £130 delivered to UK mainland addresses only.
  5. It’s a sad day but you can’t keep ‘em all.... Selling my upgraded 1210 MkII as I need to recoup some of my recent spending. This really is an immaculate, non molested example with a couple of tiny blemishes I’ve tried to show in photographs. This has been heavily modified with the Time Step off board low noise PSU and addition of the KAB TD1200 Fluid Damper to give maximum performance. Original arm and wiring will come with Ortofon Headshell as well a relatively new 2M Red Cartridge. Original Technics rubber platter mat also included. I also have some spare fluid for damper and Technics bearing oil. Lid is excellent with hinges working as they should and the faintest of swirl marks in certain light. Will let this go for £650 which I believe to excellent value for what you're getting. No packaging so collection only from CB234LT or I can deliver between there and Northampton as work there a couple of days a week (social distancing measures in place of course).
  6. Need a printer style USB cable please to go between RPi and DAC. Was thinking of the Oyaide Neo which I can get for £23 new so before I do I though I’d see what folk need to move on instead. Will go to £30 (posted) maximum thanks.
  7. Now that’s what I’m talking about - all chrome and wood and nostalgia to the max. Well done that man - that looks the business. What TT & speakers do you have it paired with?
  8. ParcelFarce (no, not a typo...) were £120 to get my MBL to Northern Ireland fully insured for £2k. Fair enough it got there in one piece all OK but that’s a lot of money.
  9. What a lovely gesture Anil - I truly appreciate the offer. I’m not overly convinced the SA8800 is the amp for me so will decline your kind offer but really do appreciate the sentiment - wamming at its finest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Indeed, SA9800 well out of budget. There is a lovely SA8800 on eBay for my sort of money but collection only from Preston
  11. Thanks but I do need a fully working item
  12. Really fancy a vintage Integrated. Something big and chromey with wood, yes must have wood sides, top, bottom whatever. A good phono stage is a must as will be pairing it with my LP12. Bigger the better with power to spare. Also an Aux input as will also stream to said amp. Will also consider a receiver but it must be in tip top condition with everything working, no dirty or crackly pots etc and a recent recap or service would be preferred. Thinking around £500 but would stretch for the right Luxman or Accuphase.......) Let me know what you’ve got! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk