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  1. Ok, so, haven't received the bridge yet but the machine is now playing up. I'm sure the issue is transport based but quite what I don't know. I'm wondering if it might be something to do with the servos or controllers. If I open the drawer, place a disc in the tray and close it will read the ToC immediately every time. However, if I then try to play the disc it spins up, then speeds up, then stops. Sometimes it will play the first track but if you try to skip to the next track you get the same result. I've checked the slides and they are perfectly clean and the sled moves freely. If I find a player that uses the KSS-272A transport will it come with all the same circuit boards / controllers as mine do you think? So I could swap the whole lot over? Any help or advice gratefully received. Cheers.
  2. Located a replacement part, thanks all.
  3. So the CDP-X555ES doesn't use it ??
  4. Oh mate, you're a star! Thanks.
  5. I have my entire system running off a Powerinspired AG1500 and it doesn't even break into a sweat.
  6. It is made of plastic, but quite a sort of graphite based plastic. The disfigurement is just a messy blob of glue which I have now cleaned off. The break runs front to back across the circular aperture , you can see the crack above the laser. The bond looks perfect now but it obviously isn't structurally strong enough. I'd like to replace the part with the pukka piece if I can.
  7. The broken part is the black bridging section with the raised SONY logo. It has at some time been snapped in half, you can see the crack in the front edge. It was glued with some fairly soft glue when I got it so I pulled it apart, cleaned up the faces and super-glued it together which seems very tight and rigid. The problem is that the machine plays ok when it is cold but as it warms up the plastic expands and pushes up fractionally which causes the top puck to contact the bridge and cause the disc to skip. The movement is tiny but so is the clearance between the bridge and the puck. Hope that makes sense!! The flanges where it screws to the bed are also broken.
  8. Hi all, I have secured a Sony CDP-X779ES CD player that needs some work. Electronically I have it working but the bridge piece that sits over the CD tray and holds the magnetic puck is broken. Frigg knows how a piece like that gets broken but it has. Does anyone here have a non-functioning machine that can be robbed for parts? Or know anyone who has? I have attached a pic of the part required. Cheers. Pete
  9. I have my entire system, which has six big PSU's, running off mine, which is exactly this model, and I don't even need the fans on full.
  10. Really excellent arm! At £550 it's a steal and they don't come up often. I only changed mine for an SME V. For the "Rega clone" nay-sayers, the only Rega bits are the arm tube, which is heavily modified, and the arm lift. The rest is bespoke. The maker, Jeff, is a really good bloke too. Bargain. Good luck.
  11. SOLD. To someone in Greece! Thank goodness we were all saved from ourselves and didn't leave last week eh!
  13. I have the Dr Feickert and you'd be welcome to use it but the postage would cost you £20.
  14. Hi all. As I have upgraded to NVA's top pre-amp the TAS, I am selling my P90sa. It is fully passive and dual mono with a high quality stepped attenuator for each channel. Internal wiring is silver alloy. Five inputs plus "Direct". This input by-passes the input selector switch if only using one source. Three sets of outputs for multi-amping. Approx 4 years old and IMMACULATE. Cost new £650, selling here for £425 (ono) inc postage to UK address. Cheers.