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  1. Hi, no it doesn't have that option it's manual, although very easy to do.
  2. Hi everyone for sale is my Ming Da Dynasty Cadenza bought direct from Mark at Ming Da in February 2018. It is in absolutely great condition and has recently had the power amp upgrade added by Mark so has a switch on the top plate for Integrated/Power Amp and Input D is now the Power Amp input (marked “P” now) so bypasses the volume control and switching. It has Ultralinear/Triode mode and standby switches on one side and has a soft start facility that operates in both Integrated and Power Amp modes. I have added over £100 of Tung-Sol input valves but the originals will be included too. Billet Aluminium remote control included, controls Volume/Mute. Jensen Paper in Oil and Audyn Reference caps are standard. Power valves are 4 x KT90 Input/Phase splitters are 6SN7 and 6SL7 Specifications are (see Output Power - Ultra linear 70 Watts per Channel Output Power – Triode 40 Watts per channel Frequency response 18Hz-45kHz±1dB S to N ratio ≤91dB Distortion ≤1% at full power Input Impedance 100KΩ Input sensitivity: 350mV Power input 230Vac Pictures (I will take another when it’s darker too so you can see the valves glowing): Before Power Amp upgrade: I have the original box and will post at cost but would much rather prefer collection (when appropriate from Lincolnshire) as it’s ridiculously heavy and also operation can be confirmed. Looking for £1200 ono please.
  3. Just the sleeve around the box is missing by the sound of it.
  4. I have one of these running my DAC, does 4A apparently.
  5. You may not have spotted but a 7 year old thread has been brought back from the dead....
  6. I wouldn't be butchering the M3 any day of the week. It's a shame you've "messed up" on the purchase but I'd get rid and buy an AN version that fits.
  7. Yep they definitely click, whether it’s a relay or not doesn’t really matter I guess, well mine does at least. I’ve never left it to see how long it goes if I give it 192k but I chicken out before the dac does. I’ve set Qobuz to 96k max just to stop it happening.......
  8. Don't the AN dacs click if they're not locked? What bitrate are you sending as they only do up to 96k. Are you trying to send more and then the app is changing it somehow????
  9. That’s valvetastic....
  10. Agreed, it was tempting at your initial price but now it's killing me lol......
  11. I keep hoping to see this has sold to stop the temptation of me buying it to add to my forthcoming Radford... It makes no sense for me to have two (more) power amps plus my wife would probably divorce me so please could someone buy this and save my marriage? Pretty please?
  12. Sorry for the off topic bump Mark but how does it compare to the new one? Like to hear your thoughts if you'd start a separate thread.....