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  1. I have 4 of these, in as new condition, complete with boxes and instructions. Only 5 months old, and no longer needed as new fraim shelf bought. £60 each a nice saving on new, posting extra
  2. Well nice to see a bit of action in here, its been lonely
  3. It has a more forward open sound to it, over the smoother, more analog sounding N1ZS/2. It just suits my system better, both are fantastic, i just prefer the N10 over it.
  4. Well i dont 100% know, but others have explained it better than i could ever do on other forums, etc. But its not all about the data, the file data will be the same i believe, its about all the other stuff that goes on when you rip, like noise, etc. The standard buffalo does a very good job and for its price, its good value. I wouldn't buy a D100, and i didn't, i borrowed one. I simply don't have enough CD'S to warrant its price, but as i have said, i could tell the difference, its not huge, but it is better. To make things worse for me the D100 takes atleast twice as long to rip a CD, over the buffalo, quite depressing when you are doing them all again, and i certainly wouldn't have spent hours each day, for weeks, re doing them all for nothing. But as said you are going to have a very revealing system, if not then its simply not going to make any difference, that you are going to hear, bit like most cable and mains debates, but if you have and you try it, then you might find a new rabbit hole to go down, one that will end up with you spending many, many hours ripping all your CD's once again, i certainly hope to never do it again. Back up, even more important if you havent already got it, and probably more important than this rip debate for 95% of hifi people. Cheers
  5. Hi i had my N1 set to store the rip in a lower state to start with, ended up using WAV. Just to add, i have now sold the N1ZS/2 and now have a melco N10, this has inproved things even more, as its better matched to my rossini dac
  6. I can't be the only one? Anyway i run a rossini player/dac/streamer, with the extra clock. This sits on top off my fraim rack, both the rossini and clock have isoacoustic feet under them, to further help with isolation, upgraded the clock cables and use my own made mains cables. This feeds into my naim 552dr, then to my 500dr, finally to some PMC fact 12 speakers, witchhat morgana cables used, through out, including the phantom speaker cable. Also have a rega P10 and aura phono stage. Plus a melco N1zs/2. System is by far the best its ever been, simply love the quality of streaming-audio this can produce, the dac in the rossini, has a lovely detail without sounding digital, massive wide and 3d sound, i simply love it and feel its about as good as i am ever going to get it. So come on you DCS owners, lets hear from you. Cheers dunc
  7. Fact 12's on gaia 3 feet, being driven by naim 500dr/552dr, DCS rossini/clock, and rega P10. Sounds fantastic, supper wide, very detailed, great deep bass with a nice weight to it, overall very happy with them
  8. To be the best it has to be able to play SACD to start with, so that rules a lot out. For me the DCS range hits the spot, but these days streaming is on par, if not better, as long as you get it right. So DCS vivaldi, 4 box stack, or in a close second the DCS rossini, 3 box stack.
  9. What you got left from the 80's please.
  10. So the box they all come in is missing i take it ?