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  1. 5 kilowatts out !!! wow... I'd be too scared to ever switch it on
  2. Big shout out to my man Werner in Spain who managed to send me the 5.5mm PEEK pads for twin platter upgrades !! I still have 1mm POM available as a slightly cheaper option to the PEEK. Currently have 17x 5.5mm PEEK pads, but only 7 full kits available, will be assembling more kits this weekend.
  3. If you cant find the right lid maybe a third party one might fit, talk to Simon Clarke, he does AT TT lids at a very good price...
  4. I can more than likely build one for you, but Id need to know the specs, voltage, current, output wires or plug/socket etc.
  5. Thanks Steve, it was my pleasure, hope you get many happy hours out of it.
  6. I believe there is are long standing arguments going on about using SY and CY cables for UK ac mains, they are meant to be "control cables", but a lot of folk use them for screened mains. The cores are often not coloured brown and blue, but are black with numbers printed on them. The earth core is always green/yellow. I add coloured heatshrinks to ID the cores at both ends and the screen is only attached at the wall plug end. Pic attached of the Veriflex cable that I use. I'm not sure of where in the regs it disallows these cables, but have been told several times by sparkies that this is the case.
  7. I have some which I made with CY cables (screened), admitedly doesnt meet UK Regs for AC mains supply, but is perfectly safe and as an experiment you are welcome to try before you buy. 1.5m fig 8 rhodium plated Chinese plug, decent UK mains plug t'other end, cleaned, polished and DeOxit'ed.
  8. ahh cool, thanks Philip, in that case YES Steve, I accept your offer. Let me get it packed up and Ill let you have payment info by PM.
  9. PM sent. Philip gets first refusal, if he declines then we can see what happens
  10. Hi Philip, yes, you could fit a Rega to it, but you would have to get the pivot closer than the Linn fitting. Make the hole more of an oval, extending towards the spindle, the Linn pivot to spindle is 211mm, the Rega is 222mm, so it needs to be closer by 11mm. I probably have a circular metal disc you could use to cover the extended hole, make it look a bit prettier